Oooh Mr. Woodhouse … it’s snowing!

Woodhouse weather6, Seattle snow storm (2008)“This will prove a spirited beginning of your winter engagements, sir. Something new for your coachman and horses to be making their way through a storm of snow.”  

Poor Mr. Woodhouse was silent from consternation; but every body else had something to say; every body was either surprized or not surprized, and had some question to ask, or some comfort to offer. Mrs. Weston and Emma tried earnestly to cheer him and turn his attention from his son-in-law, who was pursuing his triumph rather unfeelingly.  

“I admired your resolution very much, sir,” said he, “in venturing out in such weather, for of course you saw there would be snow very soon. Every body must have seen the snow coming on. I admired your spirit; and I dare say we shall get home very well. Another hour or two’s snow can hardly make the road impassable; and we are two carriages; if one is blown over in the bleak part of the common field there will be the other at hand. I dare say we shall be all safe at Hartfield before midnight.” John Knightley, Emma, Chapter 15 

Enjoy these snowy photos. They are a “spirited beginning to my winter engagement” as John Knightley would say.

Woodhouse weather5, Seattle snow storm (2008)

Woodhouse weather4, Seattle snow storm (2008)

We are in the midst of a bitter snow storm here near Seattle. I live in the country and took these photos of our pastures and trees yesterday morning. It looks so pretty and peaceful, but the snow and cold are causing quite a bit of anxiety and stress. Mr. Woodhouse would be comatose. 

Woodhouse weather3, Seattle snow storm (2008)

Woodhouse weather2, Seattle snow storm (2008)

I have always enjoyed this passage from Emma. Wicked John Knightley. He knows just how to terrify his poor father-in-law Mr. Woodhouse with the possibility of snowy bleak parts and carriage blow overs! Jane Austen is really the wicked one. She knows just how to make us laugh at his expense. 

Woodhouse weather1, Seattle snow storm (2008)

I am off to work tomorrow morning to attempt to sell books and holiday gifts to anyone foolish enough to venture out of their homes. We are expecting an even bigger storm with high winds by 4:00pm, so if you don’t hear from me for days, I am without electricity, huddled under my down quilt with a flashlight reading Emma


Laurel Ann

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  1. They are just beautiful Australia we are lucky to get that sort of snowfall even in winter in our mountains!

    I think staying at home and snuggling down to read Emma is delightful, I’ve just got my copy of Emma and plan on reading it at night times when the house is quiet.


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