A Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebration with Author Syrie James: The Harrison Duet

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Please help me welcome multi-talented author Syrie James. In addition to her best-selling The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen, Syrie has written eight critically acclaimed novels in the historical fiction, romance, young adult, and paranormal genres. Renowned for her spirited heroines, swoon-worthy heroes and romantic plots, who better to chat with us during Valentine’s week, a time when cupid’s arrow is so acute!

Her latest release is The Harrison Duet, a combination of two full-length contemporary romance novels which includes: Songbird and Propositions. Originally published years before Fifty Shades of Grey changed the way we think about love affairs, you will be intrigued by their similarities and mesmerized by the Harrison siblings who each find an unexpected love. Two sexy romances in one steamy volume! 


It’s February, the month of romance! To help you celebrate in style, I’ve combined two of my most romantic novels, Songbird and Propositions, into a single volume at a special introductory price. I’m thrilled to say that Christina Boyd of Austenprose gave each of the books in The Harrison Duet a five star rating, and said they kept her “turning pages well into the wee hours of the morning.” The Harrison Duet is available now for download in eReader editions (promo price ends Feb. 26) and the print edition will soon follow. As a bonus, the book also includes my short story, “Jane Austen’s Nightmare.”

The Harrison Duet by Syrie James 2014 x 200These are very personal love stories. In looking over all the books I’ve written, I find that an immediate attraction between lovers and a whirlwind courtship is a recurring theme—and here’s why! From my great-grandparents to my parents to my own relationship with my husband, my family has many examples of couples who met, fell in love, and married within a matter of weeks—or months—all marriages which have stood the test of time and have been very happy.

The lovers in The Harrison Duet are similarly overwhelmed by a powerful romance. Both novels feature strong, intelligent, accomplished heroines who meet men who are every bit their equals, and who discover a love so deep and profound, it forces them to rethink their futures and the very meaning of romance.

In Songbird, when Southern California radio deejay Desiree Germain hosts a contest on the air, she is immediately taken by the voice of caller number twelve, Kyle Harrison, a handsome, wealthy entrepreneur from Seattle. They embark on a passionate love affair that plays havoc with the life Desiree has struggled so hard to control. It might take a Maserati, dozens of red roses, and a lot of airplane tickets…but can Kyle convince Desiree to risk her heart and her career for love?

“I loved it! A beautifully written, almost lyrically told story about two people overcoming their fears and the profound love they share.” —The Book Hookup

“Provocative, sultry romance! Songbird hits all the right notes…Syrie James’s realistic characterization of two strong personalities kept me turning pages well into the wee hours of the morning.” —Christina Boyd, Austenprose

Read an excerpt from Songbird here.

Hearts from SyrieIn book two in The Harrison Duet, Propositions, freelance advertising artist Kelli Ann Harrison can’t resist teaming up with ingenious Grant Pembroke to create an ad campaign for a casino account in beautiful Lake Tahoe. But a high-voltage charge sizzles between them from the start. They make a wonderful creative team—but can business and pleasure mix? If Kelli and Grant play their cards right, can a whirlwind love affair last forever?

 “I loved, loved, loved this perfectly crafted, lush love story…This poignant, steamy romance will have you believing there can be love at first sight. 5 stars!” —Christina Boyd, Austenprose

Read an excerpt from Propositions here.

I hope The Harrison Duet will touch your heart and make you believe in love at first sight!


This short story, originally published in the anthology Jane Austen Made Me Do It, is a first person narrative by Austen herself, in which she unexpectedly meets some of her own characters—many of whom have a few choice words for her about how she portrayed them.

“A clever story which asks the question, what would happen if Jane Austen met her literary creations?…This story just proves why Syrie James is one of my favorite authors.” —For the Love of Austen

“It is only fitting that the collection begins with the woman who started my journey onward into the world of Jane Austen and subsequent retellings and inspired novels, Syrie James with ‘Jane Austen’s Nightmare.’… The short story personifies every writer’s nightmare – that the characters will not like how they have been drawn and will seek justice. From characters perceived as too perfect to those with a great number of flaws, Austen meets them all in her nightmare set in Bath.” — Savvy Verse and Wit 


Author Syrie James (2012 )Syrie James is the bestselling author of the critically acclaimed novels The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen, The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen, The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Brontë, Dracula My Love, Forbidden, Nocturne, Songbird, and Propositions. Her next novel, Jane Austen’s First Love, is due out from Berkeley on August 5, 2014. Follow Syrie on twitter, visit her on facebook, and learn more about her and her books at syriejames.com.

The Harrison Duet, by Syrie James
Amazon Digital Services, Inc. (2014)
Digital eBook

Cover image courtesy of Amazon Digital Servies, Inc. © 2014; text Syrie James © 2014, Austenprose.com

45 thoughts on “A Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebration with Author Syrie James: The Harrison Duet

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  1. I loved The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen! Mystery and romance and the hope that there could still be an undiscovered Austen novel out there.

    I don’t read a lot of contemporary romances, but I’m looking forward to reading The Harrison Duet, especially Songbird. I love the idea that you can know “the one” just based on his voice.


    1. I’m so glad you loved The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen–it was such fun to imagine what Jane might have written, had she penned another novel. I do hope you enjoy The Harrison Duet!


  2. I really enjoyed The Lost Manuscript of
    Jane Austen, as it that just every Janeite’s
    Thank you for this giveaway. I would love
    that tote bag especially or the note cards.


  3. I loved the Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen! I loved the thought of Jane finding true love, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up. I have enjoyed the writings of Syrie James and would love to read her new book.


