The Journey, by Jan Hahn – A Review

The Journey, by Jan Hahn (2011)From the desk of Christina Boyd: 

At last, at last.  It’s arrived at last.  Fans of Jan Hahn, author of An Arranged Marriage, winner of 2011 Best Indie Book award by Austenprose, have been all anticipation for the release of The Journey.

This Pride & Prejudice twist begins shortly after the Netherfield Ball. After Miss Elizabeth Bennet refuses the toady Mr. Collins’ marriage proposal, Elizabeth escapes her carping mother and journeys to London for a visit with her aunt and uncle Gardiner at Gracechurch street.  Reluctantly she travels with Mr. Bingley’s conceited, boorish sisters and the aloof, prideful Mr. Darcy, when suddenly highwaymen halt their carriage.  Nate Morgan, handsome outlaw and leader of this band of thieves, on impulse abducts Elizabeth for his own diversion.  Chivalrously Darcy offers himself as pawn in her stead, however, this scheme falls short –and to everyone’s astonishment, Darcy proclaims Elizabeth his wife!

Under the charade as a married couple, Elizabeth and Darcy await their ransom, imprisoned together in a sparse room with ONE, scant blanket.  Scandalous, indeed!  Told in the first person narrative through Elizabeth’s eyes, their relationship must fast-forwarded ahead of the original Pride & Prejudice because of the forced, intimate circumstances endured for their very survival. After deprivation of restful sleep, days of duress in captivity and constant togetherness, Elizabeth does not know what she (or Darcy for that matter) is about.  She knows of Darcy’s “arrogance, conceit, selfish disdain for the feelings of others,” his mistreatment of Wickham and his meddling with the happiness of her beloved Jane and Mr. Bingley…Add to her tumult of emotions, Elizabeth seems to be suffering a touch of Stockholm Syndrome   (behavior of kidnap victims who, over time, become sympathetic to their captors.)  

“Morgan rescued me.  I am much obliged to him.’  ‘Obliged!  To that criminal?  I fear that your admiration of the highway’s appearance may have robbed you of your good sense!  Or perhaps you relished the close embrace necessary for such transport.’  ‘Mr. Darcy, your suspicions are beyond annoyance.  I pray you remember that you play the role of my husband, but in truth, I am not your wife. (54)

And Morgan, skeptical of this marriage, is roguishly, fine.  I confess, I might have been a little susceptible to his charms myself.  A very little. “What I wouldn’t give to have met you a’fore Darcy did. If I’d wooed you, not even his riches would’ve proved tempting, for you would’ve know what ‘tis to be truly loved.” p. 59. On constant alert for possible escape, Darcy’s suspicions of Morgan with Elizabeth increase and can do little to hide his jealousy. And yet it’s Darcy’s constant wise, often tender manners during real peril that continue to plague Elizabeth’s heart.

Within moments of closing my eyes, I felt his hand gently lift my head, as he slipped his folded coat beneath it. ‘Allow me at least this trivial attempt at atonement for my previous blunders.’  I opened my mouth in protest, but he silenced me by lightly placing his fingers against my lips. ‘Just once, Miss Bennet, I pray you will favour me with a scarcity of your sharp tongue.’” (74)

However the abduction is only the first third of the novel. In London, Elizabeth’s reputation totters precariously on the edge of scandal and is dependent on the integrity of our champion– and even the rapscallion.

Austen’s Elizabeth, whom we all know and love, has always been spirited, clever, stubborn, and quick to misjudge, nevertheless also willing to acknowledge her blunders.  In “The Journey” she not only realizes,

“I am changed from the girl I was a week ago.  The journey we were forced to endure has shown me the man’s true character, and I discovered the flaw in my own.  I was deceived by my own prejudice.”  (146)

but her love for Darcy is so great, that she would rather forfeit her own satisfaction and honor to spare him from a marriage of expedience.  I envy the mirth you will experience as she finally discovers what fools in love they have been!

Not only are there all the usual canon characters and their foibles, like Lydia’s disgrace with Wickham, Colonel Fitzwilliam’s loose lips, Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s unabashed bossiness… but the earnest scope and humour make for a captivating read. In my experience, many Pride and Prejudice alternate stories fail to hit the mark when an author forces scenarios from the Austen’s original work into an entirely improbable story… which unfortunately does nothing but make the reader furrow brows in cynicism and incredulity.  Dear friends, that is not the case here.  Hahn’s retelling cleverly sprinkles many of Austen’s most memorable lines and scenes through out—sometimes out of canon sequence- but still recognizable and justifiable to make this particular tale quite plausible.  I laughed out loud at the continued absurdity of Lady Catherine de Bourgh,

“But your arts and allurements may have made him forget what he owes to himself and to all his family.  You may have used this kidnapping scheme to draw him in!” (161)

Only Lady Cat could be so imperiously preposterous.  Well maybe, Caroline Bingley… but I’ll ransom those gems for you to behold on your own!

Jan Hahn’s writing is top-notch, with vivid characters, lush story lines, and thorough research of the language and mores of Regency England. Using an economy of language while creating powerful and picturesque images, Hahn elegantly conveys Darcy and Elizabeth’s heart pounding passions while remaining respectful and not offending anyone’s sensibilities.  I was excessively diverted whilst on “The Journey” and suspect you will be as well.  Danger, daring and desire.  How could you not?

5 out of 5 Stars

The Journey, by Jan Hahn
Meryton Press (2011)
Trade paperback (264) pages
ISBN: 978-1936009152

Cover image courtesy of Meryton Press © 2011; text Christina Boyd © 2012,

11 thoughts on “The Journey, by Jan Hahn – A Review

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  1. What a wonderful idea to have them kidnapped together! This story sounds really exciting! I am adding it to my wish list!! Thank you!!


  2. Just when you thought the imaginations of JA sequel authors were quite exhausted, up pops another zinger! I have not yet read Jan Hahn but An Arranged Marriage gets particularly high praise. One or the other of these (or both) is in my sights. Beautifully crafted review!


  3. I read this as a download from the Pemberley Library. This was a wonderful story. I read others on that web site by Jan Hahn and will encourage others to read her wonderful stories. This book is beautifully crafted, the story moves and the stress Darcy and Elizabeth endure is real. Put this book in your TBR stack.!


  4. Excellent review of an excellent and well-told tale. The Journey is one of my all time favorites: Jan Hahn does not disappoint.


  5. For Valentine’s Day I bought this and “An Arranged Marriage” for my75 year old mother-in-law. She said that she loved both, that both were great escapes for a cold winter in Maine, she wished they hadn’t come to an end, missed the characters after she was finished reading, and looks fwd to anything else Jan Hahn has to offer.I love it when a gift is so well received!


  6. I would love to read this novel. I’ve had both on my wishlist for awhile. I may just have to give in and buy them outright. I’m not sure I can wait. I loved your review.


  7. I read The Arranged Marriage sometime since Christmas and loved it. I have this new book in my basket at Amazon right now. This review just made me absolutely decide to order this tonight!


  8. Thank you, Paula, Jeffrey, Maggie, Kate, Suzan, Karen, and lovely Christina! I appreciate your kind comments and support If you’ve read “The Journey,” and if you are interested in reading it, I do hope you enjoy it. Thank you, Christina, for such a wonderful review and for the five stars! And I’m thrilled that you are willing to give my book to your mother-in-law. That’s a great compliment.


  9. I love , Love ,love the Journey… one of the first fan fiction books I read 5 years ago when I first came to love P&P.


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