The Three Colonels Blog Tour with Author Jack Caldwell & Giveaway

The Three Colonels: Jane Austen's Fighting Men, by Jack Caldwell (2012)Today is World Book Day, and what better way to celebrate the printed word than with an Austenesque author?

Please join us today in welcoming Jack Caldwell on the first stop in his blog tour in celebration of the release of his second novel, The Three Colonels, published today by Sourcebooks. Jack has generously shared with us some insights into creating the novel, and offered a giveaway to three lucky readers.

Greetings, everyone. I’m Jack Caldwell, author of Pemberley Ranch, that western-themed re-imagining of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I’m happy that Laurel Ann invited me back to Austenprose to talk about my new book, The Three Colonels – Jane Austen’s Fighting Men.

Unlike Pemberley Ranch which was a re-imagining, The Three Colonels is a sequel of the original novels set during the Regency. That’s right, novels—I combine Pride and Prejudice with another of Austen’s beloved books, Sense and Sensibility. I find that by doing so, I’ve opened up the Austen universe to unlimited possibilities.

So who are my three colonels?

  • Colonel Christopher Brandon (from Sense and Sensibility) – The romantic hero of Austen’s first novel is married to the former Marianne Dashwood, and they live happily with their baby daughter at Brandon’s estate of Delaford. For purposes of my novel, I’ve tweaked Brandon’s career a bit. He served not only in India and the East Indies, but also in Italy, where he met the future Duke of Wellington and the next of my colonels.
  • Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam (from Pride and Prejudice) – Possibly the most popular minor character in Austen’s entire canon. An officer in the Light Dragoons, Fitzwilliam has taken the place of Mr. Darcy as Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s favorite nephew and court jester. However, he’s still a second son with no fortune or estate of his own, and Lady Catherine well knows it. Fitzwilliam’s best friend, besides Darcy, is—
  • Colonel Sir John Buford (an original character) – Buford is a Welsh gentleman, an extraordinarily brave and capable officer in the Light Dragoons, and a particularly popular figure with the ladies. This “Dark Darcy” won his knighthood in Spain and comes to realize that his rakish conduct has not served him well. Valued by his superiors for his abilities, particularly with languages, he is distrusted for his dishonorable personal habits. Buford seeks redemption through better behavior and a good marriage.

But what’s a romance without the ladies?

  • Marianne Brandon (from Sense and Sensibility) – Marianne has come into her own with marriage and motherhood. However, being the colonel’s wife is one thing, and being Mistress of Delaford in Brandon’s absence is quite another, particularly when a certain former suitor returns.
  • Anne de Bourgh (from Pride and Prejudice) – Now cured of the mysterious malady that harmed her health, she dreams of marrying the cousin she has always loved. Unfortunately, he’s the wrong Fitzwilliam as far as Lady Catherine is concerned, and she will stop at nothing to keep Anne at Rosings.
  • Caroline Bingley (from Pride and Prejudice) – Buford is not the only character seeking redemption. Miss Bingley enters into a marriage of convenience with Sir John, thrilled that she will finally have her place in society. Buford serves in the British delegation at the Congress of Vienna, and Caroline is thrust into a social order above the ton in London. Here the stakes are far higher, and so is the treachery. Can Caroline find love with her husband and avoid the pitfalls that could hurt not only herself but her country as well?

In 1815, Napoleon escapes from exile and Europe is at war again. Who will live and who will never come home again from the fields of Waterloo?

As you can see, the plot is full and complex. There are plenty of the readers’ favorite Austen characters, including Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy, Elinor and Edward Ferrars, George Wickham, Mr. Collins and Charlotte, John Willoughby, Georgiana Darcy, and Mary Bennet. I’ve also included actual historical figures, such as the Duke of Wellington and Emperor Napoleon.

Some have said I write Jane Austen from a man’s perspective. I take that as a compliment. One of Austen’s great accomplishments was that she could write men very well. She saw us as we are, warts and all, and not as women wish we were. Her male characters leap off the page. She makes it very easy for a man to use her characters, and I hope you will approve of my attempt to honor one of the greats of British literature. I also honor the brave men and women who wear their nation’s uniform and the families they leave behind.

So, who are your favorites of Jane Austen’s fighting men? Brandon? Fitzwilliam? Captain Frederick Wentworth of Persuasion? How about Northanger Abbey’s Captain Tilney? Who do you want to know more about?

Or, what other Austen novels would you like to see mashed together? Let me know! Have fun!

