A Preview of As Only Mr. Darcy Can: A Pride and Prejudice Regency Romp, by Laura Hile

From the desk of Laurel Ann Nattress: 

Hello dear readers. I am happy to welcome author Laura Hile back to Austenprose today in celebration of her next Austenesque novel, As Only Mr. Darcy Can. Laura is a popular novelist in the genre having published several Jane Austen-inspired books. Her last title was So This Is Love which was featured here in on Austenprose in June.

As only Mr. Darcy Can presents Laura’s trademark exuberance and humor. She has subtitled it A Pride and Prejudice Regency Romp so we can look forward to a fast-paced and surprising read.

Laura Hile has generously supplied a guest blog to share her insights on the novel and a giveaway chance for one digital copy. The details of the book and the giveaway are listed below. Good look to all. Enjoy!


What a tangled web!

Mr. Darcy’s departure has solved nothing. He loves Elizabeth Bennet as much as ever—and he has left her vulnerable to Wickham’s lies. Why not send her a warning? Anonymously, of course. He must conquer his obsession, yet he must also do something to protect her.

But when Darcy is dunned for a bill of Wickham’s—an old trick—he sends the magistrate’s men with a warrant. Wickham, however, is nowhere to be found. At the same time, a titled lady appears in Hunsford. Why does she look so familiar? What of her pointed interest in Darcy’s sister? Is there anyone who will believe what Darcy suspects?

Elizabeth has her hands full when she comes to Hunsford. Her army-mad youngest sister causes trouble everywhere! What is more, those cryptic Valentines keep arriving. And then there is Mr. Darcy, a man she is determined to dislike. Why must his suspicions about the unknown lady match hers? Sparks fly as she joins forces with him to discover a truth that is both laughable and treacherous.

As for being at odds with Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth’s heart has other ideas. Will a nonsensical demand ruin what has grown up between them?

As Only Mr. Darcy Can is a feel-good Regency romp, featuring all your friends from Pride and Prejudice. Intrigue, romance, and laughter are waiting for you.


Elizabeth and Darcy and Wickham—oh my!

There are times when only a deep, richly profound novel will do. And then there are days that beg for a Regency romp. That is to say, lighthearted, escapist fiction (otherwise known as “mind candy”). Where we already know the ending, and the joy is in the journey. Or rather, in the antics of the characters. In a story inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, it’s like spending time with old friends. We smile, we sigh, we shake our heads . . .

Mr. Collins says Collinsy things, and Lady Catherine struts about, issuing demands. Darcy still fights his growing love for Elizabeth, while she is just as determined to dislike him—and fails (our favorite!). Lydia giggles and sighs over officers, and Wickham works to feather his financial nest.  If he can enact revenge against Darcy, so much the better.

As Only Mr. Darcy Can is that kind of book. It’s just plain fun.

In it, you’ll see my hat tip to Georgette Heyer’s The Masqueraders (although I use the plot device in a vastly different way). The “misplaced luggage” trope comes from the Barbra Streisand-Ryan O’Neal screwball comedy What’s Up Doc? And Lydia in Hunsford? I’m not sure what inspired me to do that, save for how delightfully she argues with Mr. Collins. What will she do when she meets Colonel Fitzwilliam, a man who has genuine military experience?  Oh dear!

As Only Mr. Darcy Can was meant to be a novella for our Valentine anthology. What can I say? Darcy had way too much fun sending those anonymous Valentines to Elizabeth. How could I guess they would set into motion a chain of events that demanded a full-sized book?

I think you’ll enjoy As Only Mr. Darcy Can. It’s just right for those days when you long to get away from it all.

Laura Hile


By day, Laura Hile teaches at a Christian school. By night—or rather, in the early morning when she can think! —she writes Jane Austen and Regency romance with laughs and happy endings.

The comedy Laura comes by as a teacher. There’s never a dull moment with middle school students!

She enjoys gardening (she is a weed warrior!), choral singing, and having coffee with friends.

Laura lives in Beaverton, Oregon, with her husband and a collection of antique clocks. One day she hopes to add a cat or three.

Other books by Laura Hile: Darcy By Any Other Name, So This Is Love, and the Mercy’s Embrace trilogy. She is a regular contributor to the A Very Austen anthology series.



