‘Celebrating Georgette Heyer’ at Austenprose – August 1st – 31st, 2010

Stylish, witty and historically accurate, novelist Georgette Heyer has been delighting readers with her romantic comedies for eighty-nine years. In honor of her birthday on August 16th, Austenprose.com will feature a month long event ‘Celebrating Georgette Heyer’ featuring thirty-four book reviews of her romance novels, guest blogs, interviews of Heyer enthusiast from the blog-o-sphere, academia and publishing and tons of great giveaways.

Our very special guests will be Heyer expert Vic Sanborn of Jane Austen’s World and Deb Werksman, acquiring editor of Sourcebook Casablanca and the catalyst in re-introducing Heyer to a new generation of readers.

Thirty fellow Heyer enthusiasts will be joining in the festivities graciously contributing book reviews of all her romance novels.

Georgette Heyer Event Schedule

Sun      Aug 01

Event intro

Deb Werksman Interview

Review of Georgette Heyer’s Regency World, Laurel Ann – Austenprose

Mon    Aug 02

The Black Moth, Aarti – Book Lust

Powder and Patch, Lucy – Enchanted by Josephine

Wed    Aug 04

These Old Shades, Keira – Love Romance Passion

The Masqueraders, Helen – She Reads Novels

Fri       Aug 06

Devil’s Cub, Meredith – Austenesque Reviews

The Convenient Marriage – Austenprose

Sun      Aug 08

Regency Buck, Susan Holloway Scott – Two Nerdy History Girls

The Talisman Ring, Ana – An Evening at Almack’s

Mon    Aug 09

An Infamous Army, Elaine Simpson Long – Random Jottings of a Book and Opera Lover

The Spanish Bride, Kelly – Jane Austen Sequel Examiner

Wed    Aug 11

The Corinthian, Danielle – A Work in Progress

Faro’s Daughter, Joanna – Regency Romantic

Fri       Aug 13

The Reluctant Widow, Jane Greensmith – Reading, Writing, Working, Playing

The Foundling, Claire – The Captive Reader

Sun      Aug 15

Arabella, Kara Louise – Delightful Diversions

The Grand Sophy, Meg – Write Meg

Mon    Aug 16

Interview with Vic – Jane Austen’s World

Friday’s Child, Vic – Jane Austen’s World

Wed    Aug 18

The Quiet Gentleman – Jane Austen in Vermont

Cotillion – First Impressions

Fri       Aug 20

The Toll-Gate – Laura’s Reviews

Bath Tangle – Jane Austen in Vermont

Sun      Aug 22

Sprig Muslin – Laura’s Reviews

April Lady – Becky’s Book Reviews

Mon    Aug 23

Sylvester, or the Wicked Uncle – Austenprose

Venetia – Austenprose

Wed    Aug 25

The Unknown Ajax – The Bluestocking Guide

A Civil Contract – Random Jottings of a Book and Opera Lover

Fri       Aug 27

The Nonesuch – Burton Review

False Colours – Austenprose

Sun      Aug 29

Frederica – Linus’ Blanket

Black Sheep – November’s Autumn

Mon    Aug 30

Cousin Kate – Book-A-Rama

Charity Girl – Much Madness is Divinest Sense

Tues    Aug 31

Lady of Quality – Elizabeth Hanbury Blog

Event wrap-up

Sat       Sep 07

Giveaway winners announced

The festivities start August first with a review of the newly re-issued Georgette Heyer’s Regency World, by Jennifer Kloester. Don’t be a wet goose. Chase away that fit of the blue-devils by attending this bon ton affair.


Laurel Ann

Graphic’s by Katherine of November’s Autumn & Kali of Strangegirl Designs!

Celebrating Georgette Heyer   •   August 1st – 31st, 2010

88 thoughts on “‘Celebrating Georgette Heyer’ at Austenprose – August 1st – 31st, 2010

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  1. Count me in! I love the banner for this event… especially the color combination of teal, peach, and gold. =)


    1. Thanks Joanna. I selected the image, Katherine did the design and Kali the execution. It takes 3 JA fans to create a Heyer banner. Ha!

      Look forward to your comments. Thanks again for contributing a review.

      Cheers, LA


  2. Sounds like another great blog event,Laurel! I haven’t read any Heyer(unless starting and stopping An Infamous Army counts!)and this should be a fun way to learn more about her work:)


  3. I started reading Georgette in the mid-1960’s on the advice of a friend who was obtaining her Phd in English literature. I’ve kept all my old copies. (I had to replace the Grand Sophie, my favorite, at least once!) I am looking forward to re-reading the ones I have read and reading the few I have not. Thanks for doing this.


  4. I started reading Georgette Heyer a couple of years ago when Sourcebooks started bringing them out. I read all I could find here and then started hitting amazon.uk.co for others not yet out here. Then I got to go to England and found some there and grabbed them. I’ve read them all and loved all of them. I’ll enjoy reading the summaries and discussion. This is going to be a fun month. Your vocabulary will expand.


