A Preview & Slideshow of The World of Sanditon: The Official Companion Book, by Sara Sheridan

The World of Sanditon, by Sara Sheridan (2019)Welcome to Sanditon, an 1819 Regency seaside community in Sussex England—the fictional site of the new ITV/PBS television adaptation/continuation of Jane Austen’s final unfinished novel.

For those who are watching the eight-part series currently airing in the US on PBS, The World of Sanditon, by Sara Sheridan will be catnip to heighten your addiction. A copiously illustrated behind the scenes look at the making of the new television series, it also is filled with a biography of Jane Austen, historical information on the era, seaside life and health resorts, and Regency life for women.

In addition, there are spotlights on the characters and interviews with the actors who brought them to the screen. Here is a description of the book from the publisher Grand Central Publishing, details on the content, and images from the production for your enjoyment.


Sanditon, the final novel Austen was working on before her death, has been given an exciting conclusion and will be brought to a primetime television audience on PBS/Masterpiece for the very first time by Emmy and BAFTA Award-winning screenwriter Andrew Davies (War & Peace, Mr. Selfridge, Les Misérables, Pride and Prejudice).

This, the official companion to the Masterpiece series, contains everything a fan could want to know. It explores the world Austen created, along with fascinating insights about the period and the real-life heartbreak behind her final story. And it offers location guides, behind the scenes details, and interviews with the cast, alongside beautiful illustrations and set photography.


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  • Welcome Sanditon – from Red Planet Pictures in the UK and MASTERPIECE PBS in the US, the producers of the series, a brief introduction.
  • Foreword by Andrew Davies – the veteran period drama screenwriter shares his thoughts on the new series and whets our appetite to what is it come for fans of Jane Austen and his work.
  • Jane Austen – a biography of the author, her work, and her short life.
  • History of the Seaside – why were Regency-era seaside towns developed into health resorts, and what was the draw of the sea, and its curative charms?
  • Story of Sanditon – an introduction to the story, the characters, and the town.
  • Regency Women – what was life like for Regency-era women?
  • British Life in the Regency – history of the era named after the Prince Regent and the context of the times.
  • Health – what was considered a cure for aliments during the Regency and other interesting medical theories?
  • Conclusion – a wrap-up of the book and the series.


Sara Sheridan is the author of the official companion to the successful PBS/Masterpiece drama in 2017, Victoria. She studied at Trinity College, Dublin, and lives in Edinburgh. A historical novelist and journalist, she has received a Scottish Library Award and was shortlisted for the Saltire Book Prize. She is the author of the Mirabelle Bevan Mystery series, including London Calling and Brighton Belle.

The World of Sanditon: The Official Companion, by Sara Sheridan
Grand Central Publishing (2019)
Over-sized hardcover, eBook, & audiobook (320) pages
ISBN: 978-1538734711


Cover image, images, book description, author bio courtesy of Grand Central Publishing © 2019; text Laurel Ann Nattress © 2020, Austenprose.com

11 thoughts on “A Preview & Slideshow of The World of Sanditon: The Official Companion Book, by Sara Sheridan

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  1. Poor Jane – she must be turning in her grave. It’s one thing to write a tawdry bodice ripper, but to use Jane Austen’s name and life’s work to flog it is unforgivable. All of Jane’s wit, her subtlety, her astuteness is lost in this pathetic attempt to finish her last novel. The characters are almost all wholly unlikable, and the modernization attempts border on tackiness. Then there is the complete rip-off of the movie The Favorite, with Clara and Esther re-enacting the same drama played so brilliantly by Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone in that film. I mean they didn’t even bother trying to hide it a bit, probably because no one knows how to write on Sanditon. But then again, they stole Jane Austen’s book to put out this drivel, so why not steal from an Oscar-winning film as well. I am truly shocked that so many supposed Jane Austen lovers are actually liking this “production”.


    1. While this new adaptation/continuation is much different than other Jane Austen movies and TV series, it is in line with much of the fanfiction written over the last 30 years. There are many views on how Austen should be adapted or continued in this case, so we try to remain open-minded.


    2. I agree! And the ending was ridiculous! Jane must be spinning in her grave. She would have never ended it that way! I will never read the book nor watch this series again! You could so tell that a man had written this. I’m still angry about it! Sue Couch


  2. I’ve used this book for my own reviews. I love the background information about the series. Also, these generalized companion books were popular in the 2000’s, when so many JA movies and television series were produced for general consumption. I especially loved our association during the 2007 Jane Austen PBS Masterpiece offerings, and will never forget your kind invitation to join you in reviewing those films.

    Liked by 1 person

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