Penguin Classics On Air Interviews of William Deresiewicz – Author of A Jane Austen Education

I absolutely LOVED this book and cannot gush about A Jane Austen Education enough, REALLY!!! If you need further encouragement, please watch the Penguin Classics On Air video interviews by editorial director Elda Rotor of the author William Deresiewicz. A former Yale professor, he is open and affable and just the right personality to explain Austen’s lessons to a wider audience.

You can read my raving review of A Jane Austen Education here. Bill is on a tour in May and I hope to see him when he hits Seattle next Thursday. I hope to share my impressions of the man who was so moved by Austen’s work that she changed his personal relationships and life.

The Book Tour of A Jane Austen Education

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9 thoughts on “Penguin Classics On Air Interviews of William Deresiewicz – Author of A Jane Austen Education

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  1. I ordered this book 2 nights ago and then saw it at my local B & N last night. I wanted to take it home so badly. Thanks for putting up the interview. Will you be putting up more of it?


  2. I have this book on my wish list – so thank you for posting his On Air interview – how wonderful for a man to love Jane Austen and be able to learn from her. I think the book just moved up on my list.


  3. Oh, what a smart, smart man! =) Thanks for posting the video. Hope there are more to come. Definitely going on my to-read list (and to-give-to-husbands-of-friends list). =D


  4. Laurel Ann, this sounds terrific.
    Good literature should challenge us and make us delve deep within ourselves. Good literature is like having a relationship. We need to listen, look, be prepared to change, be challenged and all that stuff that makes up real life.

    You have inspired me Laurel Anne!!!!!!!!

    All the best,


  5. Well today I joined JASNA, and today I ordered “A Jane Austen Education” by William Deresiewicz
    all thanks to you and your wonderful Austenprose, Laurel Ann.
    Thank you for your skill and the work you do.


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