Announcing the Regency Romance Reading Challenge 2013: Featuring Candice Hern

The Regency Romance Reading Challenge (2013)Yes, gentle readers it’s time for a new reading challenge—and for 2013 we are stretching our wings and embracing a new author.

We are very pleased to announce the Regency Romance Reading Challenge 2013 featuring the very talented author Candice Hern. If you are unfamiliar with Candice, I am excited to introduce her to you. She writes witty and romantic traditional Regency romance novels with endearing heroines and swoon-worthy heroes highlighted by incredible historical accuracy. If you enjoyed any of Georgette Heyer’s great romance novels or laughed along with Lauren Willig’s characters in the Pink Carnation series, I highly recommend joining in the challenge—affording you the perfect opportunity to discover Ms. Hern’s great novels and short stories along with other Janeites, historical fiction and Regency romance lovers.

We will be reading and reviewing one title a month and posting on the third Wednesday through September. Here is our schedule:

The Regency Romance Reading Challenge Review Schedule:

Challenge Details

Time-line: The Regency Romance Reading Challenge runs January 1, through September 30, 2013.

Levels of participation: Neophyte: 1 – 2 novels & short stories, Disciple 3 – 5 novels & short stories, Aficionada 6 – 9 novels & short stories.

Enrollment: Sign up’s are open until July 01, 2013. First, select your level of participation.  Second, copy the Regency Romance Reading Challenge graphic and include it in your blog post detailing the novels or short stories that you will read in 2013. Third, leave a comment linking back to your blog post in the comments of this announcement post. If you do not have a blog you can still participate. Just leave your commitment to the challenge in the comments below.

Check Back Monthly: The Regency Romance Reading Challenge 2013 officially begins on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 with my review of A Proper Companion. Check back on the 4th Wednesday of each month for our next review in the challenge.

Your Participation: Once the challenge starts, leave a comment including the novel or short story that you finished and a link to your blog review. If you do not have a blog, just leave a comment about which novel or short story you finished with a brief reaction or remark. It’s that easy.

The Prizes

Oh, of course there are prizes! Author Candice Hern has very generously offered one paperback or an eBook of each of the novels, and one eBook of the short stories that we will be reviewing each month here on Austenprose.  The winners will be drawn from comments left with each post. There will also be one lucky Grand Prize Winner who will receive a copy of the entire set: either print or eBook of the novels, and an eBook copy of the short stories drawn from comments left at any and all of the Regency Romance Challenge reviews left on this blog. Winners will be announced monthly one week after the blog post, and a Grand Prize Winner will be announced on Thursday, October 3, 2013. Print book shipment to US addresses only. Ebooks available internationally.

Bonus Stuff: Yes, of course there is more to get happy about. Availability of each of the novels and short stories is great. The novels can be purchased as print copies or eBook download at most online book retailers and the short stories are available as eBooks. Your local library might have copies too, so do check there if that it your preference.

One of the delights of Ms. Hern’s stories is the incredible historical detail. To expand upon our reading journey in 2013, visit author Candice Hern’s extensive website including her Regency World pages where you will find information on many aspects of the era such as fashion, people, places, a glossary and much more.

So, make haste and join the challenge today. I am so looking forward to re-visiting many of the novels and short stories in the Regency Romance Reading Challenge 2013 and hope you can join in too.


Laurel Ann

The beautiful Regency Romance Reading Challenge 2013 graphic was designed by the very talented Katherine Cox of November’s Autumn

© 2012 Laurel Ann Nattress, Austenprose

139 thoughts on “Announcing the Regency Romance Reading Challenge 2013: Featuring Candice Hern

  1. I love Hern’s writing! Besides the romance, I love her historical accuracy.
    Looking forward to reading the reviews posted here and participating in this challenge. I believe Hern has a new book, The Social Climber, coming out soon, doesn’t she?


  2. I am looking forward to this! My first reading challenge. I am signing up as an aficionado. I have never read any of Hern’s books but I love to read writers that are new to me and of course the Regency period is my favorite.


  3. I am excited for a new challenge and a new author. I haven’t read anything by her yet so I can’t wait. I am signing up with the goal of being an aficionada.


