An Austen Intern Reports in from The Jane Austen Centre: Week 8

The ultimate Austen adventure continues with our featured weekly columnist, Virginia Claire Tharrington straight from the trenches of Austen central, The Jane Austen Centre in Bath, England where she is interning until December. Join her every Saturday as she shares with us her incredible adventure that every Janeite, and even Austen’s heroine Catherine Morland would envy.

I cannot believe my time in Bath is half way over. It seems like I only arrived here yesterday yet so much has happened between my arrival and now. I sometimes feel like a very different person though I know I haven’t changed that much I feel like I have only grown. I know my love and knowledge of Jane Austen has grown which I am very thankful for. Over the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about what I will be doing when I am done with my internship and studying abroad. I will be going home for my second semester of my junior year. It seems like college has flown by so quickly as well and I don’t know where it has all gone to. While I have been in Bath I have been thinking about what I want to do with my life and though I am not much closer to figuring it out definitely, I know I want it to involve Jane Austen. As I told my Jane Austen class in our first day, I cannot imagine my life without Jane. They all laughed and I do too looking back on the statement but then again… who or what would I be without Jane Austen, I am sure I do not know… although I know I would not be half so smart or witty without her  ; ). Of course there is a little tongue and cheek here but I really do think that Jane Austen has greatly impacted my life… she did bring me to Bath after all and that has done enough already.  Perhaps I will teach when I get done with school or perhaps I will go on to grad school. Everything is so up in the air right now but I do know that Jane Austen will be in my life for many years. : )

(On a less pouring out my soul note)

I have not been at the Jane Austen Centre this week because it was half term, but I did send them postcards from Amsterdam and Prague! I will have much more news next week when I am at the Centre again but until then know that Bath is beautiful but yet a little rainy and that everything is going well!

Cheers till next weekend!

Virginia Claire Tharrington

Intern, The Jane Austen Centre, Bath, England

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5 thoughts on “An Austen Intern Reports in from The Jane Austen Centre: Week 8

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  1. Virginia – I am so JEALOUS! I am the Greensboro Janeite who can never make it to a meeting because of life – Have you had a fabulous time? I love this blog by the way and plan to participate in the next read!


  2. Hi Virginia,

    I’m still enjoying your weekly reports, thank you very much; the vacarious thrill is quite wonderful for me. You need not apologize for your “pouring your soul out” — this is a once-in-a-LIFETIME experience; enjoy it for ALL it’s worth! You will remember and look back this time for the rest of your life; it SHOULD make a change in you. (I feel like I should say here: “Listen to your mother!” as I’m writing you as if I am…)

    Have a safe and happy rest-of-your stay!

    Cathy Allen


  3. Hey Virginia,

    I think we met a week or so ago at the centre. I am setting up a business as a literary tour guide in Lyme Regis literary tours specialising in Jane Austen. Out of interest, how did you get the internship at the Centre – was it through your degree?


  4. I can’t imagine a more perfect internship for a JASNA member. It’s fun to read your reports, Virginia Claire.


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