Jane Austen: Blood Persuasion Blog Tour with author Janet Mullany, & Giveaway!

Jane Austen: Blood Persuasion, by Janet Mullany (2011)Just in time to get you into a Gothic mood this Halloween season, please join us today in welcoming author Janet Mullany on her blog tour in celebration of the release of Jane Austen: Blood Persuasion, her second novel featuring Jane Austen as a vampire, published today by William Morrow.

Janet graciously offers us a sampling of her witty writing with a guest interview with the undead Jane Austen.

Austen: I believe you have done it once more, Mrs. Mullany.

Mullany: Yeah. I have. Sorry.

Austen: My sister is furious and my brothers talk of little but lawyers these days.

Mullany: Does Mrs. Austen have no say in the matter?

Austen: I regret my mother wishes only to know if you can spare a cutting of your red clematis and a root or two of lemon balm.

Mullany: Absolutely, although I should warn you that the lemon balm takes over. I very much admired the garden when I visited your house last year although I was disappointed that you were not at home. Please convey my regards to Mrs. Austen and tell her the lavender is doing very well although I am not confident it will survive the winter.

Austen: I am much obliged. I shall tell my mother so.

Mullany: But do you wish to sue me for libel? I really wouldn’t recommend it. My book may help sell more of yours, although I strongly recommend that you publish under your own name. “By A Lady” sounds so prissy. (Nervously) So, um, what did you think of the book?

Austen: It was tolerably well written and had a few moments of genuine wit although I cannot approve of the excessive sensuality; however one may behave between the sheets should not necessarily reflect on that which appears between the pages of a book. In all fairness, though, I have taken the liberty of borrowing a few of your ideas—the idea of the upstart newcomer forcing her neighbors into a music club is something that appeals to me, for instance. I am also considering another novel in which an aging woman meets her former lover.

Mullany: Absolutely. I’m glad you adopted my idea of two or three families in a village as a starting point for a novel. For the new one, you could even borrow my title if you like. I think “Persuasion” would be a wonderful name for a book. How is the current WIP going?

Austen: My brothers persuaded me that Fanny should not be one of the Damned, even though the persons of Mary and Henry Crawford offer delightful prospects. In fact none of the characters, in the most recent draft are vampires, although many maintain the characteristics of greed, selfishness, and excessive sensuality so typical of the Damned.

Mullany: Even Luke?

Austen: Indeed, although I love him against my will and my reason, even against my character.

Mullany: You’re quoting yourself again. A lot of readers of JANE AND THE DAMNED were very upset with us at the end of the book. They thought you and Luke would have a HEA. Shall we let the cat out of the bag?

Austen: Indeed not. Why should they believe us? Some people even now doubt that the French invaded England in 1797—I am grateful, by the way, for the afterword that explained some of that lost history.

Mullany: And where is dear Luke now?

Austen: Why do you wish to know?

Mullany: Oh, no reason. Just that I may be going back to England soon and I wondered if I could … you know, just see if he was OK.

Austen: Absolutely not.

Mullany: I should like to invite you and him to the book launch party for my book, our hostess Ms. Nattress’s collection of stories JANE AUSTEN MADE ME DO IT, and Ms. Bebris’s THE DECEPTION AT LYME at Fort Worth in Texas on October 14.  If we ask the booksellers now, I’m pretty sure they’d have time to get in some of your stock to sign.

Austen: I regret I do not travel often, and I do not believe Texas has been discovered yet. I am not overfond of military men, either, so I have no wish to visit a fort. A naval uniform, however, is another matter.

Mullany: You could order a new gown for it.

Austen: You tempt me greatly, but I fear I must decline.

Mullany: We’ll do our best without you. Thank you, Miss Austen.

Book description:

JANE AUSTEN: BLOOD PERSUASION. It’s 1810 and Jane Austen settles down to some serious writing in the peaceful village of Chawton. But it’s not so peaceful when the Damned introduce themselves as her new neighbors. Jane has to deal with the threat of a vampire civil war, her beloved niece Anna in peril, her best friend borrowing her precious silk stockings for assignations with the Damned, and a former lover determined to hold a grudge for eternity.