Author Jack CaldwellAuthor Bio: Jack Caldwell is an author, amateur historian, professional economic developer, playwright, and like many Cajuns, a darn good cook. Born and raised in the Bayou County of Louisiana, Jack and his wife, Barbara, are Hurricane Katrina victims who now make the upper Midwest their home.

Always a history buff, Jack found and fell in love with Jane Austen in his twenties, struck by her innate understanding of the human condition. Jack uses his work to share his knowledge of history. Through his characters, he hopes the reader gains a better understanding of what went on before, developing an appreciation for our ancestors’ trials and tribulations.

When not writing or traveling with Barbara, Jack attempts to play golf. A devout convert to Roman Catholicism, Jack is married with three grown sons. Visit Jack at his website: Ramblings of a Cajun in Exile; Blog: Austen Authors; on Facebook: as Jack Caldwell Author; and on Twitter: as @JCadwell25.

Grand Giveaway of The Three Colonels

Enter a chance to win one of three copies of The Three Colonels, by Jack Caldwell by leaving a comment stating what intrigues you about this new sequel to Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, or which other Austen novel you would like to see Jack write about next, by 11:59 PT, Wednesday, March 14, 2012. Winner announced on Thursday, March 15, 2012. Print editions and eBooks are available. Shipment of print books to US and Canadian addresses only. Ebook shipment Internationally. Good luck!

Many thanks to Jack Caldwell for his delightful guest blog and to his publisher Sourcebooks for the giveaway!

The Three Colonels: Jane Austen’s Fighting Men, by Jack Caldwell
Sourcebooks Landmark (2012)
Trade paperback (384) pages
ISBN: 978-1402259739
NOOK: ISBN: 978-1402259746
Kindle: ASIN: B006OI2AKU

© 2007- 2012 Jack Caldwell, Austenprose

60 thoughts on “The Three Colonels Blog Tour with Author Jack Caldwell & Giveaway

Add yours

  1. I would love to see jack write about emma , persuasion or mansfield park. They, especially mansfield park are underrated jane austen books and I’m always looking for books or variations related to them.


  2. I would love to hear more about Colonel Brandon. I just loved that character. He was so kind and considerate.


  3. Jack: I’m also an avid cook and actually made a pilgrimage to none other than Avery Island, Louisiana to see McIlhenny Company and the legendary Tabasco sauce story with my own eyes. What does this have to do with The Three Colonels? Nothing at all, other than to say yes I have read it and my lips are SEALED.


  4. the introduction of historical figures and the state of the world at war in their
    backyard is the vehicle to make Jane’s character truly walk off the page.
    To me it seems most likely to take historical fiction up a notch would love
    to add Mr. Caldwell’s novel to my bedside table.


  5. Anxious to read this novel as Colonel Brandon has always been a favorite. I would love to see what the author might do with a novel about Captain Wentworth. thanks for the giveaway.


  6. One of the things that really intrigue me about this book is that Anne De Bourgh AND Caroline Bingley are being written about. Very rarely does that happen and I’d love a chance to see how they are redeemed in this book. The only other book that has redeemed Caroline Bingley is “The Other Mr. Darcy” by Monica Fairview. Also, I’d love to see a male take on these two female characters! I’d be thrilled to read about this.

    I know this shouldn’t be a part of my entry, but I’d really like to see Jack do a Persuasion thing with Captain Wentworth- plenty of fodder for a new book!


  7. What an enticing bit of information for a diverse group of characters. It does sound like quite a take on the two books. I thought it sounded good when I first read about its upcoming release.

    I have a hard time choosing a favorite. I love Colonel Brandon, Captain Wentworth and Colonel Fitzwilliam. Wentworth is such a romantic with his penned letter to Anne. The liveliness of Colonel Fitzwilliam’s personality and his loyalty is always a big draw. Then there is the wonderful Colonel Brandon with his quiet devotion. How does one pick? I guess I would have to choose Fitzwilliam.

    I would love to see a combination of Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion. I have read one such book and found it entertaining. I would be nice to see Jack’s take on the two.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  8. LynnS – Wentworth is my favorite of Austen’s heroes.

    Patricia finnegan – Go to my website and read my collection of shorts stories entitled Variations. I have bits about all of Austen’s major novels.

    Colleen Lane – So would my muse (aka my wife).

    Robyn Brown – Then I think you’ll love The Three Colonels.

    Jeffrey – Avery Island is great, isn’t it? And thanks for sealing those lips!

