Go Gothic with Northanger Abbey @ Austenprose Preview

Go Gothic with Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey

October 1st -31st @ Austenprose

One month full of Gothic goodness, free giveaways

and Henry Tilney too!


Welcome Janeites, classic and gothic literature fans. Austenprose is happy to announce its second Jane Austen novel event, Go Gothic with Northanger Abbey, beginning on October 1st through October 31st, 2008. Please join us as we investigate the humour, romance, and spooky undertones in Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, a parody on the Gothic fiction that was so popular within her lifetime. Included will be a group read of Northanger Abbey , discussion on the 7 novels included in the famous Northanger Cannon mentioned in the novel by Isabella Thorpe to heroine Catherine Morland, and plenty of great giveaways.

Discover for yourself if all of the Gothic novels in the Northanger Cannon are all as horrid as Isabella Thorpe claims them to be, starting October 1st with an introduction to the event and a list of the great giveaways.

Go Gothic. You’ll never regret it!

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  1. I’m going Gothic! I think this is so funny, I just bought The Mysteries of Udolpho and The Monk and I am now reading The Italian! I’ll throw in Northanger Abbey too and join in the Gothic fun with you all!


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