Witty, smart, and sharp as a stake, Janet Mullany’s vampiric Jane is my favorite reimagining of Ms. Austen’s proper world. Colleen Gleason, author of the Gardella Vampire Chronicles

Author Janet Mullany visiting Chawton Cottage, the home of Jane Austen (2011)Author Janet Mullany (left) visits Chawton Cottage.

Author Bio:

Janet Mullany was born in England but now lives near Washington, DC. She’s worked as an archaeologist, performing arts administrator, waitress, bookseller, and as an editor/proofreader for a small press. Her debut book was Dedication, the only Signet Regency to have two bondage scenes, followed by The Rules of Gentility (HarperCollins 2007), which was acquired by Little Black Dress (UK) for whom she writes more Regency chicklit. Her career as a writer who does terrible things to Jane Austen began in 2010 with the publication of Jane and the Damned (HarperCollins), a book about Jane as a vampire, and a modern retelling of Emma, Little to Hex Her, in the anthology Bespelling Jane Austen headlined by Mary Balogh. Her most recent book is Jane Austen: Blood Persuasion, about the vampire invasion of Chawton (William Morrow, 2011). Visit Janet at her website Janet Mullany, on Twitter as @Janet_Mullany, and on Facebook as Janet Mullany.

Chawton Cottage garden (2011)

Garden at Chawton Cottage, Jane Austen House Museum

Giveaway of Jane Austen: Blood Persuasion

Enter a chance to win one of three copies of Jane Austen: Blood Persuasion, by leaving a comment stating what intrigues you about reading this fun and witty novel, or which of Jane Austen’s characters might make a great vampire meal, and why, by midnight PT, Wednesday, October 19, 2011. Winner announced on Thursday, October 20, 2011. Shipment to US and Canadian addresses only. Good luck!

Jane Austen: Blood Persuasion, by Janet Mullany
William Morrow (2011)
Trade paperback (304) pages
ISBN: 9780061958311

© 2007 – 2011 Janet Mullany, Austenprose

27 thoughts on “Jane Austen: Blood Persuasion Blog Tour with author Janet Mullany, & Giveaway!

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  1. I am captured by this line:

    “Indeed, although I love him against my will and my reason,
    even against my character”.

    Haven’t we all been there?!!

    Please enter my name in this Giveaway!

    Thank you


  2. Wow–when I stumbled on this blog I knew there was a lot of follow-on type of books in the world of Austen, but this (Jane being a vampire!!!) is wholly unexpected! I am all astonishment! :)


  3. Two of my loves, vampires and Jane Austen in one package! I can already tell from this little snippet with the author that she’s got a great sense of humor to tackle this fun concept.


  4. I enjoy paranormal, especially vampires and I definately love Jane. I am very intrigued!

    Mr Collins would make a nice vampire snack. He could easily be convinced that Lady Catherine expected him to volunteer.


  5. Good morning ladies, thanks for your comments and thanks again to Laurel Ann for kicking off my blog tour. Yes, it was a fun book to write–in retrospect–but I found getting into Austen’s head, even when she wasn’t a vampire–rather intimidating. In my vamp-Austen world, @BeckyC, offering to become a vampire’s dinner might have been rather above Mr. Collins’s station unless Lady Catherine ordered him to do so. The size of the fangs might make a welcome conversational change from the size of the chimneypiece at Rosings.


  6. Love anything Jane Austen and JANE AND THE DAMNED was like the cherry on top of a delicious sundae. A mix of the world of Austen and vampires – what could be better!? Totally understand your feeling intimidated by getting into Jane’s head, she was a very complicated lady. My suggestion for a vampire meal might be Caroline Bingley or Fanny Dashwood – they’d both be appauled and humiliated. So looking forward to JA : PERSUASION! Love your pics of Chawton Cottage [sigh] – perhaps someday I will visit there. Congrats on your release and I’ll gladly share the news on my blog’s FB page: facebook.com/pages/Unwrapping-Romance.


  7. I really enjoyed the first novel in the series, Jane and the Damned, and am looking forward to reading this one too. Janet’s writing is very witty and if you take it all in with a grain of salt, the Jane Austen as a vampire thing is a very fun & campy combination.

    Thanks for the guest blog & giveaway Janet!


