Vote for the 2010 Jane Austen Regency World Awards

Its awards season again in the Jane Austen universe, so put on your best muslin frock and vote for your favorites in the 2010 Jane Austen Regency World Awards.

“The Awards recognize the contribution of the nominees in furthering the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the work of Jane Austen.” This year we have been offered six categories to bestow our favors:

  1. Which actress is your favorite Emma Woodhouse?
  2. Which actor is your favorite Mr. Knightley?
  3. Best Austen inspired book published in 2009?
  4. Which is your favorite Jane Austen blog?
  5. What is your favorite Jane Austen Minor Work?
  6. Who is your favorite Jane Austen rogue?

Austenprose is very flattered to be nominated in the best Austen blog category along with several other prominent Austen blogs.

Make haste. The VOTING is open through June 30 with the winners announced on online, in the press and in ‘Jane Austen’s Regency World’ magazine on Wednesday July 14, 2010.

Best of luck to all the nominees.

3 thoughts on “Vote for the 2010 Jane Austen Regency World Awards

Add yours

  1. I would rather have a survey where you got to put in your own answers to the question instead of picking from their 5 – for instance Diana Fairfax is not mentioned in the ‘best Emma’ and i would have put ‘none of the above’ for my best Austen book of 2009 since the one that was best IMHO was snubbed (again) – and i might like to put someone like General Tilney as a ‘rogue’ since his behavior was worse and more dangerous than his son.
    Surveys should be ‘which one do you like’ instead of ‘which of my favorite picks do you like’ if you are going to get the pulse of the reader.


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