Pride and Prejudice: List of Characters

Main Characters

Spoilers ahead

At Longbourn

Mr. Bennet: of Longbourn-house, Hertfordshire. Entailed estate with £2,000 a year. Married to Mrs. Bennet.

Mrs. Bennet: Nee Gardiner of Meryton with a £5,000 dowry. Sister of Edward Gardiner of Gracechurch Street, London and Mrs. Phillips of Meryton. Children: Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine and Lydia

Miss Jane Bennet: Eldest unmarried Bennet daughter. Age 22. Dowry of £1,000. Marries Charles Bingley

Miss Elizabeth Bennet: Heroine. Second unmarried Bennet daughter. Age 20. Dowry of £1,000. A reputed beauty with fine eyes. Nicknames Eliza & Lizzy. Marries Fitzwilliam Darcy

Miss Mary Bennet: Third unmarried Bennet daughter. Dowry of £1,000. Pedantic

Miss Catherine Bennet: Fourth unmarried Bennet daughter. Dowry of £1,000. Nickname Kitty

Miss Lydia Bennet: Fifth unmarried Bennet daughter. Age15. Dowry of £1,000. Marries George Wickham

At Netherfield Park

Mr. Charles Bingley: of Netherfield Park and London. Age 22. Parents deceased. Inherited £100,000. Brother of Louisa and Caroline. Marries Jane Bennet

Mr. Hurst: of Grosvenor street, London. Married Louisa Bingley

Mrs. Louisa Hurst: of Grosvenor street, London. Nee Bingley with £20,000 dowry. Parents deceased. Sister to Charles and Caroline

Miss Caroline Bingley: of Netherfield Park and London. Unmarried with a £20,000 dowry. Parents deceased. Sister of Charles and Louisa

At Lucas Lodge

Sir William Lucas: of Lucas Lodge, Hertfordshire. Knight. Married to Lady Lucas. Neighbor of the Bennet’s

Lady Lucas: of Lucas Lodge. Married to Sir William Lucas. Children: Charlotte, Maria and unnamed girls and boys

Miss Charlotte Lucas: Eldest unmarried Lucas daughter. Age 27. Sister of Maria. Friend of Elizabeth’s. Marries Mr. Collins

Miss Maria Lucas: Unmarried younger Lucas daughter. Sister of Charlotte

In Meryton

Mr. Phillips: of Meryton. Attorney. Married ___ Gardiner

Mrs. Phillips: of Meryton. Nee Gardiner. Married to Mr. Phillips. Sister of Edward Gardiner and Mrs. Bennet

At Rosings Park

Sir Lewis de Bourgh: of Rosings Park, Kent. Married Lady Catherine Fitzwilliam. Deceased

Rt. Hon. Lady Catherine de Bourgh: of Rosings Park. Nee Fitzwilliam. Daughter of an Earl.  Widow of Sir Lewis de Bourgh. Sister of unnamed brother and Lady Anne Darcy. Children: Anne. Nephews: Col. Fitzwilliam and Fitzwilliam Darcy

Miss Anne de Bourgh: of Rosings Park. Unmarried de Bourgh daughter. Sickly. Promised in marriage to Mr. Darcy

Colonel Fitzwilliam: Unmarried younger son of an Earl. Nephew of Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Cousin of Fitzwilliam and Georgiana Darcy

Rev. William Collins: of Hunsford Parsonage, Kent. Rector by Lady Catherine’s patronage. Cousin and heir of Mr. Bennet. Marries Charlotte Lucas

At Pemberley

Mr. Darcy (the elder): of Pemberley, Derbyshire. Married Lady Anne Fitzwilliam. Deceased. Children: Fitzwilliam and Georgiana

Lady Anne Darcy: of Pemberley. Nee Fitzwilliam. Daughter of an Earl. Married Mr. Darcy. Deceased. Sister of Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Children Fitzwilliam and Georgiana.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Hero. Of Pemberley, Derbyshire and London. Unmarried eldest son and heir with £10,000 a year. Age 28. Nephew of Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Brother of Georgina. Cousin of Col. Fitzwilliam. Marries Elizabeth Bennet

Miss Georgiana Darcy: of Pemberley and London. Unmarried Darcy daughter. Age 16. Niece of Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Sister of Fitzwilliam. Cousin of Col Fitzwilliam

The Regiment

Colonel Forster: Commanding Officer of the ___shire Militia stationed in Meryton

Mrs. Harriet Forster: Col. Forster’s wife

Mr. George Wickham: A Lieutenant of the ___shire Militia. Son of Mr. Wickham, Mr. Darcy’s (the elder) stewart. Attended Cambridge University

In Town

Mr. Edward Gardiner: of Gracechurch street, London. Married to Mrs. Gardiner. Brother of Mrs. Bennet and Mrs. Phillips. Uncle of the Bennet daughters.

Mrs. Gardiner: of Gracechurch street, London. Married to Edward Gardiner. Aunt of the Bennet daughters. Children: unnamed

Minor Characters

Mrs. Annesley: Companion to Miss Darcy

Captain Carter: An officer of the ___shire Militia

Mr. Chamberlayne: A soldier of the ___shire Militia

Dawson: Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s lady’s maid

Mr. Denny: A solider of the ___shire Militia

Mr. William Goulding: of Haye-Park

Miss. Grantley: An acquaintance of Miss Bingley’s

Mr. Haggerston: Mr. Gardiner’s man of business

Harriet Harrington: An acquaintance of Lydia’s in Brighton

Miss Pen Harrington: An acquaintance of Lydia’s in Brighton

Mrs. Hill: The housekeeper at Longbourn-house

Mrs. Jenkinson: A companion to Anne de Bourgh

Mr. Jones: The apothecary of Meryton

John: A servant of either the Collins’ or Gardiners

Miss Mary King: An heiress with £10,000 that Wickham attempts to woo

Mrs. Long: The Bennet’s neighbor

Lady Metcalfe: An acquaintance of Lady Catherine

Mr. Morris: Land agent in Meryton who shows Netherfield Park to Mr. Bingley

Mrs. Nicholls: The housekeeper at Netherfield Park

Miss Pope: A governess in Lady Metcalf’s family

Mr. Pratt: A soldier of the ___shire Militia

Mrs. Reynolds: The housekeeper at Pemberley

Mr. Richard: An employee of Mr. Phillips

Mr. Robinson: An attendee of the Meryton Assembly

Mr. Stone: An employee of Mr. Gardiner

Miss Watson: A resident of Meryton

The Miss Webbs: Acquaintances of Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Mr. Wickham: A former steward to the late Mr. Darcy. Deceased

Mrs. Younge: A former companion of Miss Darcy

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