Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine May/June 2010 Preview

Hot off the presses is the May/June 2010 (No 45) edition of Jane Austen’s Regency World, the official magazine of the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, England and the ultimate Austen reading indulgence. Spotlighted in this issue is Bright Star, the 2009 movie based on the relationship of John Keats and Fanny Brawne. Here are the featured articles: 

Bright Star (cover story):

Jane Campion’s 2009 film about John Keats’ short life and Fanny Brawne his true love has nominated for an Oscar. Staring Ben Whishaw and Abbie Cornish, the setting and costumes are quite lovely and a treat for Janeites. 

British election special:

Remembering the men and women who died in the Peterloo massacre in St. Peter’s Field, Manchester, England on 16 August 1819. 


When the boundary between love and friendship became blurred 

Maggie Lane:

Austen scholar, author and featured columnist Maggie Lane discusses the art of reading aloud in Jane Austen’s time 

Eleanor Coade:

The woman who developed artificial stone 

Clapperboard tours:

The film buffs guide to the streets of Bath 


Book reviews: new publications by Carrie Bebris, Jane Odiwe and Tracey Chevalier 

News: from JAS and JASNA, and all the latest Jane Austen news and readers’ letters 

Jane Austen’s Regency World is published on May 1 and is available by subscription from www.janeaustenmagazine.co.uk


4 thoughts on “Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine May/June 2010 Preview

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  1. I was on the verge of subscribing to this with my birthday money as a post-birthday gift to myself, when my mother said “You’re spending HOW MUCH on a magazine?” (She already finds my JASNA membership a little odd.) So I got scared off. Would anyone care to volunteer to me if they really do find this magazine worth the cost?
    It sure LOOKS pretty! And sounds neat…


  2. Bright Star seems to be a great story. Pity it didn’t get much attention in the Oscar. How did the magazine cover the movie? Is it taking a special angle to look at the movie?

    Steamy Darcy


  3. The article on the art of ‘reading aloud’ in Jane’s time is of interest to me. I don’t have a subscription for Regency World; but occasionally I buy batches of 3-4 magazines- from the JAC which helps curbs my mail costs.
    Occasionally, when one Regency World mag interests me- like the editon on music in JA’s time; I’ll buy it one-off. Some articles are disappointing but I do enjoy it for interviews with authors or JA actors; not to mention pretty pictures of Chawton, Austen family, etc.
    Oh, nearly forgot in regard to the cost- the mail cost may be prohibitive for a subscription.
    Some RW editions are really worthwhile, but can be hit or miss. Just my take, earlier editions of Regency World -some still available- generally better than flashy later RW editions. :)


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