Book Blogger Appreciation Week Meme: The Jane Austen Version

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“It is such a happiness when good people get together — and they always do.” Miss Bates, Emma, Chapter 21

The Second Annual Book Blogger Appreciation Week September 14-18, 2009 is quickly approaching. It is an online event in celebration and acknowledgement of all the hard working, creative and dedicated book bloggers out there making a difference by promoting reading, culture and an online community. Last year over 400 blogs participated, and the organizer Amy Riley of My Friend Amy Blog is hoping for an even stronger turnout this year. 

Anyone who blogs about books can participate. To register visit the BBAW Blog and fill out the form which will ensure your inclusion in the BBAW 2009 database of Book Bloggers and enters you in the drawing for giveaways and prizes. You can also nominate your favorite book blogs in the Second Annual BBAW Awards. There are forty categories to choose from like Best Review Blog, Best Design, Best Specialized Blog and Best Historical Fiction Blog &C. You name it. It’s there! The deadline is August 15th so don’t delay. It is a great way to discover new blogs and say thank you to the ones you really enjoy. 

To spread the word about this great event, the BBAW committee has created this meme. 

1)  What has been one of the highlights of blogging for you? 

Connecting with my readers. The comments have been so amazing. Sometimes I am just blown away by insights that I had not seen, or jokes that I had missed. I am reminded every day that through books comes enlightenment. Through people comes enrichment. 

2)  What blogger has helped you out with your blog by answering questions, linking to you, or inspiring you? 

I started this blog on a whim and a prayer. I had long admired Jane Austen and her novels and wanted to share my passion with others. I had no idea that I would still be writing about her and other books inspired by her after a year and a half. I would not have been able to achieve a fraction of what you see now, nor still be here without the help of Mags at AustenBlog and Vic at Jane Austen’s World. Both of those amiable ladies were miles ahead of me in experience and sensibility before I even started, and I owe them my sincere gratitude and thanks.

3) What one question do you have about BBAW that someone who participated last year could answer? 

Since I did not participate last year, I really do not know what to expect. I am like Cher in Clueless, ready to go shopping for the perfect outfit to impress the cute new boy in school. What actually happens the week of the event? What should I be prepared for? 

Thanks in advance to all my readers and friends who have shared your love of Jane Austen and books with me. It has been most agreeable! 

Cheers, Laurel Ann

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  1. So much goes on that week. Last year, I did an interview with Helen from Straight from Hel. It was a definite success. All my interviews are audio podcasts, so everyone really liked it. Here is mine


    1. Bluestocking I am so glad that you stopped by tonight. I knew that you particapated last year, so please tell me what is expected during the appreciate week in Sept. Why are you writing blogs in advance, and do they require a set theme? Thanks in advance for your help. LA


  2. This will be my first BBAW as well. It sounds like a lot of fun. Meeting people is definitely the best part of blogging for me. Btw, I love reading all about Austen. I only fell in love with Austen around 3 or 4 years ago, so I love hearing about Austen awesomeness.


  3. I am looking forward to the big fun that I am hearing so much about.

    Amy has to be just giddy – I cant even imagine creating something like this and watching it grow so fast in such a positive way! :)


  4. Reading you is a pleasure Laurel Ann. It’s really a wonderful way to connect with others who love everything Jane Austen.

    By the by, last night I was listening to a local news program and they featured the lady who has written the book about sewing for Jane Austen – (oh goodness, I’ve forgotten her name and the title!)

    ..but she’s a Canberra lady and I was so excited and my first thought was “I have to let Laurel Ann know there’s another Austen inspired book!” but on her website, she’s already thanked you for your support.

    Even though I am not a clever sort of sewer or embroiderer I am going to buy her book.


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