  • As Only Mr. Darcy Can: A Pride and Prejudice Regency Romp, by Laura Hile
  • Independently published (October 13, 2020)
  • eBook (220) pages
  • Genre: Austenesque, Regency Romance


Austenprose is an Amazon affiliate. Cover image, book description, guest blog, author bio courtesty of Laura Hile © 2020; text Laurel Ann Nattress © 2020, austenprose.com.

36 thoughts on “A Preview of As Only Mr. Darcy Can: A Pride and Prejudice Regency Romp, by Laura Hile

Add yours

  1. I need an escape and Laura’s new book sounds perfect! Who is the strange lady? It will be fun to see the sparks fly between Elizabeth and Darcy. Darcy by Any Other Name was also fun to read. Thank you for the giveaway and congratulations on the new book.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. You are the first!
        Moreover, this early date pushed scaredy-cat me into launching a pre-release at Amazon. It’s been great!

        Now, you all should know that Laurel Ann was the one to get the Goodreads listing set up for me, unasked. I very much appreciate this. I thought about doing it, but I was too afraid I’d mess something up. Laurel Ann is brave! :D


  2. Hmm! This sounds fascinating! I enjoyed the secret Valentines so I look forward to this extended version.
    As for the unknown titled lady? Well the reference to The Masqueraders makes me think I know who it is?
    I like that Elizabeth’s heart may be overruling her head! I also look forward to Lady Catherine’s and Lydia’s reaction to each other!
    I need something to make me laugh so look forward to this.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. “This is really good,” you said to me when As Only Mr. Darcy Can languished at 23k words. Thanks for encouraging me to persevere, Robin. I think readers will enjoy it.


  3. Hello! I am super intrigued by this novel – not the least reason for this being one of the many Pride and Prejudice variations out there. I think it is neat to introduce a mysterious, extra character…the Other Woman…into the mix. I actually find it super attractive when a hero is torn between two women, and, here, has to work out for himself, a puzzle of each. Thanks! :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, writinglynda!
      “Bring on the Regency” is a delightful way to cope. It’s raining here in the Pacific Northwest, which is the beginning of Reading Season. Yay! Good luck in the giveaway!


  4. I just recently finished Darcy by Any Other Name, and thoroughly enjoyed a much-needed break from reality! :) Laura’s creativity and humor was just what I needed! I look forward to this next escape!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Shelli,
      I still don’t know how I came up with that plot device, but I sure had fun writing it. Thanks for your interest in As Only Mr. Darcy Can. You’ll be shaking your head at Mr. Collins in this one too. That man. Good luck in the giveaway!


  5. I always love her work. Her last one had me giggling like mad. Can’t wait to see how this one goes. I didn’t read it earlier to save myself a treat. 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Knowing how I have enjoyed other of Laura’s books I am looking forward to reading this one. Thanks for a chance to win. I hope this has as much romance as her last one, So This is Love. Thanks for sharing here. I just checked – I have read 6 of Laura’s stories and rated all 5 stars.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh, Sheila, my girl, I don’t see how any book I write can be as romantic as So This Is Love. It was all the fault of Captain Jack Blunt. He stole Charlotte’s heart and my heart (and countless readers’ hearts, according to the reviews), as well as every scene he was in!

    I have a Regency (non-Austen) simmering on the back burner, featuring a similar hero. (Well, a man of the navy, anyway.) We’ll see how it develops as a romance.

    Thank you for your support and encouragement. Good luck in the giveaway!


  8. This book sounds delightful. I’m curious why Lydia would be in Hunsford. Who is this Lady and why does she have such an interest in Georgiana? All kinds of questions have popped into my mind from reading this book description and post.

    I loved Laura’s “Darcy By Any Other Name” and her contributions to various anthologies. I look forward to reading this one as well. Congratulations, Laura Hile, on the release of another book. From reading one of the comments, I think I need to read “So This Is Love.” :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are always surprises for me, bututot. For example, who knew that Mr. Darcy can draw? I sure didn’t. But there he was, decorating the anonymous Valentines …

      Good luck in the giveaway!


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