    Linda B – Thanks. As for Wentworth—well, maybe one day…

    Nicole – Anyone who knows me from fan fiction knows I have a soft spot for Caroline. I think you’re gonna like her and Anne in The Three Colonels, as well as Marianne. As for Wentworth, keep those comments coming! Persuaded To Sail may yet see the light of day!


  9. I’m excited to see how the story with Anne will be developed. And it should be interesting to see a male perspective on the different men of Austen.


  10. This sounds like a wonderful story… so many possibilities and hopefully happy endings for all! I would love to see Anne de Bourgh get better, but I would hope more for Colonel Fitzwilliam – we shall have to read to see! This would be a lovely edition to my Austen Men!

    As for a follow-on, sounds like I am not alone in seeing Captain Wentworth at sea…maybe with the likes of Horatio Hornblower?!? Wow… talk about a mix-up!

    Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous edition to the Austenesque canon!


  11. Kate – Thanks for the comments.

    A Hornblower/Wentworth mash-up would be very hard. When we meet Captain Wentworth in Persuasion, it is right after Napoleon’s first abdication. He marries Anne right before the Hundred Days and Waterloo. At that time, Hornblower—now Captain Lord Hornblower, Baron of Smallbridge, Knight of the Bath—is traveling in France. He will be caught up in the chaos of the Hundred Days and will learn his conviction by Napoleon’s courts of piracy is back in effect (see CS Forester’s “Lord Hornblower”).


  12. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I am dying to read about Colonel Sir John Buford and his relationship with Caroline. Sounds very interesting!


  13. I love Persuasion so I hope he will write about Navy men and mesh it with Emma or Mansfield Park. I wouldn’t object if there are elements from WWI or WWII as I’m rather interested in this part of history.

    And a heartiest congratulations to Jack on your second published novel.


  14. Jakki L. – I think you’ll like Sir John. A lot.

    Lúthien84 – My Persuasion follow-up does tie-in with Mansfield Park a little. As for Emma, I’ve written a modern little mash-up with P&P and S&S set in New Orleans called “Crescent City.” We’ll see if that ever gets published. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy THE THREE COLONELS.


  15. I have your original PDF on my kindle — but I look fwd to reading your published edition in book form and discovering the changes. For all my selfish intentions I would enjoy it if you wrote a mash up with the Persuasion naval characters with my personal favorite from Mansfield Park, Mary Crawford.But selfishness you know must always be forgiven because there is never a cure.


  16. Catherine Morrissey – I hope you will approve of my Anne de Bourgh for the stud-muffin. As for Caroline, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    shanna – Again, I suggest reading “Variations” at my web site. Thanks for jumping in.

    Christina B – Don’t give anything away! Yeah, I changed a few things in the story—I hope you approve. Let me know in any case. As for Persuasion/Mansfield Park, I threw in a little S&S, ‘cause the couple in question is William Price and Margaret Dashwood.


  17. Sounds like a great read! I can’t wait too read it.

    I would definitely like to see more written about Capt. Wentworth.

    Wishing you lots of success on the new book!



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  19. I would love to read this because of all Jane’s books those two are my favorite. Nice to have a change from the point of view as well. Thank you for the giveaway Jack


  20. It sounds like a great book! Both Pride & Prejudice & Sense & Sensibility are books I adore. Looking forward in reading this book.


  21. I love that there are characters from Sense and Sensibility in this story! This book sounds wonderful and I am so looking forward to reading it! And I would love if your next novel would be about Emma and Mr Knightley!!=)


  22. I would like to read more about Northanger Abbey and see how the characters have developed as “seniors”, later in life. Thank you for the giveaway.


  23. Hmm I’d like to see something with Mansfield Park mashed up with P&P.

    JAFF has given me a soft spot for Colonel Fitzwilliam but I also adore Colonel Brandon.


  24. Margaret – I hope you enjoy it.

    Josephine Gadaleta – It was a lot of fun to write. Thanks for the comment.

    Kelli H. – We’ll see what the muse comes up with.

    marilyn ritter – I did do a mash-up of Northanger Abbey and the Scarlet Pimpernel. Think Sourcebooks ought to print it?

    Monica P – If you like Brandon and Fitzwilliam, then happy times are in store for you.


  25. I love the idea of the Colonels from Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice meeting up, and this new Colonel sounds most intriguing. :) I would love to see them meet Wentworth someday as well.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  26. Colonel Fitzwilliam is definately my favorite Austen fighting man. I love seeing his character come to life. I have been looking forward to your release. Congratulations and thank you for the giveaway. (print or ebook-US)


  27. Glad to hear about your new book. I really enjoyed Pemberley Ranch – loved the creative setting and characterizations. Thank you for that!

