Presenting “Austen Spoilers” Cartoon by John Atkinson

Austen Spoilers graphic by John of Wrong Hands

Isn’t it charming? And too true!

We had a hand in its creation. We loved this “Shakespeare Spoilers” cartoon so much when we saw it on Facebook recently. It made us laugh out loud. But wait. The Bard is just as clever, witty and engaging as our favorite English author Jane Austen. Shouldn’t she get equal billing?

We contacted the cartoonist John Atkinson and pitched another famous English author for his artistic consideration. He was game—and we are delighted with the results.

We hope it makes its way around the Internet (please share) and into the hearts of young (and old) readers everywhere reminding them that Austen’s prose is not stuffy, old, ancient literature, but funny, romantic and accessible to modern readers.  Maybe if “Austen Spoilers” is a big hit, he might be coerced into a Mr. Darcy version!

Many thanks to John Atkinson for his wonderful artwork, and for indulging my Janeite fancy by creating the “Austen Spoilers” cartoon. I would proudly display it on a t-shirt, book bag or note cards if they were available to purchase. What say you Janeites?

Please visit John on his blog, Wrong Hands, view his galleries of art work on display, like his Facebook page, and follow him on Twitter as @WrongHands1. Tell him Austenprose sent you.


Laurel Ann

Image courtesy of John Atkinson © 2014; text Laurel Ann Nattress © 2014,

13 thoughts on “Presenting “Austen Spoilers” Cartoon by John Atkinson

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  1. I say this is most excellent and we do need some t-shirts, book bags, and note cards! This is clever and fun and I want to wear and share this! Well done!


  2. Good morning everyone, I like the cartoon, it is true, everyone seem married to their sweet-heart, very true and cute picture.


  3. Love it! Would it be possible to give the image its own URL? That way I can post it with my widgets and keep it alive, instead of just having a one-post sharing. Thanks!


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