Adieu Miss Woodhouse – Emma (2009) Concludes on Masterpiece Classic

From the desk of Laurel Ann Nattress: 

Episode three of Emma (2009) aired tonight on Masterpiece Classic PBS. I am feeling more than a bit of melancholia setting in!

Spoilers Ahead! 

Despite being a “troublesome creature” throughout most of the story, Emma does redeem herself by admitting her misconceptions and blunders. How could we not forgive, admire and love her? After all, Mr. Knightley does and everyone knows he is the voice of reason throughout the story! You can read my original thoughts on this new adaption of Jane Austen’s classic novel at my review, Miss Woodhouse – a Nonsensical Girl.

The Improvement of Emma

Austen has taken us on a great ride from revulsion to delight with her exasperatingly heroine Emma Woodhouse. Screenwriter Sandy Welch may not have included much of Austen’s original language in this new adaptation, but the story and the Austen magic remained. By the third episode our Miss Woodhouse had improved from spoiled and willful to contrite and accepting. What a relief. Along the way, I came to respect Romola Garai’s interpretation of Emma, I suspect because her delivery improved and I just adore Austen’s story. Jonny Lee Miller was not my first choice as Mr. Knightley and I had my doubts, but he shined in the proposal scene and everyone knows that’s what really matters. *wink* I will conclude with one of the most joyful quotes from the novel that unfortunately was not included in this adaptation – but should have been.

“It is such a happiness when good people get together — and they always do.” Miss Bates Ch 21 

Adieu Miss Woodhouse, it was sorely lacking in Austen’s language, but I got over it.



 We received an advance screener from the producer in exchange for an honest review. Austenprose is an Amazon affiliate. Images courtesy of Masterpiece PBS and BBC © 2009; text Laurel Ann Nattress © 2010,

7 thoughts on “Adieu Miss Woodhouse – Emma (2009) Concludes on Masterpiece Classic

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  1. I really enjoyed this adaptation. I’m a big Romola Garai fan and thought she made a wonderful Emma (especially after the bulging eyes of Episode 1 were reigned in). I had been skeptical about Jonny Lee Miller but I though he was actually quite good and excelled in the scenes where it was just him and Romola. Not a perfect adapation – I agree that it was unfortunate that so little of Austen’s words were used – but a very good one.


  2. I really enjoyed the “Emma” experience — and all the tweeting that was going on! :) Jonny Lee Miller was definitely a different Mr. Knightley, but I appreciated his acting — though I kept seeing him as Edmund Bertram! How confusing! LOL.


  3. I really relished this adaptation. The turning point was the Crown Inn ball dance scene for me. *sigh* And how can one not love the music and the lovely, lovely costumes? And tweeting with you all made it all the more fun! =)

    Your Miss Bates quote says it all, LA. ;)


  4. Oh Laurel Ann! a lovely summing up of this final episode – we do agree – and glad to see the Jonny Lee Miller won you over as well! – [love the hand holding while telling Mr. Woodhouse – by far one of the nicest touches in the movie… – so thanks for putting it up here for all to see whenever one wants…]


  5. Thank you for your regular progress updates about Emma. I enjoyed watching the episodes and then coming here to see what you had to say about them.

    Lovely images.


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