Chatting with Beth Pattillo: Author of The Dashwood Sisters Tell All

The Dashwood Sisters Tell All, by Beth Pattillo (2011)Please welcome Austenesque author Beth Pattillo today to chat about her new novel.

LAN: Welcome Beth. Congratulations on the launch of The Dashwood Sisters Tell All on April 1st. Following Jane Austen Ruined My Life (2009) and Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart (2010), this is the third novel in your “Formidables Series,” inspired by the fictitious secret society of guardians of Jane Austen’s lost letters, manuscripts and diaries. I love this concept, especially since your heroines get to go on an adventure of Austen history and self-discovery. How were you inspired to write this new novel, and what did you learn while writing it?

BP: For a long time, I have wanted to write about Jane’s sister, Cassandra, who in my fictional world founded the Formidables. I knew that the book would need to be about sisters.  In my first book, I used the imagined existence of Jane Austen’s lost letters.  In the second book, it was a fictional early version of Pride and Prejudice.  For this book, I decided the next logical step would be diaries, and The Dashwood Sisters Tell All focuses on Cassandra’s diary.  I don’t have a sister, but I’ve heard enough tales of sisters reading each other’s diaries to know that the premise had a lot of potential!

LAN: Many elements in The Dashwood Sisters Tell All parallel Jane Austen’s own novel, Sense and Sensibility. Could you share some of your research into the characters and how they are similar and different from your own?

BP: I used some basic elements of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood to bring my own characters to life. In my novel, Ellen and Mimi’s mother is a huge fan of S&S, so it’s a bit hard to say how much of the similarity between the pairs of sisters is nature and how much is nurture! The idea of the bond – and the struggle – between sisters also carried over into thinking about Jane and Cassandra themselves.  In part, I wanted to show that whether sisters were fictional or real, modern or historical, their relationships carried some common themes.

The differences came in the distance between my characters. Jane and Cassandra Austen were always very close, as were Elinor and Marianne in the novel.  My sisters are estranged at the beginning of the book and have a much further emotional distance to travel before they can come to appreciate one another and their relationship.

LAN: Your two heroines Ellen and Mimi Dodge travel to England and embark on a walking tour of Hampshire. To write about their adventure accurately, I understand that you had to do some hands on research by walking in Jane Austen’s footsteps yourself! Having not had that pleasure, I am very curious about your experience. Were your expectations met, and what was your favorite place that you visited?

BP: I spent a wonderful week in Hampshire on a walking tour of Jane Austen Country with a marvelous company called The Wayfarers.  We had a group of ten participants, a fabulous tour leader, and a whirlwind of a tour manager.  Walking in Jane Austen’s footsteps (sometimes literally!) helped give me a wonderful sense of place, which I hope comes across in the book. We visited the usual sites – the church at Steventon, the Jane Austen House Museum, Chawton House Library, Winchester Cathedral – but we also spent long hours tramping across the fields and through the woods where Jane herself would have walked.  In my book, Ellen and Mimi take almost exactly the same journey that I did. It’s hard to pick a favorite place, but staying at Oakley Hall was a highlight. This beautiful country home is now a hotel and conference center and is said to be the model for Mansfield Park.

LAN: John Willoughby is one of Austen’s bad boys. Many have different opinions as to what degree he is a creature of his times: driven by his family expectations or by his own greed. Your parallel character Ethan Blakemore is a hunk and a half that Mimi is immediately attracted to, but the reader is wary of. What message do you think Austen was trying to reveal in her characterization of Willoughby, and how did you make his dilemma relevant to 21st century readers?

BP: I love the contrast between Willoughby and Colonel Brandon, and I tried to mirror that with Mimi’s dilemma in choosing between Ethan and Tom. The romantic appeal of the bad boy is universal, but I think Austen was telling us that time will eventually show the true nature of a man. That was certainly true in Sense and Sensibility and it’s true in my book as well.