  4. I have read several of Syrie James’ books, but I dare say Dracula My Love: The Secret Memoirs of Mina Parker, is my utmost favorite book. It was deliciously romantic and dark, I couldn’t put it down! I look forward to reading the Harrison Duet, I am sure it is written in true Syrie form and will also quickly become favorite! Happy Valentines Day!!


    1. Robyn, did you know that Dracula My Love is my husband’s favorite of all my novels? Before reading it, he was skeptical; he couldn’t imagine how I could turn Dracula into a hero–but he changed his mind completely after reading the book. Like you, he couldn’t put it down. (He literally read for 3 days straight.) I was not much of a vampire fan before I wrote that book, but I admit that I fell madly in love with the Dracula I created, and I hope you did, too!


      1. Fell COMPLETELY in love with him! I am not usually one to get… into… a romance, but the relationship between Mina and Dracula was breathtaking! :) I am impressed your husband liked it! My boyfriend reads my writing as if it is all the very same thing, blog… “eh”, essay… “meh”… romantic poem… “hum”.. chapter in my book… ZZZzzzzz… LOL
        I could NOT put this book down and really, really, longed for a sequel!
        Thank you so much for replying back to me, Syrie! I am excited to meet you and am secretly fan girl squealing inside! :))


    2. I listened to Dracula My Love on audio and sighed repeatedly in the car. It is so romantic. Syrie is so talented that she made me fall in love with a vampire – and I am not fond of the undead at all! I hope you enjoy The Harrision Duet.


    1. Welcome Sue, you will find a friendly community of Janeites here who love to read, watch movies and dish about their favorite Austenesque authors. I hope you enjoy The Harrision Duet and many other of Syrie’s novels. Please return and let us know how you liked it.


    1. “The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen” was my first Austen novel. I was inspired to write it because I fell in love with Austen’s books and the movies. I saw the film versions of Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice about the same time that I watched Shakespeare in Love, and I thought: how about a love story for Jane? :)


  5. I love ‘Nocturne’ and ‘Dracula My Love’! I love that dark, damaged monsters still can find love. I find I root for the mysteriously, strange characters who deep down want love even though they are killers and oh yes, our heroes too!


    1. I couldn’t agree more. A little piece of my heart will forever belong to Michael Tyler in Nocturne and to Nicholae Dracula–they are my fantasy man: brilliant, charismatic, accomplished, sensitive, romantic, and good at… everything! When writing Nocturne I asked myself: What kind of man would I like to be snowbound with for four days? And Michael was born. :)


  6. My favorite is The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte…I love how Charlotte and Mr. Nicholls story was told. And I am so excited about The Harrison Duet because it sounds great and I have never seen my name in a book…spelled just like I spell it. That alone has my attention!!:)


    1. I love your name, Kelli! :) The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte is truly a piece of my heart. I love Charlotte and have the greatest respect for her. I spent two years researching and writing that novel, traveling to England to visit both the school she attended and the Bronte parsonage, where I was allowed to see and handle original letters and documents written by Charlotte and her family. It was amazing to walk the halls where she studied and where she lived most of her life…it helped me to envision her there when I was writing the book. As for Mr. Nicholls–I was intrigued by this quiet, exemplary man who lived next door to Charlotte and loved her from afar for many long years before he had the nerve to propose. The story of their romance just called out to me to be written, yet it had never before been told.


  7. I’m excited about the idea of reading the duet because I love related stores, series, and anthologies. There’s something really great about reading the first story, while knowing the whole time that there’s another book already waiting for me. The anticipation improves the experience of reading that first story.


    1. Hi Donna,
      I love your comment about related stories. These two books are indeed a series, and not just because the heroine of Propositions is the sister of the hero in Songbird… There is a special surprise waiting for readers at the end of the second book in The Harrison Duet!


    2. I like the fact that these two novels are set in the 1980’s – a time in my youth that I would like to relive vicariously through the heroes and heroines of The Harrison Duet. There is nothing like nostalgia to gladden the heart.


  8. I’m with you – I love that couples can be drawn to each other immediately. I’d enjoy knowing more about your great-grandparents’ story, and how your own children have continued that tradition.


    1. Hi June,
      Thanks for asking! I’m going to write a blog one of these days about how many great-grandparents and my parents met (they are wonderful stories.) My husband’s parents and our son Jeff and his wife Yakun also had fabulous, unique courtships which deserves another blog all to themselves! :)

      Meanwhile you can read about my own whirlwind courtship here: http://www.syriejames.com/blog/?m=2011&paged=5


  9. I really enjoyed The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen. It was beautifully written. I wish Jane could have had a true love other than writing.


  10. I was totally captivated by Nocturne. I felt so much loneliness of the two characters and yet they needed each other for strength. It was truly a haunting and beautiful story. Thank you for this giveaway!


  11. I would like to read JANE AUSTEN’S NIGHTMARE. It is an intriguing idea and should be a lot of fun. The other two books sound good, but NIGHTMARE is a different idea which opens the possibility to revisit some favorite characters and “hear” their opinions.


  12. I think that my favorite was The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Bronte. Perhaps it is because it was the first of your books that I picked up, which led me to picking up more of your books. But I also think that reading a secret diary is somewhat thrilling, and set in a bygone era gave me an education about the social mores of the past.


    1. To write that book, in order to better understand Charlotte and get into her head, I not only read countless biographies and all of her novels, juvenilia, and poetry (which is a considerable body or work), but I also read more than 500 of her preserved letters–which truly gave me “an education about the social mores of the past,” as you say. It was a privilege and a pleasure to imagine what Charlotte was thinking and feeling, but her letters were a marvelous guide.


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