Jane Austen Naxos AudioBooks Giveaway

Persuasion, Naxos AudioBooksWin a copy of a Jane Austen audio book!

A gentle reminder to readers that the Jane Austen birthday celebration contest is still open for seven unabridged copies of Jane Austen’s novels by Naxos AudioBooks until December 31st. Just leave a comment answering why you love reading or viewing Jane Austen, and seven lucky Janeites will be the winners of these wonderful audio books. What a great way to start the New Year!

Follow this link to the original post on my other blog, Jane Austen Today, and leave a comment today!

5 thoughts on “Jane Austen Naxos AudioBooks Giveaway

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  1. I love reading Jane Austen because her characters, especially her country families are so comfortable. You feel like you’re there with them, whether at the table eating, sitting gossiping at a dance or walking out in nature with them. Jane makes her time in history live for the rest of us.


  2. I love reading Jane Austen to escape to a world of gentility and grace where I care about the characters and where I KNOW things will work out well, despite the worries of Emma’s father.


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