My Top Picks for Jane Austen-inspired Holiday Gifts for 2012

Happy Holidays Janeites!

Tis the season to go shopping, and Janeite family and friends always need suggestions to fill the reticules, stockings, and gifts under the tree for those whose special interest is everything Austen. I have several categories to select from – and I would happily be the recipient of any of these fabulous items!


Pride and Prejudice Playing Cards

Pride and Prejudice Playing Cards

DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY! Who wouldn’t want Mr. Darcy as King of Hearts, Mr. Collins as the Joker or all of the other memorable characters from Jane Austen’s classic novel filling the roles of King of Spades, Queen of Diamonds, Jack of Clubs and more???

From the talented Etsy artists Vectorian Designs, this delightful printable Pride and Prejudice playing cards: a full deck with 4 jokers. Printed out on card stock these make excellent gifts! The illustrations are from Hugh Thomson. (the editor in us wished they would spell Victorian correctly though…:-)

You get: 56 high quality (300 dpi) images (2.3″ x 3.3″) on eight 8.5″ x 11″ sheets for easy printing. Watermark will be removed. All the items are in jpg.

Special Offer to Austenprose readers: Receive a 20% off on all items in the Vectorian Designs Etsy shop until December 13, 2012 by using  discount code JANEAUSTEN20PERCENT applied in the Etsy checkout cart!

Pride and Prejudice poster  by Pemberley Pond 2012

Pride and Prejudice Poster

From the Pemberley Pond Shop at Etsy, by the wonderful Italian graphic artists Lalla and Luisa Lodetti, this colorful poster displays the names of the characters and the places from the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, collected in a clean modern graphic. Colors are red, blue grey and brown. Professionaly printed on thick ivory paper (170 gr). Measures approx. 12,60 x 18,10 inches (320 x 460 mm)


Emma: An Annotated Edition, by Jane Austen and edited by Bharat Tandon (2012

Emma: An Annotated Edition,

by Jane Austen, edited by Bharat Tandon

Eye candy for any Janeite, this new sumptuous annotated edition of Jane Austen’s last novel is sure to blow off any Janeite’s bonnet. Filled with hundreds of full color illustrations from the era, helpful notes and scholarly insights, every Jane Austen fan needs this to display with pride of place on their coffee table. Read my preview for more details. Several of my Janeite friends will open this for the holiday!

Jane Austen Made Me Do It, edited by Laurel Ann Nattress (2011)

Jane Austen Made Me Do It

edited by Laurel Ann Nattress

I am waving my own flag here, but, being prejudiced about my own book only displays my pride in the twenty-four authors who contributed Austen-inspired short stories to this new collection. Regency or contemporary, romantic or fantastical, each of these marvelous stories reaffirms the incomparable influence of one of history’s most cherished authors. Join the celebration in Austen’s legacy!

The Complete Novels Heritage Edition 2012The Complete Novels of Jane Austen:

Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, and Lady Susan (The Heirloom Collection), by Jane Austen,illustrated by Jacqui Oakley

This new illustrated, hardcover set includes five volumes of our Jane that this Janeite would love to get her mits on! This beautifully packaged set includes Austen’s six great masterpieces, along with Lady Susan, an epistolary novel. Each handsomely bound volume features charming four-color illustrations and gorgeous design elements throughout. Housed in an elegant slipcase with a magnetic closure, this collection is an essential addition to every Austen fan’s library. Embossed slipcase with magnetic closure & Five hardcover volumes each featuring a ribbon marker and four-color illustration throughout

Audio Books

Jane Austen: The Complete Novels (Naxos Audio) 2009

Jane Austen – The Complete Novels (Naxos Audiobooks)

Together for the first time, the complete and unabridged audio recordings of Jane Austen’s novels handsomely presented in a boxed set. Counting 69 CD’s and running over 83 hours, this is the Holy Grail of Austen audio book recording as only Naxos could present with superb readings by Juliet Stevenson, Emilia Fox, and Anna Bentinck. Included are Austen’s six major novels, the novella Lady Susan and her unfinished novels Sanditon and The Watsons. This is definitely the essential collector’s item. ‘Nuff said!


