Austen at Large: Mr. Elton on Facebook

My class assignment taken to the fullest extent!

Mr. Elton on Facebook


 And of course he must have his say.

Mr. Elton's Facebook Page Notes

Virginia Claire

Virginia Claire, our Austen at Large roving reporter is a college student studying English literature and history who just returned from her time studying abroad in Bath England and working as an intern at the Jane Austen Centre. She is the Regional Coordinator of JASNA North Carolina and a lifelong Janeite. She will be sharing her thoughts on all things Austen this semester and remembering her travels in Austenland.

11 thoughts on “Austen at Large: Mr. Elton on Facebook

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  1. Brava!! Loved this — but I am sure I would have to “block” Mr E… (or is the new facebook term, “drop”?) 8)!!


  2. This is hilarious. I love the snide PS: “so delightfully concerned with my future conjugal happiness.” I can’t wait to see when his relationship status changes to “engaged.” Austen makes sure that Mr. Elton gets what he deserves. I just wrote a post comparing Emma’s interfering ways to a girl who doesn’t like her best friend’s fiance…told her to mind her own business, or she’ll do more harm than good. It’s amazing how relevant many of the Austen characters still are today….


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