Mansfield Park Sequels: Edmund Bertram’s Diary: Day 15 Give-away!

Since Austen-esque author Amanda Grange first gave us Darcy’s Diary, the retelling of Pride and Prejudice from Mr. Darcy’s perspective in 2005, she has been dutifully working her way through all six of Jane Austen’s heroes with her books; Mr. Knightley’s Diary, Captain Wentworth’s Diary, Edmund Bertram’s Diary and the latest hardcover release, Colonel Brandon’s Diary. Each supply readers with an interesting male vantage on Jane Austen’s classic stories faithfully retold to mirror Jane Austen’s storyline, character personality and theme. It’s almost like reading Jane Austen’s novels from a parallel universe, but written in a more modern style. In this newly released paper back edition, Amanda Grange gives the hero of Mansfield Park, Edmund Bertram a sympathetic and honest treatment. If you are interested in seeing how a man thinks (as apposed to Jane Austen’s feminine view point) I would recommend giving this novel a try. Even though you may already know the storyline, revisiting one of Jane Austen’s most complex and intriguing novels is a always a treat. And if you (like me) believe in keeping the best for last, Ms. Grange is presently writing Henry Tilney’s Diary, which I am certain from my interest in Jane Austen’s delightfully charming character, will be well worth the wait! 

 Review highlights


“Once again, Amanda Grange has provided a highly entertaining retelling of a classic Jane Austen novel, as seen through the hero’s eyes. EDMUND BERTRAM’S DIARY is pure fun, with the story told in a diary format that makes the reader feel like she’s taking a peek into Edmund’s most innermost thoughts. . . I enjoyed every moment of it.” – Kay James , Romance Reader at Heart 

“Edmund Bertram’s Diary is a sympathetic portrait of a young man struggling with the difficult choices that life throws at us all.” – Austenblog 

“Grange captures the flavour and period extremely well, giving those of us who cannot get enough of this type of novel a story that is both cleverly told and enjoyable.” Red Roses for Authors Reviews 

“Amanda Grange has hit upon a winning formula and retells the familiar story with great verve.” – Historical Novels Review 


Further reading

  • Read an excerpt from Edmund Bertram’s Diary
  • Read an in-depth interview of Amanda Grange on AustenBlog

Mansfield Park Madness: Day 15 Give-away

Leave a comment by August 30th to qualify for a drawing on August 31st for one of three copies available of 

Edmund Bertam’s Diary, by Amanda Grange
Berkely Trade (2008). A re-telling of the novel Mansfield Park from the perspective of hero Edmund Bertram. Trade paperback, 344 pages, ISBN 978-0425223796 

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12 thoughts on “Mansfield Park Sequels: Edmund Bertram’s Diary: Day 15 Give-away!

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  1. Hi Laurel Ann,

    I just wanted to say thank you for doings this, it must take alot of time tp post the info.

    I’ve been having alot of fun learning more about Mansfield Park and Jane Austen.



  2. I enjoyed reading Mr. Darcy’s Diary and Capt. Wentworth’s Dairy I am sure Edmund’s will be just as wonderful.


  3. This has been so much fun to read your blog daily! (sigh) Thank you for all your hard work! This looks like a fun book, I’d love to win this! Have a great day!


  4. Now maybe Edmund will be redeemed for all of his folly? I certainly hope so ;).
    I agree with Dina and Janeen – thank you soo much, Laurel Ann, for offering such interesting interpretations of Mansfield Park and Jane Austen! =)


  5. Oh I look forward to reading Edmund’s Diary. The only spinoffs of Jane Austen I’ve read have been three: Me and Mr. Darcy, Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict and Suspense and Sensibility, which I greatly enjoyed.


  6. I absolutely adored Mr Darcy’s Diary and I can’t wait to read them all ! I agree that she’s keeping the best for last : Henry is my favourite Austen hero :)
    The cover doesn’t seem to have anything to do with MP, though… or Austen for that matter :/


  7. It seems like a very good book. I’ve never read any of the “Diary” books, but I’ve always though that they looked interesting. I usually only read what the local library have and so far the “diary” books hav’t been on the librarians shopping list.


  8. I read Darcy’s diary, and loved the other perspective. I wasn’t aware of the these other books though! I would love to read them sometime. I can’t wait to see how she takes on Edmund…but i must admit that mr. tilney is the one that I REALLY want to read.


  9. I’m likewise waiting for Henry Tilney’s Diary. I’ve given much serious thought to what must being going on in his head throughout Austen’s novel, and I’m curious to see another Janeite’s opinion on the matter. Edmund Bertram must also be a fascinating study, as his values are challenged and his opinions change more than is the case for most other Austen heroes.


  10. Oh great! More Austen related books beckoning me to the book seller! How exciting! I can’t wait to search this one out.


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