  4. This will be my first reading challenge and I am very excited about this one.
    I am going to start slowly with the Neophyte level of participation and see what happens. Thanks so much for hosting Laurel!


  5. I have never read Candice Hern, but love Georgette Heyer and look forward to joining this challenge… I shall attempt the aficionada level and have ordered the first 3 already! Great fun!


  6. Yes, please count me in. I’ve not read Candice Hern, but it’s a new year and I’m always happy to discover a new author.

    “A Proper Companion” goes on my iPad tonight! Thanks, Laurel, for the invitation and for hosting this challenge.

    And Happy New Year to all!


  7. I think I can manage disciple, since I have already read “A Proper Companion” (and will read it again to refresh) and got a short story for free :) I am not an accomplished book reviewer, but will do my best to give a proper two cents!


  8. I am going to try to join in but since I do not have an e-reader I’m afraid it might be a little difficult. My level will be as neophyte.


  9. Because of this challenge, I just bought the Kindle “Regency Rakes” trilogy, which has the first three titles of this challenge. So, I’ll sign up for disciple. Can I change to aficionada at a later date if I have time for more?


  10. Oh, I’m IN!! You snagged my attention with Georgette Heyer and Lauren Willig! I’ll shoot for the Aficionada :) Thanks for the invite!


  11. I am so excited for this challenge. I love being introduced to new authors and I have never read anything by Candice Hern. I am going to try aficionada!!=)


  12. Just thought I would let you all know that you can get the first three books from Amazon Kindle as a set for only $7. :-)

    Happy Reading Everyone!


    • Hi Danielle, thanks for mentioning the Regency Rakes Trilogy set which includes the first 3 books I will be reviewing in the challenge: A Proper Companion, A Change of Heart and An Affair of Honor. I bough it too. It’s a great deal.

      Glad you are joining the challenge.


  13. I am definitely in! I have never read the author before, but after going to her website to find out more about it, I think it’s going to be awesome. I am definitely in for at least the first two!


  14. I’m entering as an aficionada, I love Regencies. Amazon has Desperate Measures for free today 1-12-12 so I made sure to get it for my Kindle app for PC. I believe I’ve read most of her books but won’t mind rereading them.


  15. I may be able to join in later, but I’m in the middle of moving across country right now, all by myself. I can’t take anymore on right now. But I have read every single book I can find by Candice, and I promise you will love them. She is exquisite!


  16. I’ll try for the aficionado too. I love this era and look forward to trying a new author. I don’t have a blog so I’ll just be posting to the page.


  17. Can’t wait to do this. I have already ready a couple of these and am anxiously looking forward to the rest. Sign me up for aficionado, love it, love it.


  18. Hello all. I am soooo in. I am going to start reading this week!! One thing though. At the end of your blog post it says: “© 2012 Laurel Ann Nattress, Austenprose”. Shouldn’t the copyright year be 2013 not 2012…Just sayin’. Have a great week.



  19. Count me in, based on my favorite author’s (Stephanie Laurens) recommendation. As an avid reader and Regency fan, I’ll go for aficionado. Looking forward to “meeting” Candice Hern. I have no blog, so will have to post to the page.


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  22. I’m in. Never heard about this author, but since I’m a huge fan of Austen and Heyer, I believe I’ll like her very much. My level is aficionado but as I’m starting on the day before the first review I’ll be late about it.
    Remember, I am from Brazil, that means my blog is written is portuguese but I’ll translate for you.


  23. No blog, so signing up here. If my public library has the titles, I should be able to reach Aficionada! (Since I just saw this, I probably won’t get the first done on time, but I’ll catch up.)


    • Hi Kim, leave a comment with this post declaring your level of participation and your selections. Check back on the fourth Wednesday each month for my review and leave a comment in that post with your opinions of the selection that you read. Have fun! P.S. the first book A Proper Companion will be reviewed tomorrow.


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  25. Okay well I guess I am an aficionado. I am not a big short story fan (they are to short) but I read voraciously so this is going to be fun. I picked the first book already


  26. Definitely joining up as an aficionado. I’ve read many of Candice Hern’s books in the past, but I’m always up for a re-read of an author I like. Any idea when The Social Climber is coming out?


