Announcing ‘Pride and Prejudice without Zombies’ at Austenprose

You are most cordially invited to

‘Pride and Prejudice without Zombies’

June 15th – July 17th, 2010 at Austenprose

In honor of reclaiming Jane Austen’s classic novel

Pride and Prejudice back from the living dead

Welcome Janeites and classic literature fans. Austenprose is happy to announce its fifth Jane Austen novel event, ‘Pride and Prejudice without Zombies’ beginning on June 15th through July 17th, 2010. Please join us as we reclaim Jane Austen’s classic novel back from the unmentionables and celebrate it as the classic of world literature that it deserves to be.

Included in the event will be a group read of Pride and Prejudice, discussion of its charms and foibles, historical and cultural context, fashion, dancing, Regency-era gardens and architecture, book and movie reviews, guest bloggers, and of course extended discussion of that iconic romantic hero, Mr. Darcy! Don’t miss out on the social event of the season beginning with an event preview on June 9th and an introduction on June 15th.

The pleasure of your reply is greatly appreciated!

R.S.V.P by June 14th, or join the party in progress

Original artwork by Michael Zabel of Zabel Illustration. Graphic design by Kali Pappas of Strangegirl Designs

52 thoughts on “Announcing ‘Pride and Prejudice without Zombies’ at Austenprose

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  1. (Primly) Jane Austen thinks an ass is a donkey, and she hoped to try riding one during her last illness. To paraphrase Lady Catherine (“I must have my share in the conversation if you are speaking of music”), if you are going to be kicking the vampires’ asses, I must give a hearty assist with my hob-nailed pattens.


  2. Dear Laurel Ann, I heartily applaud your initiative! Yes, let us reclaim this masterful work from the claws of such horrific creatures! Having never participated in a group read, I can think of no author better suited than Miss Austen to entice me to do so. Count me in!


  3. My schedule will be so crazy, but I will try to join in as much as I can, Laurel Ann.

    Thank you, in advance, for hosting. I always have such a ball at your group reads!!! =)


  4. Laurel Ann, I love you blog and I loved this initiative! But, since I’ve never participated in a group reading, I don’t know how it works! Could you please give me some light??? I’m so far away from you guys (directly from Brazil) that even our times don’t match…


    1. Hi Barbara – so glad you are interested in joining in the group read. It is really quite simple. Check out the reading schedule. Read the chapters in advance. I post a brief synopsis of the chapters and my impressions/thoughts to start the discussion here on that day. Add your comments and respond to others regarding those chapters. It is quite informative with lively discussions. The time zone difference will not matter since you can post a comment when it is convenient for you. Hope this is helpful.


  5. I’m in! Yesterday I saw a book called “Jane Slayre,” and I just can’t take it anymore. The zombies must not win!


  6. I look forward to participating. I have no problem with folks being into the zombie P&P, but I am repulsed by the book cover and have refused to read it.


  7. Sounds like a superior manner in which to enjoy a month! I’m with Cindy Jones… count me in as a heretofore lurker.


  8. “I can’t think of any summer delight that I should like more, than reading this most excellent of Austen’s works with all of you. It’s with great pleasure I’ve marked this event in my diary!”


    1. Thanks for noticing the graphic Katherine. It was created by a co-worker who is professionally trained illustrator. Hope it helps him get noticed. Glad you are joining in. LA


  9. Recently, I had to forego a P&P group read…this read sounds Janeonly-A crusade for Jane ? Please do count me in, Laurel Ann !


  10. Please count me in! I am just rereading Pride and Prejudice for my school project. I am doing research about the role and importance of dance on the plots of Pride and Prejudice and Emma, so little discussion about Pride and Prejudice will be beneficial to me. :)


  11. This sounds great. P&P deserves to be reclaimed. And personally, I like the idea of reading P&P in a slow manner. (I always have to stop myself from reading it all the way through in 2 days).


  12. Count me in!

    (Also–Laurel Ann, have you changed your feed settings? I used to receive full posts via Google Reader and can now only get partial posts. Just curious as I can’t seem to remedy this problem.)


    1. Beth – sorry for the Google Reader abbreviated posts. I had to change my format because an unscrupulous blogger was stealing all my content and calling it their own. I know it is a drag to have to click through to the blog, but it is really the only way I can protect my intellectual property from getting lifted. It is still continuing to happen elsewhere online, but this is the one area that curtails some of the theft. :-(


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