Follow Friday: The Meryton Assembly – A Jane Austen Fan Fiction Web Site

Did you know that many published Jane Austen sequel writers got their start on fan fiction sites on the internet? If you skim the book shelves at The Meryton Assembly, you will notice many familiar names. Sara Angelini, Marsha Altman, Jack Caldwell, Mary Simonson and Sharon Lathan;  all Sourcebooks authors who contributed stories to the popular Jane Austen fan fiction web site The Meryton Assembly. There are many other aspiring Jane Austen sequels authors who post stories there for our enjoyment just waiting to be discovered by a larger readership, so do feed your JAFF (Jane Austen Fan Fiction) addiction and visit their great site today.

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3 thoughts on “Follow Friday: The Meryton Assembly – A Jane Austen Fan Fiction Web Site

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  1. Laurel Ann, Thank you for including me in your list of those people who have published their work at A Happy Assembly ( I absolutely love posting my stories there. The people are friendly, and they take the time to write very helpful comments that have made me a better writer. There is a synergy between writer and reader that I don’t get anywhere else I post. I know I’m gushing, but I love this site!


  2. This is the perfect #FF for me. I am releasing a short story based on Pride and Prejudice and my sequel Charlotte Collins on Black Friday. Now, I know where I ought to post it! Thanks, LA!


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