BBAW Begins: My Favorite Book Blogs to Brag About

Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2009

Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2009 begins today September 14th and runs through the 18th. It is an annual event set aside in celebration of the online book blogging community and recognition all those hard working book readers/bloggers. You can read my initial announcement for all the details. Here are few blogs that did not make the short list in the BBAW annual awards that I visit regularly and admire greatly for their wonderful book reviews, recommendations and witty retorts. 

Jane Austen’s World – Vic (Ms. Place) and I share a common passion, Jane Austen so it was not a leap of faith to know that I would love her blog. Her book reviews are always thoughtful, well written, and often very funny. I always learn something from Vic, be it history, books, or communication in a positive and humorous way. 

Bookbath – Karen is a fellow anglophile who loves to read and travel. Her interest in period history is always enlightening. To describe her reading taste, I would have to say she is classically eclectic. Anyone who lists Persuasion by Jane Austen as one of their favorite books is an insightful and sensitive reader that I pay attention to. 

Historical Fiction – visiting this blog is like stepping back in time. Passionate about author Jean Plaidy, Philippa Gregory, Diana Gabaldon and many others great historical fiction writers, I can always depend on a great review and recommendation that perks my interest and inspires me to read even more books than I possibly can. 

Write Meg – Meg is a real gem. Her blog is not only beautifully designed, her taste in reading and her incredibly succinct reviews are always spot on. Honest, informative, and enlightening her insights on books, life, and food are always infused with both gentle reprove and witty banter. She is my modern day Jane Austen. 

Love Romace Passion – Keira is one sharp young lady indefatigably blogging about romance books, authors and the book industry. What can I say, but she blows me always with her energy and creative spirit. Her reviews are a quick rush of romance that we all crave and deserve. I have read several of her recommendations and she has never steered me wrong. 

Tomorrow, please join Megan of Write Meg and me as we swap book blogger interviews. Until then, please check out all the other great book blogs celebrating the first day of BBAW. Let the party begin!

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  1. Happy start to BBAW, Laurel Ann! :) I’m very excited for this week, especially since it’s given me an opportunity to know you even better. I’m going to print out your blurb above to look at whenever I’m having a bad day — you’re the greatest! Can’t wait to post interviews tomorrow! :)


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