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Pocket Posh® Jane Austen: 100 Puzzles & Quizzes, by The Puzzle Society™ – A Review

Pocket Posh Jane Austen: 100 Puzzles and Quizzes, by The Puzzle Society (2011)For those addicted to brain teasers and Jane Austen, I have the prefect diversion for you. The Puzzle Society™ has assembled this tidy Pocket Posh® edition of crosswords, quizzes, word searches, codewords and more, all inspired by Jane Austen, her novels and her world.

Challenge your knowledge of “our” Jane in this compact pocket edition wrapped in a beautiful Renaissance rose pattern cover design, bound by elastic band closure with smooth rounded edges.  Slip it in your purse, backpack or brief case Janeites with the assurance that you will expand your knowledge and appreciation of our favorite author while on the go.

I confess that I might rival Austen’s ditzy character Harriet Smith in the lack of analytical skills department.  Without Miss Woodhouse’s help she was not able to decode the riddle that Mr. Elton presented to her for her riddle book collection. I was able to answer some of the quiz questions and catch a few errors in the text, but please, please, I beg you, don’t even ask me to attempt a crossword or codeword puzzle.  I could quite possibly be the worst Janeite in the world to review this lovely little edition, so I am totally taking The Puzzle Society’s reputation at face value and leaving the solving to the higher IQ Janeites in the crowd. Have fun!

About the Author

The Puzzle Society™ is the Web’s premier source for challenging, professionally constructed puzzles and games. Updated daily and boasting a gaming archive of more than 8,000 puzzles, the Puzzle Society offers more than 70 nationally syndicated puzzles, including the Washington Post Crossword, L.A. Times Crossword, Universal Crossword, Universal Jigsaw, and Daily Jumble.

Watch Vic, of Jane Austen’s World’s great video of Pocket Posh Jane Austen.

Pocket Posh® Jane Austen:100 Puzzles & Quizzes, by The Puzzle Society™
Andrews McMeel Publishing (2011)
Paperback (160) pages, trim size: 4 x 6 in.
ISBN: 978-1449401238

15 thoughts on “Pocket Posh® Jane Austen: 100 Puzzles & Quizzes, by The Puzzle Society™ – A Review”

  1. Those Pocket Posh® books are so pretty! I don’t actually own any, because I’m not the greatest when it comes to puzzles. But I definitely want to give this one a try and test my Jane knowledge. Thanks for the heads up, Laurel Ann!


  2. What a great gift idea, for those of a like mind!
    And after gleaning such a wealth of information from this site, we would surely out-smart the recipient, who might be heard to exclaim: “Ship-court”!


  3. Ship-court indeed! Sounds like a fun idea, but you mention errors in the text. Are they serious and frequent?


  4. I’ve bought the sudoku versions of these little books and they are, indeed, handy to carry. Where does one find this little gem?


  5. Why are all these fun things coming out now, when I’ve put myself on book-buying hiatus? I suppose I’ll just add it to my wish list (which really should be called, “the list of all the things I’m going to buy when I have money again”).


  6. Laurel Ann,

    The topic of crossword puzzles and Jane Austen is near and dear to my heart, because I know I would never have discovered Jane Austen’s shadow stories if I had not spent the greater part of my adult life doing the NY Times (and other difficult) crossword puzzles.

    And don’t be so sure Harriet Smith is bad at solving puzzles, as Colleen Sheehan demonstrated in 2006 in her Persuasions article about the second secret answer to the long charade in Chapter 9 of Emma, Harriet’s “wrong” answers are actually RIGHT answers, in terms of pointing to that second, secret answer!

    The following are posts at my blog which have to do with the intersection of crossword puzzles and Jane Austen:

    Cheers, ARNIE


  7. I can honestly say that some of these puzzles are very hard, but then I have never been good with puzzles. However, this book is gorgeous and I hate the thought of messing it up with my scribblings!


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