    1. We use quite a few of her expressions in our house. I’ve know people who are “the merest whipsters”, for example. My husband loves her books, too, which just shows his good taste! :-)


  5. Very exciting Laurel Ann! Thank you for doing this – I have only of late come to read Heyer and think everyone should do so, whether they are suffering a “fit of the dismals” or not! – and what a better way to visit Regency England!


  6. oh my goodness! I’m SO excited! I’ve been listening to Devil’s Cub and loving it. Can’t wait for August 1st!


  7. I started reading Georgette Heyer because of the reviews posted on this blog! I’m so excited you’re devoting a whole month to her incredible books.


  8. LA, how do you do it? Fun!! Fun!! FUN!!!! I read Cotillion for the first time during the month of May and lurved it! August will be a fun month!


  9. I’m currently about half way through An Infamous Army. I’ve loved every Georgette Heyer book I’ve read; the first one I read is probably my favorite – The Grand Sophy. Can’t wait for the discussions of the books I’ve read, and undoubtedly the ones I’ll subquently add to my wish list. Looking forward to August!


  10. I am thrilled to be a part of the month long celebration of Georgette Heyer, and am thoroughly enjoying my reread of my favorite Reluctant Widow. Can’t wait to read everyone’s reviews as well as the interviews and info postings.

    What a great way to get through the dog days of August.


  11. I can’t wait to read all your reviews! I’ve got some Heyer’s on my list, too. I think her novels are perfect summer reads. First in my Heyer’s TBR list, The Convenient Marriage. :-)


  12. WOW- I am SOOOO happy to have found this site! Jane Austen is, of course, lol, my favorite author and have read all her books multiple times, never tiring of the magical way she uses language. Georgette Heyer is a favorite- her books are such FUN!

    I will be checking in here from now on!


  13. I’m very happy to see that you’re doing this, Laurel Ann. I discovered Georgette Heyer (because of my love for Jane Austen’s work) about 5 years ago, and have bought (mostly as used books through Amazon.com), read, and greatly enjoyed all of her Regency novels, as well as several of her other books. She’s inimitable, and the reading of her books is one of the great joys of reading, period! You can count on me to be here throughout the event, thank you very much!
    Cathy Allen

    P.S. For those who are planning to read “An Infamous Army” I suggest that you read the very interesting, useful, and easy-to-understand background information on the Battle of Waterloo at

    It will help a lot — I wish I’d seen it BEFORE I read it!


  14. Sooo excited to read everyone’s reviews!! I’ve been a fan of Georgette Heyer’s books since I was little and my grandma introduced me to them. My absolute favourite is The Talisman Ring.


  15. Hooray! Can’t wait to learn more about Heyer and her wonderful novels, and inevitably add a ton of them to my “to be read” stack. Thanks for organizing this, Laurel Ann!


  16. This is great timing for me – I am just embarking on a read of GH. I have got hold of 8 books, Sylvester, Venetia and The Convenient Marriage (to tie in with the Naxos audiobooks read by Richard Armitage) and also Cotillion, Frederica, Friday’s Child, The Quiet Gentleman and The The Grand Sophy. Starting now with Venetia and The Convenient Marriage. Fabulous!


    1. Hi Rhonda, I am fairly new to Heyer having been convinced to read her by Vic at Jane Austen’s World passion for her novels. She is a delight. I look foward to your veteran comments for us late comers.


  17. I am excited to be participating – I love Georgette Heyer. It will be great to read about all of the great books I haven’t gotten to read yet also! Thank-you for hosting!


  18. I too am delighted to be participating; thanks for the invitation, Laurel Ann :0) I discovered Heyer in my teens when I found a battered paperback copy of Devil’s Cub in the bookcase, and have never looked back. Her writing is a delight and this month-long celebration will be great fun!


  19. I’ve been reading Heyer since the 70s, introduced to her by my mother. My top 10 favorite Heyer romances are: These Old Shades/Devil’s Cub (these count as one); Sprig Muslin; The Corinthian, The Talisman Ring, The Grand Sophy, The Toll-Gate, Sylvester, Venetia, The Foundling, and Frederica. Runners up are The Unknown Ajax and The Black Sheep. These are perennial re-reads, great for when I need a pick up or to zone out.


  20. I only started reading Georgette Heyer last year at the suggestion of one of the Miss Austen blogs. To date, I’ve read 14 and I have a spreadsheet (yes, I’m a nerd) to keep up w/what I still need to purchase – lord, I’m certainly paying the bills for Sourcebook.
    They are great fun. Ms Heyer not Miss Austen, but I love the descriptions, the language, and the characters. Sometimes (most of the time perhaps) the plots are easily picked out, but who cares. It’s a fun ride that I enjoy taking.