LAN: It is no surprise from my previous reviews of your Formidables novels that you are one of my favorite Austenesque authors writing contemporary fiction today. After enjoying three engaging stories, I am of course very curious about what is next in your writing career. Will we see more in the Formidables Series, and can you share any news about other projects you have in the queue?

BP: My editor would like to know the answer to that question, too! Seriously, after writing so many books in the last few years, I’m taking a little breather to rejuvenate and fill my creative well.  I don’t think I’m done with the Formidables, because readers are asking for a sequel to Jane Austen Ruined My Life, but that’s still in the brewing stage. I’m also ready for a little change of pace, so I’m working on something new that’s not Austen-inspired but I think it’s something that Austen fans will love.  My devotion to Jane, I have to say, remains constant and abiding!

LAN: Now for a bit of fun. If you could be introduced to any of Jane Austen’s colorful heroes or villains, who would it be, and what penetrating question would you ask them?

BP: Oh, dear.  That’s a difficult one. I’d probably want to meet Willoughby because I’d like to know more about how he came to be such a rake and a rogue.  I also think he has the potential for redemption because unlike a hardened scoundrel, he did come to acknowledge his wrongdoing and feel true remorse.  Hm. Maybe I have another Austen-inspired book in me somewhere after all…..

Thanks for joining us Beth, Best of luck on your next book.


Author Beth PattilloBeth Pattillo is the author of ten novels, including The Dashwood Sisters Tell All, Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart and Jane Austen Ruined My Life. She is also known for her popular Sweetgum series about a knitting book club in small-town Tennessee. In 2006, Beth was awarded the RITA Award for Best Inspirational Romance from the Romance Writers of America for her novel Heavens to Betsy.

A graduate of Trinity University, San Antonio and the Divinity School of Vanderbilt University, Beth is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). She served churches in Tennessee and Missouri before founding FAITH LEADER, a nonprofit spiritual leadership development program.

Beth makes her home in Tennessee with her husband and two children. She enjoys reading, knitting, travel, college basketball, and her DVR.


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  1. Wonderful interview, ladies. After reading Ms. Pattillo’s first two books, I am very intrigued to see what other papers the Formidables hold. Is there a first copy of Elinor and Marianne? Is there a manuscript that never was published? Is there something on Jane’s most controversial novel, Mansfield Park? I love the possibilities!


  2. This was a very interesting post, how fascinating that the author is an ordained minister. This novel sounds great. I love the use of diaries in novels. And, since I love Persuasion, I’d like to see a novel with that tie-in.


  3. What an engaging interview! I must pick up Ms. Pattillo’s books soon.

    Quick question: since I’m participating in the S&S Bicentenary Challenge, is it ok to start with The Dashwood Sisters Tell All or will I miss something vital in the history of the Formidables?


  4. Great interview. I loved Ms. Patillo’s first two Formidable books, so I’m looking forward to the third.

    I think what intrigues me the most about the Formidables is how realistic it seems. Sure, it’s a secret society, but I can picture these women actually existing. Heck, for all I know, they do and I am completely in the dark! I just loved how Beth Patillo took this idea of safeguarding Austen’s work and made it into something that could easily be real in our world.


  5. I’ve not read the two previous books in this serious (didn’t even know they existed!) but from the interview and the gorgeous cover I am certainly intrigued! In an era where it seems like every possible side of Austen’s novels are being covered, it’s delightful to see a new twist! I suppose I am most interested to see how the characters of Edward Ferrers and Colonel Brandon translate to this ‘retelling.’ I think of all of Austen’s heroes they are the most open to differing interpretation.


  6. I have only had the pleasure of enjoying the second of the Formidables and this new one also sounds fabulous. I think letters that speak of a secret love of Jane Austen’s, or a lost ‘memoir’ would be fascinating… And how do these ladies know when secret papers have been found?

