Reviews of Jane Austen Made Me Do It

What readers and the media are saying about Jane Austen Made Me Do It

“For fans of “Austenesque” fiction, this collection will be a box of bonbons.”  The Seattle Times

“Smart, witty, and tons of fun, this work is a wonderful homage to Austen… Whether your favorite Jane novel is Pride and Prejudice or Mansfield Park, there is a short story in here somewhere for you. Every genre within the spectrum of Jane Austen fan fiction is covered, as well as stories inspired by Jane herself. It is one of these stories that was my favorite: Jane Austen’s Nightmare by Syrie James.” — Life And 100 Books

Jane Austen Made Me Do It is the rare short-story compilation in which each and every one of the twenty-two stories manages to shine. Each contains a new take on Austen, a new concept of what Austen hoped to do with her life and work or even a new take on modern romance from Austen’s viewpoint.” Romance Junkies

“If you love all things Austen, I think you will find this quite diverting and enjoy the fun that the authors had with the wealth of material that Ms. Austen supplied throughout her writing career.  I truly enjoyed this little visit into different dimensions of the Jane Austen universe.  I gave it 4 stars.” Ex Libris

“This anthology has a little something for every Jane Austen fan.”  Rakehell

“The overall quality of the collection is high, and rare will be the reader who fails to find a few favorites to delight an Austen-loving heart.”  Just Janga

“I was impressed with all the clever approaches in which Austen themes can be recreated, intriguing and entertaining me with new characters and their stories. This collection of stories is a must for all fans of Jane Austen, and it is a great tool for introducing the authors of the Austenesque genre as well.”  Burton Book Review

“All the stories were enjoyable, but some had that little quirk that really made me think or laugh. Laurel Ann Nattress has created a volume that will have something (more than one something, of that I’m sure) for everyone.”  Citivolus Sus

“I tip my hat to Laurel Ann for overseeing this ambitious and very worthwhile project, for this is her first book. I give Jane Austen Made Me Do It five out of five Regency tea cups!”  Jane Austen’s World

Jane Austen Made Me Do It was another anthology that I loved. . . there is a little bit of everything for everyone.”  A Buckeye Girl Reads

“Each story in this anthology is very unique. I had so many favorites among them that it was really hard to pick just two. If you’re a Jane Austen fan, you have to read Jane Austen Made Me Do It!”  Popcorn Reads

“I am all praise for Laurel Ann Nattress who has collected a fine group of writers, and a fine volume of stories showcasing everything from historical to contemporary to young-adult fiction to paranormal.”  The Little White Attic

“I enjoyed this collection of short stories more than I anticipated. It had everything, really – continuations; spin-offs; stories about Jane; stories inspired by Jane; even a couple stories where Jane’s ghost was involved.”  Readin’ and Dreamin’

Jane Austen Made Me Do It is a wonderful collection of short stories written by true Jane Austen fans. There is quite a mix of genres and subjects in this book and this made it more exciting to read. It has everything from a gothic romance to a contemporary fantasy.” — The Book Garden