Mansfield Park Sequels: Central Park: Day 15 Give-away


In this third book in “The Jane Austen Series” from author Debra White Smith, the story of Jane Austen’s early 19th-century novel Mansfield Park is retold in contemporary New York city with the famous public Central Park as its axis. Prolific author White Smith has had great success with her series of retellings of Jane Austen’s major novels which include First Impression, Reason and Romance, Central Park, Northpointe Chalet, Amanda, and Possibilities (in book series order). Her Christian influenced writing style appeals to many readers and Jane Austen fans that are looking for an entertaining light romance with amusing plots. Experienced readers of Austen might also enjoy discovering and identifying all of Smith White’s contemporary characters and plot lines from Austen’s novels, or might suggest this series of books to a novice Austen reader to motivate them to in turn read Austen and find the similarities between the each of the books. 

Review highights for Debra White Smith 

“Her characters are delightful and the resolutions satisfying.” Jill Elizabeth Nelson, Romantic Times 

“Still, Debra White Smith’s stories-Possibilities is the sixth and presumably the last in her Austen series-have a certain sweet appeal, and the world that she creates is consistent in its detail, whether or not one would care to live in it. Not every ardent Janeite will like these tales, but they may well bring new Converts to the Fold, so to speak, if one of her readers decides to try out the real thing.” Alison T., AustenBlog 

“I enjoy Jane Austen and feel that Debra White Smith does an excellent job portraying each character from Jane Austen into a present-day character, for example, in Central Park each character faces the same overall issues that they do in Mansfield Park. I have enjoyed the Austen Series and would recommend it to readers.” Bible Knowledge Bookstore customer comment 

Further reading 

  • An interview of Debra White Smith on Focus on Fiction 
  • Debra White Smith’s website 

Mansfield Park Madness: Day 15 Give-away 

Leave a comment by August 30th. to qualify for a drawing on August 31st. for one copy of

 Central Park: An Austen Series Book 3

By Debra White Smith. Harvest House Publishers (2005). Contemporary re-telling of the novel Mansfield Park set in New York. Trade paperback, 348 pages, ISBN 978-0736908733 

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6 thoughts on “Mansfield Park Sequels: Central Park: Day 15 Give-away

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  1. Wow, an updated version, I would love to read tis and comapre the 2. Knowing of course the original would still be the best one. But I enjoy imagining how things would be in the now.


  2. Oh, another one to add to the list! A contemporary version, too! I’ve read many P&P contemps but thats it, I can’t wait to give this one a try! Laurel Ann how do you ever keep up with all these? You must post a master list somewhere, I try to keep track but I think it must be impossible!


  3. Oh, the titles are so clever! This books looks very interesting and I’d loooove to compare the original Mansfield park with this version.


  4. I’ve never read a modern Mansfield Park, so this seems interresting. I’m slightly scared away by the christian focus of the book. I usually keep away for religous litteratur of any kind, but maybe I could ignorre that part…h


  5. what an nteresting idea! I loved the book titles, and I would love yo read any of these! I love finding the characters in modern adaptions!


  6. Of all of Jane Austen’s novels, Mansfield Park probably translates best to a Christian-centered modernization, what with Fanny’s moral steadfastness, Edmund’s ordination, Mary Crawford’s speech about clergymen, Henry Crawford’s throwing away his best chance of redemption, etc. I’ve read about this series elsewhere and I’m quite intrigued.


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