    Thank you for a wonderful interview…very insightful into the writing of this novel. I look forward to reading this one soon! ;-)


  7. What if the Formidables found a collection of art – portraits, maybe? – that revealed some hitherto hidden part of our beloved Jane’s life? :o)

    I love this idea and approach – it’s so fun. And while it’s definitely drawn from Jane, it’s also feeding our “what if…” fantasies :o)

    Definitely looking forward to reading this one!!!


  8. I love your blog! I check it out several times a week.

    For Beth Pattilo I would like her to work on a version of Mansfield Park. I can relate to Fanny in many ways and look for books that have heroines whom are like me find love and have adventure.


  9. I think it would be fun to read about Persuasion. Anne, Capt. Wentworth, and Mr. Elliot. I could just see the Formidables and modern characters by the sea. Can’t wait to read The Dashwood Sisters Tell All!


  10. Just finished the book and loved it by the way! The thing that I like about the Formidables is how they are always a step ahead of everyone. I just pictures these little silver haired ladies outwitting these 20 something / 30 something women in the books. I would love a sequel to Jane Austen Ruined My Life but I look forward to your next work as well.


  11. I’d love to see a new book inspired by Persuasion. The colorful characters could easily be carried over into modern times. I know several people that are much like the characters in Persuasion.

    And the letter! It would have to be included somehow! Perhaps the Formidables could have a copy of a similar letter sent to Jane?


  12. I haven’t read any of the “Formidables” but after reading this interview (which is great) they are on my list. I love the concept and can’t wait to read them. Perhaps Emma could inspire the next book.


  13. I’ve read both of the Formidables books and was just waiting with baited breath to see the next book arrive. I love these books. If you haven’t read them, fellow responders, get them now. I have enjoyed getting to know these stories in the order the author has put them out, though I don’t suppose you have to. I’m really excited about there being a sequel to Jane Austen Ruined My Life as I got really connected to the main character. I’ll be ordering this latest book tonight, if I can’t overcome the urge to just go to my nearest B & N to purchase a copy tonight!


  14. Thank you for the giveaway and the interview!

    I’d love to read this book and a future inspiration from Emma.


  15. Such a wonderful interview, and I too an “WOW’d” in the fact that the writer is an ordained minister!! I only have one the books in this series, being “Mr. Darcy broke my heart”, not realizing when I bought it that it was part of a series. I love all of the spin-offs & variations of the Austen stories…. I just can’t get enough of them! LOL I would love to see something along the Persuasion story line… LOVE Capt. Wentworth!


  16. I love the concept of this book. Thanks for the interview. I would love to see a book written about Mary or Kitty Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. I can’t get enough of variations. I love them! Please enter me in this contest.


  17. I consider myself a fan of Ms. Pattillo after reading Jane Austen Ruined My Life and Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart. I love the idea of the Formidables, who wouldn’t want to be in that circle?

    Thanks for the interview and giveaway.


  18. The idea of a secret society to protect Austen’s lost papers is brilliant. I think the reason the idea of the Formidables appeals to me is the wish that Cassandra didn’t burn all of Jane’s letters, that their is a missing manuscript somewhere yet to be found, that there is yet more to discover about Jane’s life. Through this series I am allowed to live that dream, as the commercial says, priceless!


  19. This series (that I haven’t actually had the pleasure of reading yet) sounds *really* intriguing. :) I would love to see a book like this about Persuasion.


  20. The entire premise intrigues me and the cover makes me get butterflies….cannot wait! I think we all wonder about her papers….it’s part of the allure that we will never truly know. I also always want more works on Northanger Abbey because it often gets left behind and I am a gothic fan! Thanks for the giveaway!



  21. I just think the concept of the Formidibles is so much fun! It is just probable enough that a reader can suspend disbelief for the novel. I’m always kind of sad when I finish a book and remember it isn’t actually true!


  22. I can easily believe that the Formidibles exist! They must have a letter like Capt. Wentworth’s, I would be interested in Ms Pattillo’s take on Persuasion (my fav J. Austen book)


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