Pride and Prejudice (1995) restored (2010)

Pride and Prejudice 1995 (Restored)

Five hours and twenty three minutes a pure Janeite bliss re-mastered & restored from the 1995 classic A&E/BBC miniseries.

Few will challenge that this is the most reverent screen adaptation to Jane Austen’s masterpiece. Viewers reveled in British actors Jennifer Ehle’s pert and spirited Elizabeth Bennet and Colin Firth’s dripping with sex Mr. Darcy. The costumes, film location and cast places this production at the pinnacle of screen perfection for Jane Austen fans. I reviewed this edition when it was released in 2010 and still think it is Incomparable.  Blu-ray edition too!

Downton Abbey Season 2 DVD

Downton Abbey 2011 Season 2

Even though the hit mini-series Downton Abbey is set in the Edwardian-era, one hundred years after Jane Austen published Pride and Prejudice, who cares? Season 2 of this ultimate bonnet drama  takes us into the trenches of World War I and into the hearts of Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley, and others.

Janeites raved about this upstairs/downstairs drama full of characters and plot that Austen would have delighted in. If by some freak accident you missed this miniseries created by a joint production team of the UK’s ITV and the US’s PBS, both sides of the pond were glued to their television screens for nine hours that we will never forget. Buy it and gear up for season three that airs in the US on January 6, 2013. Need further details? Check out the Downton Abbey Season 3 website of this smash-hit series.


Jane Austens Regency World Mag No 60, 2012

Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine

The ultimate Austen indulgence, your Janeite friends and family members will huzzah when they receive an annual subscription to Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine which includes in depth articles on Jane Austen, her world and our modern interpretations. Highly collectable, Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine offers a great resource and enjoyment to all Austen fans. I proudly own a copy of the first issue!


Jane Austen Literary Charm Bracelet by Justbedesigns 2012

Jane Austen Literary Charm Bracelet

Jane Austen bling — oh YES! Here from the Etsy shop of Justbedesigns, are the beautiful designs of Bianca Fleischman, a girl from Queens who knows her jewelry.

Austen’s powers of subtle discrimination and shrewd perceptiveness is revealed in this stunning charm bracelet. There are 9 handmade cameos featuring portraits of pretty Jane herself. In addition to the cameos are charms of a a vintage hair comb, an umbrella, a teapot, a cameo a rhinestone heart charm and more. The bracelet measures 8 inches and can be altered.


Jane Austen Amiable Rancor 2013 Wall Calendar

Jane Austen’s Amiable Rancor 2013 Wall Calendar

The year would not be complete at Woodston Cottage without my copy of The Republic of Pemberley’s Amiable Rancor Wall Calendar. Filled with witty and acerbic Austen quotes, important dates, and beautiful Regency era fashion plate illustrations, any true Janeite would be tickled to hang this large, high-quality calendar in their home or office.

  • Each page measures 11″ x 17″, image measures 11″ x 11″
  • Full bleed dynamic color
  • 10pt heavyweight high gloss paper, wire-o bound
  • January 2013 – December 2013, US holidays marked


Bingleys Teas

Bingley’s Teas

There is nothing like a fine cup of tea to put you in a Jane Austen mood, and Bingley’s Teas, a specialty tea company, brings us a variety of tea blends inspired by Jane Austen’s characters. One of my favorite’s is  Marianne’s Wild Abandon:  A blend of lively green and black teas with colorful flowers and passionate fruits, throwing themselves together for a stimulating combination! This blend will surely entice you to run free and express your heart.

