My Jane Austen Inspired Holiday Gift Wish List for 2009

Holiday shopping time is here.

Got Jane?

Jane Pawsten print by Chet Phillips

How smug Miss Pawsten looks. No wonder – she’s a cat! This whimsical digital illustration of a feline interpretation of author Jane Austen will have your Janeite friends smiling in agreement. If Jane Austen was reincarnated as an animal, in my humble opinion, she would return as a cat. This signed portrait is printed using high quality enhanced matte archival paper and archival inks within an 8″ x 10″ format. Available at ChetArt shop at Etsy.

 Pride and Prejudice (Penguin Classics)

This new hardcover edition of Austen’s classic novel features an elegant arts and crafts inspired cover in foil patterns stamped on linen cases designed by acclaimed artist Coraline Bickford-Smith. Even better yet is what’s inside: a full unabridged text edited and introduced by Vivien Jones, preface by Claire Lamont, and a reprise of Tony Tanner’s introduction that may be the best essay on Pride and Prejudice ever written. What more could a Janeite want? Penguin Classics Hardcover available at Barnes and Noble, ISBN: 978-0141040349

JASNA Membership

Give the ultimate gift of all things Austen with an annual or lifetime membership to the Jane Austen Society of North America. Dedicated to the enjoyment and appreciation of Jane Austen and her writing, their mission is to foster among the widest number of readers the study, appreciation, and understanding of Jane Austen’s works, her life, and her genius. Local regional chapters meet regularly to learn and discuss their favorite author, her life and her works, and the Annual General Meeting is a festive and joyous event. Available through the JASNA website.

Sense and Sensibility DVD Gift Set

From the Books on Film Collection by Barnes and Noble, this holiday gift set features the 1995 movie adaption of Sense and Sensibility staring Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet as Jane Austen’s diametric heroines Elinor and Marianne Dashwood and directed by Ang Lee. Also included with the movie is an unabridged edition of the book both presented in a beautifully designed box set. Not only is this a fabulous idea, it’s and incredible value. Available at Barnes and Noble, ISBN: 978-1435117570

Pride and Prejudice Peacock Tote

Swoon! A Jane Austen Centre exclusive, this commodious tote will take you shopping, to the library or yarn store in style. The metallic gold design on deep hooker’s green background is a perfect replica of the beautiful ‘Peacock Edition’ of Pride & Prejudice illustrated in 1894 by Hugh Thompson. Made from 100% ‘wipe clean’ cotton this eye popping tote has waterproof lining, magnetic clasp, zip compartment and measures 11″ x 14.5″ x 4.3″ Wow! From the Jane Austen Centre Giftshop online.

Emma 2009 DVD

Staring Romola Garai as the handsome, rich and clueless matchmaker of Highbury this new Sandy Welch adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma will shortly be seen on Masterpiece Classic starting January 24th, 2010. “Why not seize the pleasure at once?”  pre-order today for February 9th delivery. Available at, ASIN: B002XTBE6K

Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine

The ultimate Austen indulgence, your Janeite friends and family members will huzzah when they receive an annual subscription to Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine which includes in depth articles on Jane Austen, her world and our modern interpretations. Highly collectable, Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine offers a great resource and enjoyment to all Austen fans. I proudly own a copy of the first issue! Available through the Jane Austen Centre or through

Jane Austen – The Complete Novels

 (Naxos Audiobooks)

Together for the first time, the complete and unabridged audio recordings of Jane Austen’s novels handsomely presented in a boxed set. Counting 69 CD’s and running over 83 hours, this is the Holy Grail of Austen audio book recording as only Naxos could present with superb readings by Juliet Stevenson, Emilia Fox, and Anna Bentinck. Included are Austen’s six major novels, the novella Lady Susan and her unfinished novels Sanditon and The Watsons. This is definitely the essential collector’s item. ‘Nuff said! Available at Barnes and Noble. ISBN: 978-9626342749

Pride and Prejudice Film Location Tour

Ok Santa. I have been really, really good this year writing diligently about the incomparable Jane Austen, the many Austen inspired sequels and even threw in a few zombie and vampire references without too much snark, so I have one favor to ask. Will you grant my ultimate Jane Austen wish and book me on this tour?

The dream Janeite holiday awaits the lucky traveler who books with Pride and Prejudice Tours. Visit Longbourn, Meryton Village, Netherfield, Rosings, Pemberley and many more sites of film locations as seen in the 1995 mini-series Pride and Prejudice on an exclusive four day tour in England. You can also upgrade to sleep in Lizzie’s bedroom at Hunsford Parsonage where the décor is exactly as filmed including shelves in the closet fitted by Lady Catherine herself! A happy thought indeed! The tours run April to September and are expertly organized and conducted by two true Janeites, Helen Wilkinson and Hazel Jones. Go ahead and splurge. You deserve it! (Toe dipping in the Pemberley pond has known theraputic benefits both physically and mentally) Visit P&P Tours website to book your exclusive tour today!

Happy holiday shopping everyone.

May your Austen wishes come true.

© Laurel Ann Nattress,

10 thoughts on “My Jane Austen Inspired Holiday Gift Wish List for 2009

Add yours

  1. The tour would have to be just about the best Christmas gift ever. I think I could out do even Mr. Collins with my reverence for Lady Catherine’s shelves.


  2. I saw that Penguin Classic edition in the book shop the other day and had to wipe the drool from my face. A perfect library edition! They had other classics to go along with it to make you look extra sophisticated.


    1. Hi Heather – yes the P&P is part of 8 books designed together. Interestingly, they designer created a beautiful cover for A Picture of Dorian Gray in with peacock feathers which would have been so appropriate for P&P. Lost opportunity.

      These are lovely editions none-the-less. Hope Santa takes a hint and you get one!


  3. THERE’S A P&P FILM LOCATION TOUR??? Why, oh why, have I not heard of this before?! That is happiness indeed! Thanks for pointing this out, Laurel Ann.

    Although I’ve been eyeing those Naxos Audiobooks for months now… =)


  4. Oh My God! There are so many things I would like to buy! :)

    I already bought
    Sense and Sensibility DVD Gift Set


    Some numbers of Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine

    But, what I really want is the P&P tours!!


  5. Fantastic — I’d take anything on your Austen wishlist! :) I particularly love the peacock tote… really fun!

    Merry early Christmas, Laurel Ann! :)


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