Help put Jane Austen on new UK commemorative coin

The UK Royal Mint is asking for the public’s help in determining who will be the next Great Briton?

Yes gentle readers, they really care. Cast your vote to see whose face will don a commemorative coin being issued later this year.

Among the nominees is our own lovely Jane Austen who must vie for a chance to become pewter against the likes of a legendary rock star John Lennon, 16th-century explorer Sir Walter Raleigh, WWII flying ace Walter Bader and a British suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst.

Is there any doubt in your mind who I will vote for?

Since money was such a concern to Jane Austen in her lifetime, I find it quite ironic that her image could be used to promote the sale of it.

Make haste. Cast your vote by 31 July 2010. Voting is open to everyone, not just Brits.

13 thoughts on “Help put Jane Austen on new UK commemorative coin

  1. I agree, quite ironic, Laurel Ann… Puts me in mind of the Praise and Pewter chapter from Jane’s Fame.

    But have done a Janeite’s duty! =) All fingers and toes crossed…


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