Intoleralby stupid

Image of miniature portrait of a young man by Thomas Heaphy (1785-1835) of London circa 1815INTOLERABLY

“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid. I have read all Mrs. Radcliffe’s works, and most of them with great pleasure. The Mysteries of Udolpho, when I had once begun it, I could not lay down again; I remember finishing it in two days – my hair standing on end the whole time.”Henry Tilney, Northanger Abbey, Chapter 14

After my first reading of this passage, clarity descended, I looked up from my book in astonishment and exclaimed out-loud to no one in particular, well done Jane. You are so brave. Well done!

Jane Austen has created that rare and elusive man who is not afraid to state his opinion freely and decisively. Henry Tilney is a prince among men. A rare gift, to be treasured and exalted.

Image of book cover of Northanger Abbey adapted by Tim Luscombe (2005)I am not alone in admiration. Visit Cult of da Man, and pay dutiful homage to Jane Austen’s most amiable and deserving hero.

Want a new slant on Jane Austen’s classic Gothic parody? Then read Tim Luscombe’s brilliant stage adaptation of Northanger Abbey, available at Barnes & Noble Booksellers. The cover is so enchantingly spooky, Catherine Morland would be very pleased indeed! 

*Image of miniature portrait of a young man by Thomas Heaphy (1785-1835) of London circa (1815)  

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