A Jane Austen Christmas to Everyone!

A Jane Austen Christmas card by David Price, All Port Editions (2012)

Wishing Janeites everywhere a very Merry Christmas.

I am sharing my Christmas card online this year. Appropriately, it is called A Jane Austen Christmas. It is by David Price. You can buy your very own boxed set from Allport Editions of Portland, Oregon.

Happy Holiday,

Laurel Ann

© 2012 David Price, Allport Editions

8 thoughts on “A Jane Austen Christmas to Everyone!

  1. Oh Wow Laurel Ann! – I just posted the _same_ card on my blog!- I did not see your post first – great minds think alike but really, this is like showing up at a party in the same thing your hostess has on! Oh well, at least we are spreading the cheer – I don’t think David Price will mind!

    Merry Christmas to you Laurel Ann and to all of Jane’s fans!


  2. Love love love this card! Merry Christmas my dear friend. It is starting to snow here in the wilds of the north Puget Sound. Hope you are snug and cozy in Woodston Cottage.


  3. A stunning and beautiful greeting indeed! Unfortunately, most of my family and friends would be clueless as to the meaning of the pyramidal topics resplendant on the card.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Laurel Ann and all who grace this wonderful website…


  4. What a nifty Austenite card! LOVE it!
    Merry Merry Christmas to you, Laurel Ann, and to all Austenites! Wishing you all a very Happy New Year too! :)


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