    So looking forward to the reviews of books I’ve read and more especially those I have not got to yet – what a great use for the miserable month of August.

    My most recent review (w/many more to come)



  21. I first started reading Heyer when my mom gave me Powder & Patch at age 11, and it’s been a journey of discovery ever since. I can never pick just one for my favorite, it’s usually a group of 5 or six. I am looking forward to this, and I hope to stay caught up on reading all the discussions.

    I heard about this on the Almack’s yahoo group site, and I can’t wait. I’m enjoying your site so much tonight, that I’ve now signed up for the emails, & I loved the Fight Club~awesome!


  22. I do so enjoy this site. I only a few months ago started adding Heyer novels to my repertoire. And I enjoyed the two I got from the library. The one I most recall is “Sprig Muslin”. I just received it from a cheap bookstore. I got a couple others tho’ not on your first to read suggestions list. I really wish I would have read this first. But ah, such is life. I’m really hoping to just continue soaking in her work. It’s so much fun.


  23. Lovely to see so many new and old Heyer fans here. I am delighted to be contributing two reviews. A Civil Contract, my favourite Heyer and An Infamous Army which I think is one of her best books.

    If I were starting on Heyer I would recommend Cotilltion or Friday’s Child. I see somebody is starting with Charity Girl one of her later novels when I feel she was not quite as ‘up to her snuff’ in her writing and though it is good, would not recommend this as a starter.

    Looking forward to reading all the reviews and to leaving my comments as well


  24. I have not yet read Georgette Heyer. Had not even heard of her until last year. This a good opportunity to learn about her and read a few of her books.


  25. I am a fairly recent Heyer convert, and I relish the opportunity to indulge in a full month of nothing but Regency drama! Indeed, I’ve just returned from the library with an armful of novels. I’m very much looking forward to this full calendar of events. Thank you (already) to the Heyer lovers making this month possible… you all rock!


    1. Kim mentioned GH’s “Regency drama” but I love her comedy. Oh that scene in Devil’s Cub when Dominic finds Mary alone with a man in the inn and when Mary realizes who “that man” is! Delicious!


  26. What a great event Laurel Ann! I would loved to have been a part of it…can you believe I have never read a Heyer novel? I know…shame on me! Can’t wait to see the reviews. May try to pick one up this month to get in the spirit!



    1. Courtney – I hope I have converted you! Take the leap with one of the novels that strikes you! If you need recommendations, I would be happy to comply. LA


  27. Hi there

    I am delighted to find your wonderful website and its celebration of Georgette Heyer. Thank you too for the review of my book Georgette Heyer’s Regency World. I thought you might be interested to know that my biography of Heyer will be published in October next year. It is the result of ten years of research and I have been fortunate to discover several untapped archives of Heyer’s letters as well as being given unfettered access to her private papers by her son. the result is a much more comprehensive account of Georgette Heyer’s life and writing (with photos) than has previously been possible. I hope her fans will be pleased with the result.

    Best wishes

    jennifer Kloester


    1. Hi Jennifer, what an honor that you discovered my humble blog. I am so excited to hear about your new Georgette Heyer biography. Who is publishing it? I would love to interview you about it.

      Cheers, Laurel Ann


  28. Very exciting!! At one time I owned all the GH books, but sold them in 1973 as I needed money for college. Every few years I do a read through, but it takes a few weeks to get all the books from the libraries in our small library system. Looking forward to getting reacquainted with old favorites!!


  29. Jennifer, I have read your UK version of the book. I’m wondering if the American version will have added items or is it the same book marketed for Americans? I liked the UK cover. I’m American but scouted out the UK amazon for other GH and Austen books. Are you British and is that why the book was first published in Britain? I loved the book and devoured it. I will again! And I can’t wait for your bio on GH. I’ve read one by another author but will definitely read yours!


  30. I am a huge Heyer fan, and delighted to find so many others out there! I would love to see some proper BBC adaptations of her books. Devil’s Cub is my absolute favourite, with Sylvester taking a close second. What a fabulous authoress!


  31. I’ve been reading Georgette Heyer for years and I’m so glad to see her becoming more fashionable! Although I love historical fiction, her witty conversations and humor make her stand out in the field and truly be the Queen of Rengency Romance. I’ve read a number of authors who imitate, but no one is close. Thanks for publishing her again!


  32. I was introduced to Heyer’s wonderful novels when i was in high school in the 1950’s. When my daughter was about the same age, I showed her my collection of paperbacks and told her to start reading. She has outdone me in her devotion to Heyer’s work for many years now.

    Needless to say, my copies are really worn out so I have been replacing them with the lovely new Sourcebook editions as they are published.


  33. What a treat! I have been a fan of Heyer’s since I started reading her work as a girl in the early 1980s (late 1970s?). I just found out about this month-long celebration, so I’m off to catch up on the two-weeks’ worth I’ve missed. Thank you so much for doing this.


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