Blog Tour of The Secret of Pembrooke Park, by Julie Klassen

Award-winning historical romance author Julie Klassen tours the blogosphere February 16 through March 2, 2015, to share her latest release, The Secret of Pembrooke Park. 

Klassen’s eighth novel is a Gothic romance, a “gem for Regency and inspirational readers alike.” — Bookpage, introducing us to Miss Abigail Foster, a heroine in the making who travels to an ancestral manor where she discovers a past tainted by family secrets, rumors of hidden treasure and the surprise of an unexpected romance.

Readers will remember that Austenprose is a big fan of Julie’s work and have reviewed many of her books here including:

Twenty-five popular book bloggers specializing in historical and Austenesque fiction will feature guest blogs, interviews, book reviews and excerpts of this acclaimed Gothic Regency romance novel.


  • February 16                My Jane Austen Book Club (Guest Blog)
  • February 16                vvb32 Reads (Excerpt)
  • February 17                Psychotic State Book Reviews (Review)
  • February 17                My Kids Led Me Back to Pride and Prejudice (Spotlight)
  • February 18                Addicted to Jane Austen (Review)                          
  • February 18                Peeking Between the Pages (Review)                                            
  • February 19                Jane Austen in Vermont (Interview)                                               
  • February 19                Living Read Girl (Review)                                       
  • February 20                My Love for Jane Austen (Excerpt)                                    
  • February 20                Truth, Beauty, Freedom & Books (Review)                                   
  • February 20                Laura’s Reviews (Guest Blog)                                             
  • February 21                Confessions of a Book Addict (Review)
  • February 21                A Bookish Way of Life (Review)                                         
  • February 21                Romantic Historical Reviews (Excerpt)                              
  • February 22                Reflections of a Book Addict (Review)                                           
  • February 23                Austenesque Reviews (Guest Blog)                                    
  • February 23                Peace, Love, Books (Review)                                              
  • February 24                vvb32 Reads (Review)                                              
  • February 24                Poof Books (Excerpt)
  • February 25                Babblings of a Bookworm (Review)                                    
  • February 25                Austenesque Reviews (Review)                                          
  • February 25                Luxury Reading (Review)
  • February 26                So Little Time…So Much to Read (Review)
  • February 26                More Agreeably Engaged (Excerpt)
  • February 26                Faith, Hope and Cherrytea (Spotlight)
  • February 27                Psychotic State Book Reviews (Interview)                         
  • February 27                Booktalk & More (Spotlight)
  • February 28                Laughing with Lizzie (Spotlight)
  • February 28                The Calico Critic (Review)
  • March 01                    Leatherbound Reviews (Excerpt)                                        
  • March 01                    Delighted Reader (Review)
  • March 02                    CozyNookBks (Review)                                           
  • March 02                    Laura’s Reviews (Review)   

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31 thoughts on “Blog Tour of The Secret of Pembrooke Park, by Julie Klassen

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  1. I have to say I got The Apothecary’s Daughter first and read it. Since then I cannot get enough! I have bought all of your books except the Secret of Pembrooke Park which I won for free on a Goodreads Giveaway and you have quickly become one of my favorite authors! Since I read an average of a book a day that is a great accomplishment.

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  2. Victoria Holt meets Jane Austen! That alone makes me want this book. I just sent back and re-read, for I don’t know how many times, JH’s book On the Night of the Seventh Moon and have read The Silent Governess, which I liked. I have others by Julie Klassen’s on my Wish List – just too many good books out there to keep up. But this does sound lovely.

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  3. Can I just say how much I love, love regency romance novels? Julie’s books are addicting. She has an amazing way with words. So glad I found her, and look forward to more and more titles in the future!!


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