  8. I fell in love with Mullany’s novel Mr Bishop and the Actress, which was sexy and funny — so I’m not surprised her other endeavors are as charming and entertaining! Taking on Austen is quite daunting, but Ms Mullany seems to have a sense of that wit, ridiculousness, and daring that makes a good book!


  9. Hi Amy–I visited Chawton Cottage and Chawton Great House last summer on a visit to my favorite ex-sister-in-law (don’t ask) who lives nearby. I hadn’t been to the cottage in years and the last time I’d visited the Great House was abandoned and shut up. It’s wonderful to see it restored and thriving as a research center now.

    Hi Audra, hope you like this one too!


  10. My daughter introduced me to “vampires” a few years ago with Twilight and I love that we share that interest. On the the other hand, I introduced her to my beloved “Jane” last year, and we love reading excerpts from Ms. Austen’s books and watching the movies on cold, rainy Michigan Saturdays. Now I am thrilled that our two passions have come together! I would love to give her this book for Halloween! Thank you!


  11. Very much enjoyed your “Jane and the Damned” so I have no qualms about getting this new offering. I’m just bummed that I won’t be at the AGM this year to have it personally signed. Maybe next year in NYC… Good luck w/both launches. BTW, I read your short in my ARC “Jane Austen Made Me Do It” — clever, clever!


  12. Jane Austen and vampires– sure, why not! I enjoyed the first book so I’m interested in finding out what happens next.


  13. This book sounds like a spoooky but fun read now that Halloween season is near! I have not read any of this genre but would relish a chance to win the book. Thank you.


  14. This sounds great – Jane, vampires, and excessive sensuality! Lol It sounds really funny, too.

    I think Lydia Bennet would make a good vampire snack.


  15. Thanks so much for having me visit, Laurel Ann, and thanks everyone for dropping by. I’m going to bed now so you can talk about my while I’m not here, much more fun. It’s lovely to see so much interest in the book. And I hope I’ll see some of you in Ft Worth in, gasp, less than two weeks!


  16. This is such an interesting approach. I would think that Mr. and Mrs. Elton would be interesting choices for a meal.



  17. My first thought was Lydia, but someone else has said that, so I my next choice is Willoughby. He would probably think it a compliment. He’d also want to be a vampire.


  18. Okay-okay….Throw me in the hat for this one. To pay an off-handed compliment to you Ms Mullany, to throw Jane Austen and the macabre into the same pot seems on the surface like trashy, campy exploitation to me. HOWEVER, what really intrigues me is the absolutely superlative writing skill of practically ALL of the authors who write in the narrowly defined genre’ of “all things Austen” and the respect I have for all of the readers here who are praiseworthy of your present and previous offerings. No reason to let my pre-conceived notions of what is improper cut me off from what just may be a thriller of a read! Best wishes to you……


  19. LynnS, absolutely Willoughby. The Damned tend to like sexy, adventurous people who can hold down a conversation at the dinner table and then present themselves for dessert after.

    Jeffrey, you brave soul you, yes, this is mass market fiction so of course it has a trashy, campy, exploitation side to it. But I hope it’s done well–this was not an easy book to write–and that if you do read it you’ll like it. Thanks on behalf of all the Austen tribute writers!

    ChristinaB–you’ve read JAMMDI? I’m green with envy. I can’t wait to get my sticky hands on it. I’m glad my story worked for you.


  20. I have the first novel in this series on my TBR pile. This interview style blog was hilarious and I hope indicative of the book style. I am very intrigued by crossing two of my fav genres: historical fiction with fantasy especially during the Halloween season.
    Thanks for the opportunity of the giveaway.


  21. Truthfully, reading this interview gave me a good laugh and really makes me want ot read the novel. It sounds like the perfect Hallowee book to me.

    So many Austen characters would make a good vampire meal. I think Mrs. Norris from Mansfield Park should be the first sacrifice. While other characters are annoying (such as Mr. Collins), Mrs. Norris is mean intentionally to poor Fanny.


  22. I have not read any mush-ups or Jane Austen vampire books, but I think I am starting to become more and more intrigued by them. Your books sounds interesting and a good read! Thanks for the giveaway! :)


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