Masterpiece Mystery PBS 2010 Season Preview

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The game is afoot as crime season begins again on Masterpiece Mystery on PBS this Sunday, May 2nd. The 2010 line-up offers the best in British mysteries presenting a great selection of super sleuths to feed any whodunit addict’s desire for murder and mayhem. Returning in new episodes will be Michael Kitchen in Foyle’s War, Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple, David Suchet as Hercule Poroit, Kevin Whatley as Inspector Lewis and Kenneth Branagh in Wallander. Joining these five master detectives will be the new series Sherlock, a modern day spin on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s popular Sherlock Holmes staring Benedict Cumberbatch as the enigmatic detective. Airing on Sundays at 9:00 pm the series will also feature actor Alan Cumming who returns as host adding more quirky commentary to set the mood. Here is a preview of the summer – fall season.

Image from Foyle's War: Anthony Howel, Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks © 2010 MASTERPIECEFoyle’s War – May 2-16, 2010

Michael Kitchen returns as Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle in series VI offering three new episodes of this popular crime drama. Set on South Coast of England in 1945, the Second World War has concluded and Foyle is keen to retire but compelled to remain in his job because of the steep rise in violent crime sweeping the country. Joining him are his former driver during the war Samantha “Sam” Stewart (Honeysuckle Weeks), and his old sergeant, Paul Milner (Anthony Howell), recently promoted to detective inspector in nearby Brighton. In episodes The Russian House, Killing Time and The Hide, Foyle investigates murders involving Russian POW’s, Black American G.I.’s and German Nazi’s. (All episodes 90 minutes)

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Image from Miss Marple staring Julia McKenzie © 2010 MASTERPIECEMiss Marple – May 23-June 27, 2010

Julia McKenzie is back in her second season as Miss Marple, our favorite spinster sleuth of St. Mary Meade making the local constables and inspectors scratch their heads in amazement at her delft deductions. This season will see three new episodes adapting Agatha Christie’s classic novels: The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side, The Secret of Chimneys and The Blue Geranium. Guest appearances highlighted by an all British cast include: Hugh Bonneville (Miss Austen Regrets), Joanna Lumley (Absolutely Fabulous) and Toby Stevens (Jane Eyre) adding polish to sleuthing perfection. (All episodes 90 minutes)

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Image from Hercule Poirot staring David Suchet © 2010 MASTERPIECEHercule Poirot – July 11- August 1, 2010

The “little gray cells” are churning again as indomitably dapper Belgian detective Hercule Poirot is brought to the screen by David Suchet. It is amazing to think that Suchet has filled those spats and waxed that mustache for twenty-one years and sixty-five episodes. This season brings three new mystery dramas adapted from Agatha Christie novels as we witness Murder on the Orient Express, encounter matricide and nannicide in The Third Girl and experience an aristocrats Appointment with Death at an archaeological dig in the Middle East. Amusingly, the all British supporting cast is comprised of many key actors in the popular twisted bonnet parody Lost in Austen including Jemima Rooper, Tom Minson, Christina Cole and Tom Riley. Tim Curry who I shall always remember as Dr. Fran-N-Furter in the Rock Horror Picture Show adds humor and aplomb to the roister! (All episodes 90 minutes.)

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Image from Inspector Lewis staring Kevin Whatley and Laurence Fox © 2010 MASTERPIECEInspector Lewis – August 8 –  September 26, 2010

Welcome back to the dreaming spires of Oxford for more murder among academia as Kevin Whately returns for five new episodes in the a third season as Inspector Lewis. Whatley is so charming as DI Robbie Lewis, but I readily admit that I can’t wait to see what his acerbic young partner DS James Hathaway (Laurence Fox) will snark about. Rumor has it that both Lewis and Hathaway find romance this season in between solving crime and throwing witty banter at each other of course.  The five new episodes include Counter Culture Blues, The Dead of Winter, Dark Matter, Your Sudden Death Question and Falling Darkness. Joining the cast is a fine line-up of British actors ready to be murdered for their profession including Joanna Lumley (Absolutely Fabulous), Robert Hardy (Sense and Sensibility), Nicholas Farrell (Mansfield Park and Persuasion), Anthony Calf (Pride and Prejudice) and Lucy Griffiths (Robin Hood) sans Sir Guy of Gisborne to harass her. (All episodes 90 minutes.)