  27. This challenge sounds like more fun. I’m in but only going for Disciple since I’m also doing the Pride and Prejudice challenge too. Also just to be sure, I write a comment about the book in the comment section of your review Laurel? Can I write the comments anytime or is there a certain period of time? Thanks Laurel


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  29. I am signing up for the challenge. I never heard of Ms. Hern, but in reading “A Proper Companion” I now I’m a fan of her writing. It’s a wonderful book and look forward to reading all of her books.


  30. I am in for aficionado. I have read several of her books already and like her very much. I am a big Heyer fan! I’ve included my blog link, it is my craft blog but I will also post my reviews there. Look forward to reading all the reviews.


  31. Definitely going for “AFICIONADO”! Going to go download the first book now! Any other recommendations for books read to between challenge books?


  32. I have comment previously and forgot to state what level I am going for, and it’s definitely “aficionado.” I have purchased all the books on the list and I’m on the third book now. Love them.


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  34. Count me in!!! I’ll start as soon as I finish my current read of The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen, by Syrie James :)


  35. I’d love to participate even this late and without a prize. However, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find these particular books. Most of my books are still in storage somewhere. I do have about 5 or 6 of your books available but they may not be the ones specified.

    I’ve been able to find the 3 “Once a…” books, “A Garden Folly”, “Lady Ann…” and the 2 “It happened…” anthologies. and I would be an aficionada.

    So, what say you; is that okay? I’ll still check other libraries in our area to see if any of the other books are available, or if I can get reasonably priced e-books of some of the others.


  36. I absolutely Love all of Candice Hern’s books!!! I have every book that is currently available and I can’t wait for a new novel from her. She is simply a great writer/author…she always has a good plot line that flows well and is very good at character development which helps you connect with her characters and makes you love them too. Ms. Hern’s books are always enjoyable and should definitely be shared for the reading pleasure they bring. I’m so happy I found this blog and I will promote and share all of her work because not only does she deserve it, I know historical romance readers will be as thrilled as I am about her books once they read any of them.

    I shared this reading challenge information on my FB page and on Google+1.

    FB Link:

    Thank you! :)

    Priscilla S.


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  43. I am signing up for this challenge as an aficionada. here is my list:
    Wed Jan 23 – A Proper Companion
    Wed Feb 27 – A Change of Heart
    Wed Mar 27 – An Affair of Honor
    Wed Apr 24 – A Garden Folly
    Wed May 22 – The Best Intentions
    Wed Jun 26 – “Desperate Measures”
    Wed Jul 24 – Miss Lacey’s Last Fling
    Wed Aug 28 – “Lady Ann’s Excellent Adventure”
    Wed Sept 25 – The Social Climber (new novel yet to be released

    Ill post on my facebook about this challenge :)


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  45. Hey I’d love to sign up, just little confused – do we read and review all the books, even those that we’ve missed out on since I’m starting this late or we take up the novel of the month?


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  47. Although I’ve started late (May 7th), am a first-time reading challenge participant, am putting my house on the market, and adopted a rescue dog…whew!…I am having a great time!
    I am new to Candice Hearn’s stories and enjoyed A Proper Companion from the start – an escape out a window, no less, for the purposes of elopement! Who knew Regency Romances had action figures?! I appreciated the fact that the opening sequences did not involve the main character and love the way in which the reader is directed to the fact.
    Most of all, I salute the author’s ability to develop and maintain a complex web of relationships (and consequences of same) while maintaining an accurate atmosphere of Regency society and dialogue. She makes a difficult accomplishment look so very easy and natural. I’m a writer myself…I can only hope to aspire to such creative competence.
    I’m now deep into A Change of Heart and the Regency ride continues. Thank you, Ms. Hearn. I do believe I’m hooked!


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  49. Hi! I just found out about your challenge. Even though I am late getting involved I would like to register as an aficionado . I am anxious to get started thanks for the opportunity to be involved in your challenge!!!


  50. I have read all of the released books. I CAN’t wait for the last one coming in September. Will it be available on Kindle?


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