    Now this one, i did not realize was a JA sequel of P&P and S&S. Cool – now i will have to buy the book (paper copy) unless somehow I win it. Either way, a must read.


  28. I am very eager to read this story as I like the premise that its about some of Jane Austen’s fighting men and that some of the lead characters were secondary characters in her novels. The new Colonel seems intriguing too.

    My favorite story is Persuasion so as to what I would like to see Jack tackle next, of course I would say Captain Wentworth, Admiral Croft, and their sea brethren.

    Love the opportunity to win this book as I truly enjoyed Pemberley Ranch and like Jack’s style.


  29. Very exciting! I loved “Pemberley Ranch!!” Colonel Brandon is one of my favorite Austen characters, so reading more about him will be great.

    “Pemberley Ranch” was such a creative take on P&P; I’d love to see you do something equally creative with “Persuasion” which is my favorite Austen novel.

    Best wishes for success with your new book!


  30. Erna A – Thank you for your kind words about Pemberley Ranch. I think you’ll enjoy this new book, too.

    Farida Mestek – Think of the three colonels as three brothers, and Colonel Brandon as the eldest, most responsible one. Hey! I just thought of something! If The Three Colonels is like Bonanza, and Brandon is Adam, then who is Hoss and who is Little Joe?

    Sophia Rose – I have some Persuasion-themed stuff at my web site. You ought to check it out.

    Missy – There are some Persuasion-based ideas running though my mind…


  31. Well, I love to hate Caroline Bingley…….but this take on her sounds very intriguing! I am glad that Anne will get her man [I hope]. She always struck me as a sad little creature who just needed to get out from under her mother’s formidable thumb.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  32. Yay! I can’t wait to read this. I’m so excited to see what happens with the mix of characters. Especially with added new characters, I’d love to see what Mr. Caldwell would do with other secondary characters.


  33. I enjoyed Pemberly Ranch. I am looking forward to reading this take on these characters. I, too love to hate Caroline Bingley so I’d find it interesting to read this book. And I have a soft spot for Col. Fitzwillam, after Mr. Darcy, my favorite Austen character. I would love to win this book.


  34. I’d love to see more about Captain Wentworth! But many of the other suggestions above sound intriguing as well. Thanks for the giveaway!


  35. Colonel Fitzwilliam is my favorite. I’m quite torn whether I like him with Georgiana or Anne. I’ve read sequels both ways and I like them both.


  36. What about Captain Benwick? He’s often portrayed as a soft, soppy sort of a bloke, but there is a lot more to his character than that. He’s intelligent and a deep thinker, but he’s also been fighting in the Napoleonic wars and I’m fairly certain Jane Austen describes him as brave. He made an interesting choice in marrying Louisa Musgrove, but hopefully that won’t be a lead into another P&P with a very unsuitable marriage!!


  37. Karen Field – I hope to change your mind about Caroline, particularly my Caroline. Thanks for commenting.

    Shannon – Another FW gal!

    Elizabeth D – I must admit I like Colonel Fitzwilliam with Anne, Jane, or anybody other than Georgiana. It’s just me. Thanks!


  38. It is interesting to read about any spin-off work based on Jane Austen. I really like “Emma”, so any work based on that novel would be an interesting read. But of course it is up to the writer to write about anything that inspires him (or her).


  39. I’m in agreement with hope I think you should consider a bit of “Persuasion” in your next novel that happens to be my favorite of Jane Austen’s books. Thanks for the chance to win, your an amazing author.


  40. Really looking forward to this book as I absolutely loved Pemberley Ranch. I loved the setting of the cowboys and ranch life, very creative. You mentioned that you have written something based off of Emma in New Orleans. I hope someday that sees the light of day as Emma is my favorite Austen story. Can’t wait to read the three colonels!


  41. Ms. A – Thanks for the comment!

    Krista – I hope my publisher is reading this thread.

    Emma – Thank you so much. I’m happy you enjoyed Pemberley Ranch, and I hope you will Like The Three Colonels. The proposed New Orleans novel, Crescent City, runs about 1,000 pages. We’ll see what the publisher says.


  42. I loved Pemberley Ranch and can’t wait to read your latest book! I think all of Jane Austen’s novels are fabulous so I can’t wait to see what you take on next! Good luck with the launch!


  43. I love the idea of combining the worlds of the novels into one! Am most definitely intrigued. Plus, I’d love to see and learn more about Colonel Brandon.


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