Off to England in “pursuit of novelty and amusement”…

Jane Austen's House Museum,: Chawton Front Sign

Today is the day I leave for our Jane Austen Tour of England organized by Ingenious Travel September 7 – 16, 2013. Fellow author and dear friend Syrie James and I will be shepherding a merry group of Janeites to the homes and haunts of Jane Austen and her family through: London, Ramsgate, Canterbury, Oxford, Winchester, Chawton, Portsmouth, Lyme and finally Bath for the Jane Austen Festival.

It has long been my dream to visit England and walk in Jane Austen’s footsteps. I have purchased packs of mini-Kleenex in anticipation of the emotions that are sure to overtake me, often! I am looking forward to all the fabulous sights and meeting authors Jane Odiwe, Monica Fairview, Elizabeth Aston and Lynn Shepherd while we are there.

I promise to take numerous photos and share upon my return.

Of course I could not sign off without a quote from the author who has inspired this pilgrimage:

“The period of expectation was now doubled. Four weeks were to pass away before her uncle and aunt’s arrival. But they did pass away, and Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner, with their four children, did at length appear at Longbourn. The children, two girls of six and eight years old, and two younger boys, were to be left under the particular care of their cousin Jane, who was the general favourite, and whose steady sense and sweetness of temper exactly adapted her for attending to them in every way — teaching them, playing with them, and loving them.

The Gardiners stayed only one night at Longbourn, and set off the next morning with Elizabeth in pursuit of novelty and amusement. One enjoyment was certain — that of suitableness as companions; a suitableness which comprehended health and temper to bear inconveniences — cheerfulness to enhance every pleasure — and affection and intelligence, which might supply it among themselves if there were disappointments abroad.” – Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 42

I do have posts scheduled over the next 10 days so my faithful readers will not be neglected in my absence. I will be checking in occasionally to make sure no abhorrent spammer or troll has violated our sanctuary. If you need some live Janeite interaction, check out the group read of Among the Janeites at The Republic of Pemberley starting on September 15th. It should be a lively discussion!


Laurel Ann

© 2013, Laurel Ann Nattress,

29 thoughts on “Off to England in “pursuit of novelty and amusement”…

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  1. Have a fabulous time, Laurel Ann :) I only wish I was free to meet with you, your group and Monica F, Jane O. et al but I’ll be there in spirit! The weather in England is beautiful right now so fingers crossed it stays that way. Be sure to take a peek inside Cassandra’s Cup, a tiny tea room right opposite Jane Austen’s House Museum, if only to see all the teacups hanging from the ceiling! I’m sure you’ll love Bath and the JA Festival. Enjoy!


      1. Cassandra’s Teacup is a delight… and as of a few weeks ago, it is for sale! So if any of you want to take on a new career and spend every day across the street from Jane Austen’s cottage, here’s your opportunity —


  2. “If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.” An appropriate JA quote for the flight today!


  3. What a sweet way to travel! I hope you enjoy your sojourn out in Austen-Land and bring back lots, and lots of little stories, adventures and pictures back here to share :)

    Oh, and being out in the country at this time of the year – be sure to enjoy the early morning mists rising. Breathtakingly beautiful.


  4. Safe travels and enjoy the sights, the company, and the atmosphere. Someday, I hope to make a similar trip. Looking forward to photos.

    BTW, I’m halfway through Among the Janeites, and it is so much fun!


  5. Oh wow!! Enjoy and yes please a full run down when you get back as i would love to do this pilgrimage one day! Sad I’m gonna miss Bath but I’m off to chatsworth again for the third time in three months as their opening the house and garden at night, the last time it was lit up was in 1843 for queen Victoria. Going to fit in Bakewell this time and check out the hotel Jane stayed in. Wont be nearly as good as your trip! Have a great time the weather is still holding up xxx


  6. Have a safe trip over and a wonderful tour! I’m heading to Bath on Wednesday for the festival (my first time attending this one) and so excited! Perhaps I will run into some of your group whilst there…


  7. Have a fantastic time I have been to Lyme Park in Cheshire (home to the lake Colin Firth emerges from) and Chatsworth and it is amazing being in the places that inpsired and have portrayed Austen’s world


  8. Have a lovely trip,Laurel Ann and when you stop in Lyme,keep an eye for a dress shop called Persuasion!(I spotted it on my visit in ’02 and have a picture of the sign to prove it,but alas I did not enter).


  9. Laurel Ann: I am so looking forward to your account of your travels when you return; what a treat is in store!
    For those places that I have visited, it will be a delightful reprise, and for places yet to be seen and experienced it will serve as the next best thing!
    Christina Boyd, how perfectly you wove in Mrs. Bennett’s tearful goodbye to Lydia and Wickham; it took me a while to place the quote!


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