Lady Susan: List of Characters

Main Characters

Spoilers Alert! 

Lady Susan Vernon: daughter of a peer. Four months a widow of an unnamed Vernon. Age, approximately 35. Daughter, Frederica Susanna. Formerly of Vernon Castle in Staffordshire six years prior. Also of Upper Seymour Street in London, and later of 10 Wigmore Street, London.  The most accomplished coquet in England, manipulator, and fabulously wicked. Riches alone will not satisfy her in marriage. Marries Sir James Martin.

Miss Frederica Susanna Vernon: daughter of Lady Susan. Age 16. At school in London. Neglected and ill educated. Considered the greatest simpleton on earth by her mother. Marries Reginald De Courcy.

Mr. Charles Vernon: of Churchill, Sussex. Younger brother of Lady Susan’s first husband. Married to Catherine De Courcy six years prior. Children: Frederick and Catherine, and others in abundance.

Mrs. Catherine Vernon: daughter of Sir Reginald De Courcy of  Parklands, Sussex. Married to Charles Vernon six years prior. Sister-in-law to Lady Susan. Sister to Reginald De Courcy. Children: Frederick and Catherine, and others in abundance.

Sir Reginald De Courcy: (elder) of Parklands, Sussex. Married to C__ (Catherine?). Children: Reginald and Catherine.

Lady C. De Courcy: Wife of Sir Reginald De Courcy of Parklands, Sussex. Children: Reginald and Catherine.

Reginald De Courcy: (younger) son of Sir Reginald and Lady De Courcy of Parklands, Sussex. Age 23. Brother of Mrs. Catherine Vernon. Marries Frederica Vernon.

Sir James Martin: a man of fortune. Bachelor. At first attached to Maria Manwaring. Lady Susan charms him away from Maria for her daughter Frederica. Contemptibly weak. Marries Lady Susan Vernon.

Mr. Manwaring: of Langford. Married, (wife’s name not stated). Brother of Maria Manwaring. Lady Susan’s preferred paramour.

Mrs. Manwaring: of Langford. Married to Mr. Manwaring. Discovers Lady Susan’s dalliance with her husband right under her nose and asks her to leave. Reveals to her guardian Mr. Johnson Lady Susan’s affair with her husband.

Miss Maria Manwaring: sister of Mr. Manwaring of Langford. Unmarried. Absolutely on the ‘catch’ for a husband.

Mr. Johnson: of Edward Street, London. Married to Alicia. Guardian of Mrs. Manwaring. Has old Aunts in Bath. A “Respectable” man plagued by the gout. Has banned Lady Susan from his house.

Mrs. Alicia Johnson: of Edward Street, London. Married to Mr. Johnson. Lady Susan’s confidant.

Minor Characters:

Charles Smith: Tells scandalous tales about Lady Susan.

Clarkes: of Staffordshire. Frederica’s only friends.

Hamiltons: a family

James: Reginald de Courcy’s (the younger) servant.

Miss Summers: of  Wigmore Street, London. Schoolmistress of one of the best Private Schools in Town that Frederica attends.

Wilson: Lady Susan’s ladies maid.

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