Celebrating Jane Austen’s Bicentenary – #JaneAusten200

Jane Austen memoriam in O. C. Register 18 July 2017
The world remembers Jane Austen today on the 200th anniversary of her death.

A celebration is in progress today in honor of one of the world’s most popular authors. July 18, 2017 marks the bicentenary of Jane Austen’s death at Winchester, England in the arms of her sister Cassandra. She was only 41 years old. We have six novels, one novella and minor works to cherish. Her fandom has grown to millions.

There are many tributes in progress around the world, notably in England at Winchester Cathedral where she is buried, the Jane Austen House Museum where she resided the last 8 years of her life and at Chawton House Library, the manor house of her brother Edward Austen Knight where she was a frequent guest. The Jane Austen Society of North America’s annual general meeting is being hosted by the southwest region in Huntington Beach this year, a stone’s throw from my hometown of Newport Beach. They are dedicating the entire conference to celebrating Jane Austen in Paradise. They placed an add in the Orange County Register newspaper today in memoriam of Austen’s life and legacy. My sister kindly forwarded it to me. It gave me goosebumps. Jane is indeed everywhere today.

Jane Austen bobbleheads
Three Jane Austen bobblehead’s meet to discuss the merits of long sleeves this season! Courtesy of Julie Arnold c 2017

I have written a tribute to my favorite author for the Telly Visions blog featuring 10 reasons why we still admire Jane Austen’s writing after 200 years. The subject was so close to my heart that I struggled for weeks to write it, changing the topic and tone many times. It is so difficult to narrow down the reasons why I adore Jane Austen – so I just let her tell us.

Please join the celebration by leaving a comment at the Jane Austen Society of North America’s virtual Memory Book and by posting your favorite quote or image on social media. Use hashtag #JaneAusten200 to help her trend online.

In conclusion I will add this quote by Austen’s sister Cassandra from a letter she wrote to her niece Fanny Knight on the occasion of the death of her aunt.

“She was the sun of my life, the gilder of every pleasure, the soother of every sorrow, I had not a thought concealed from her, and it is as if I had lost a part of myself.”

Cheers Janeites!


13 thoughts on “Celebrating Jane Austen’s Bicentenary – #JaneAusten200

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  1. Thank you, Laurel Ann. My life is richer with friends and books because of #MyFriendJane. I feel blessed to consider you a friend.

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  2. One of my favorite Jane Austen quotes that I think about whenever I create my heroines is this warning note from one of Jane’s letters. “I do not want people to be very agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them a great deal.” You can almost hear her laugh as she wrote that.

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  3. It’s just so good to have people to discuss her work with. Other than my daughter there is no one around me who reads her books. My daughter is going to London next week so I’m hoping to get one of the new ten pound notes.

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  4. So many blogs are posting today in tribute to our dear girl. And so man have quoted her sister, Cassandra. What a lovely way with words Cassandra also had. I certainly have had many ways to remember her today and thank you to all who have given us quotes about her and by her. She is a necessary part of my life.

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  5. On the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death, the Bank of England unveiled the new 10 pound banknote featuring our beloved author. I say “Brilliant!!” to the Bank of England! What a fantastic tribute!

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