Toys & Games

Pride and Prejudice Trivia Game

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice Trivia Game

Do you know your Pride and Prejudice facts and tidbits? Here’s your chance to challenge each other and test your knowledge of the classic book. With 300 trivia cards, including 8 bonus Jane Austen facts, you’ll determine without a doubt who can claim the title of Pride And Prejudice Champ!  Great for tea parties, girls’ night, book club meetings, etc.  For 2 or more players, ages 8 & up.


Three-Tier Regency Cakde Stand

Three-tier Cake Stand

“One can only keep in tolerable order by more cake than is good for them.” –Persuasion

WANT, WANT, WANT! What proper lady can live without a three-tier cake stand for her afternoon tea in the garden with friends? I CAN’T!

New from the Jane Austen Centre Giftshop, this very pretty  and practical three-tier Regency style cake stand, IS perfect for afternoon tea. This delightful mismatch of three cake plates with a gold colored stand is made from fine porcelain and metal. Part of the Regency Collection, which also includes a set of matching cake tins (very hard to find), tea cups and saucers, and a sugar and creamer! *SWOON*

Happy Holidays to all of my readers! I hope that Santa brings you a few items from my list!

© 2012 Laurel Ann Nattress, Austenprose

23 thoughts on “My Top Picks for Jane Austen-inspired Holiday Gifts for 2012

Add yours

  1. I love these I got P&P last year BBC version and books this year I asked for more Jane stuff bracelet and watch plus I am a HUGE Edgar Allan Poe fan so those too but these are awesome thanks for this enjoyable post


  2. Hi – I just have to suggest this English Etsy shop, amazing! I have the bracelet with the entire Captain Wentworth’s letter on and I love it. All the jewelry is very good quality – it’s even sold at the British Libray.


  3. Oh, my goodness, I want ALL of those! I’m particularly enthralled by the gorgeous P&P poster, the amazing all-encompassing audio book set (oooohhh, I would take car trips just to listen to them), and the drool-worthy three-tier cake stand. I’m just afraid that if I had the trivia game, I would go through it far too quickly. They ought to sell additional packs that incorporate the other novels!


  4. Great suggestions, Laurel Ann! I own some of these items and can vouch for the The Annotated Emma, Jane Austen Made Me Do It, the complete novels on audiobook, Downton Abbey season 2, the P&P trivia game, and Regency World magazine. And Bingley’s Teas are simply sublime. I have got to get that 2013 wall calendar and the complete set of novels!


  5. What a scrumptious array of Christmas gift offerings!

    Dear readers: If any of you have not yet read Jane Austen Made Me Do It, edited by our own Laurel Ann Nattress, what on earth are you waiting for? It is a veritable “box of choclolates” sampler from some of the finest authors plying the rich legacy begun by Miss Austen. Get thee to your favorite bookstore or E-book download site!


  6. I think that I’ll print this post out and leave lying casually in Hub’s chair!!!!! After all, I’ve been a very good ….uhm….ok….uhm….hmmmm….maybe he needs to bribe me or something! ;D I second Jeffrey’s recommendation-if you don’t have Jane Austen Made Me Do It-get it!!!!!

    Thanks for all the lovelies, LA!


  7. Okay I don’t use Etsy very often so I am not all that familiar with how to search. Would someone mind posting the link to the Jane Austen poster? I really want to buy it.


  8. What a fabulous list, Laurel Ann! I want every single thing on it!! :) Thanks so much for compiling and sharing these wonderful suggestions, the perfect gifts for any Janeite. May I add one other ideal gift? (This may be waving my own flag, but since Laurel Ann is a character in the novel, and gave me such brilliant feedback on an early draft, I can’t resist!)

    My new book “The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen” is due out on New Year’s Eve, but if you wish to give it as a gift, you can pre-order and download a beautiful “I.O.U. Gift Card” here:

    If you wish to receive the book for Christmas–please consider putting it on your wish list with a link to that page! Learn more here:

    Happy Holidays and Happy Reading, everyone!


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