Announcing ‘By the Seaside with Sanditon’ at Austenprose


You are most cordially invited to 

‘By the Seaside with Sanditon’

March 15th – 21st, 2010 at Austenprose

In honor of Jane Austen’s

last unfinished novel 



Welcome Janeites and classic literature fans. Austenprose is pleased to announce its fourth Jane Austen novel event, ‘By the Seaside with Sanditon’ beginning on March 15th through March 21st, 2010. Please join us as we investigate Sanditon, Jane Austen’s last unfinished novel named after the seaside resort offering the finest, purest sea breeze and excellent bathing on the Sussex coast. Join a cast of memorable characters as they endeavor to turn a fishing village into a fashionable holiday resort.

Included in the event will be a group read of Sanditon, discussion, guest blogs on the history of the Regency-era seaside resorts, bathing rituals and fashions, and great giveaways.

Please join us on March 15th for the event introduction. Don’t miss your chance to promenade with your best green parasol by the seashore!


The pleasure of your reply is

greatly appreciated!


R.S.V.P by March 14th, 2010, or join the party in progress

Gloriously beautiful Sanditon artwork by the clever and crafty Kali Pappas at 


44 thoughts on “Announcing ‘By the Seaside with Sanditon’ at Austenprose

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  1. Wonderful!
    It could have been a wondeful masterpiece if Jane had ended it!!
    Last year I have read 2 sequels to this novel, but, you know, Jane is Jane. Inimitable!
    Thank you Laurell Ann


  2. I’m In!!! I actually just read the Hesperus Edition (got in on Librarything Early Reviewers) and am working on a review. It’s so hard to review an unfinished draft! Looking forward to discussing, as I still don’t know what to make of it.

    I am thinking of reading the “finished” edition next — I forget who wrote the one I have, but I’m curious to see whether they changed any of the first 12 chapters, or just picked up where Jane left off…


  3. Count me in too! I have never read Sanditon — tried when we had the AGM in San Francisco in 1997? but could not get into it.


  4. This is actually on my to-read list! I was going to read it later in the year, but I’ll move it up to next month since you’re hosting this group read. I’ll see you by the sea, Laurel Ann!


  5. Loredana mentioned reading two sequels or completions to “Sanditon.” I assume that one of them may have been Reginald Hill’s “The Price of Butcher’s Meat : a Dalziel and Pascoe mystery.”

    George Matusek


  6. I gladly accept and am soooooo looking forward to it! This is going to be fun! By the way, can I have a umbrella with my lounge chair by the sea please? tee hee


    1. Thanks Janeen. Yes, the graphic is quite lovely. I give credit to Kali for the creation and Mandy N and Julie W. for the images. It is such a comfort to have such clever and amiable friends.


  7. Just sent for my own copy last week along with The Watsons; tried a Austenation by Julia Barrett but wanted to see what the “real” thing was like. I will be waiting in my bathing machine until the fun starts on the 15th!


  8. Oh this sounds lovely! I’ve read one of the sequels based on Sandition, but I’d like to read more of the original.


  9. I would dearly love to attend and wonder if I may swim. I have acquired daring swimwear that shows my ankles which are not good, but as we are all women, it won’t matter.


  10. I’d love to join. I never participated in a joined read before, but I haven’t read Sanditon in a long time and would like to reread it and see what other people think of it.


  11. I thought I had already RSVPed but it seems I was mistaken. I’m definitely participating, as I absolutely adore Sanditon. I’m forever haunted by the specter of “poor Mr. Hollis”.


  12. Since I was so disappointed about missing your Lady Susan discussion a few months back, I am so veryeager and excited to participate in this one! I’ll put the lovely graphic in my sidebar too. Can’t wait!!


  13. I bought this book for myself at Christmas and have been keeping it on my bedside table. Daring not to open it because then it would no longer be a mystery to me. But how can I refuse your invitation. I would love to have a group reading of the hidden gem
    Thank you so much.


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