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Images courtesy © 2010 MASTERPIECE

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  1. Thanks for posting this update with the video preview! Don’t you just love Alan Cumming’s voice? I’ve been looking for more information regarding Benedict Cumberbatch’s new ‘Sherlock’ but I find PBS and BBC take so long before we get a peek at any of their new series. Keep us in suspense I suppose.


  2. I’m glad there’s going to be a new version of “The Mirror Crack’d.” It’s probably my favorite Christie novel, but the only adaptation I’ve seen is the Liz Taylor version, which is horrid.


  3. I do love Alan Cummings voice and Robert Carlyle’s and Ewan MacGregor’s and James MacEvoy’s. Foyle’s War is one of my all-time favorite PBS series. Michael Kitchen does most of his acting with his eyes–brilliantly, I might add. Thanks for the heads up. Mary


  4. This look like an excellent Mystery season and I am quite envious since in my side of the world we have access only to half of it: Marple (through HBO Latin America) and Lewis (Films & Arts).

    The positive comments on Foyle’s War make me desirous to watch it. In America Latina only the first episode of the first season was ever aired (Film Zone) but nothing else :(. As for Poirot only the first seasons aired over here (on HBO first and then on the now deceased Hallmark Channel Latin America) but none of the most recent ones.

    I could not help LOL when I read this:
    ” Lucy Griffiths (Robin Hood) sans Sir Guy of Gisborne to harass her”

    I do not know if I would like to see her w/o Sir Guy ;). I do miss him so much (and over here we are also at least 3 seasons behind on Spooks/MI5).


    1. Cinthia – sorry you have so much trouble receiving all the mystery shows. I have this same problem with many of the British shows that never air here in the states. To get around it I bought a multi-regional DVD player and order them from the UK. However, I can only do this on a few of the shows because of the cost, but it is worth it for me.


  5. Yea!!!! I am so excited that Foyle’s War returns! I was soooo sad when I thought I’d watched the last of the series and thanks to the sidebar ad on this website/blog, I discover, it’s been resurrected–thank you. Foyle has the most masterful way of barely moving his upperlip to convey displeasure, or pleasure for that matter. I love, love, love this series!


      1. Thanks for the correction. This is the second time I’ve read the word “infamous” applied to the Master (first here), and I had to say something.


  6. Does anyone remember ‘Midsommer Murders’? I haven’t seen this in years. Please bring back Inspector Lynley.


  7. I always look forward to seeing these shows,since last year. But I have only seen 2 of the few MISS MARPLE, which is my all time absolute favorite. It just did not show on the nights it was supposed to- I am left MISS MARPLE wanting….. so sad.


  8. I too miiss the Midsommer murders but I have watched all which I DVR so I can watch over and over again cannot wait for he new ones I am enjoying the Inspector Lewis series I also though Foyles War was a war series I will give it a chance when its on again keep producing and I will continue watching!!!


  9. The “Midsomer Murders” series was dropped by A & E, along with the other great British and American mysteries. A & E has now dumbed down their programming, and doesn’t seem to be interested anymore with shows that truly embody art and entertainment.

    We will not see these shows until another channel buys the right to air them – they will not actually own the movies – they will only own the right.


  10. Enid, the setting of “Foyle”s War” is during the war, but I assure you, this series is one that you will love. The character, especially the main one, Michael Kitchen, is magnificent.

    This also gives us a glimpse of some of the events surrounding the war and all the experiences of those who were affected by it, whether directly or indirectly.

    The plots of this series are not terribly complicated, but very absorbing, and all the cast members are superb.

    It appears that the production is continuing and there doesn’t seem to be any indication that they plan to stop any time soon. Most likely, it will have a long run, as long as the actor Michael Kitchen is committed to it.

    If you plan to watch the series, it is best to know the background, so you may want to watch the first series first, or at least, read up on it.

    This show will not disappoint you.


  11. Sorry I had to cut my remarks short; a student came in during lunch for advice. I didn’t mean to stereotype-I’m sure men would love this movie as well as women.

    I watch Masterpiece Mystery faithfully and enjoy all of the programs; I think my favorites are the Jane Austen presentations, but I love all the other programs. It’s so refreshing to find television with great plots, superbly produced stories, and wonderful actors.


  12. Hello…

    We watched the first episode of Sherlock Holmes “Study in Pink” last night and all I can say it is the BEST… the absolute BEST series opener on Mystery, that I have seen in my entire life.
    It’s just great…perfect in fact…and as you can see I can’t seem to say enough about it !

    Thanks and congratulations on an exceptional show.


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