Upper Seymour Street & Portman Square in Regency London

Portman Square, London ca 1813

I would ask you to Edward Street, but that once he forced from me a kind of promise never to invite you to my house; nothing but my being in the utmost distress for money should have extorted it from me. I can get you, however, a nice drawing-room apartment in Upper Seymour Street, and we may be always together there or here; for I consider my promise to Mr. Johnson as comprehending only (at least in his absence) your not sleeping in the house. Mrs. Johnson to Lady Susan, (Letter 26)

Upper Seymour Street and Portman Square in Regency London 

At Jane Austen’s World

In Jane Austen’s epistolary novella Lady Susan, the anti-heroine Lady Susan travels to London and also writes several letters to her confidant Alicia Johnson who lives at Upper Seymour Street. Learn all about this prominent area in Regency London in Vic’s (Ms Place) excellent blog on Upper Seymour Street and Portman Square in Regency London at her lovely blog Jane Austen’s World. Please join us next week when she writes about letter writing and the Royal Mail in Regency times. Thanks Vic

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  1. What scrumptious architecture and totally decadent interiors! This Lady Home must be quite a character, certainly echoes Lady Susan in her audacity.

    For me, knowing the social status of these ‘residential streets’ gives a slightly different slant on Mrs Johnson. Thanks again, Laurel Ann!


  2. Stately architecture & sumptious interiors… Lady Susan delights in fashionable Furnishings, ‘plenty & elegance’. Despite the country comfort, Lady Susan declares the Vernons ‘do not know what to do with their fortune’ and they hardly go to town. Oh, how dull ! By contrst, my impression is Mrs Johnsonmay’ve ran up debts entertaining the haut ton, if she was distressed for money ?
    I also see echoes of Lady Homes’ in Lady Susan and perhaps her life indicates Lady Susan’s eventual destiny.
    Thanks for the Regency aquatint of Portman’s Square, Laurel Ann.
    Notice some streets are named squares ? Not to mention ‘Mayfair’.


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