Sunday Smile: Jane Austen Funnies

The talented artist Kate Beaton is at it again – doodling hysterical Jane Austen comics for our amusement. She seems to always have a knowing eye and the pulse on the latest Jane in-jokes. Visit her website Hark! A Vagrant and check out the Jane Austen archive. Oh, and happy Sunday. My favorite day of the week because it is my Saturday.

UPDATE: LOL folks. There is actually a short story posted on the Derbyshire Writers’ Guild (DWG) entitled Sense and Sensibility and Mr. Darcy and Sharks in Space Riding Motorcycles Plus There is a Time Machine! Kate must have seen this posted on May 8th and been inspired to create the comic in reaction.


13 thoughts on “Sunday Smile: Jane Austen Funnies

  1. These cartoons are excellent! I’ve fallen into a black hole looking into the archives and don’t know where the time went to! Thanks for sharing :)


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