Consequences: A Cautionary Pride and Prejudice Variation, by C. P. Odom – A Review

Consequences, by C. P. Odom (2013)From the desk of Kimberly Denny-Ryder:

Life is a series of calculations, steps, and decisions that make up all of our experiences. What would happen if we had the ability to see how certain decisions affected the rest of our lives? Would we willingly change our fate and the fates of others or would we follow our instincts? C.P. Odom explores these questions in his latest Pride and Prejudice variation, Consequences.

We often see the consequences of Elizabeth Bennet’s choices in a different light via Pride and Prejudice retellings. In Consequences we find her rejecting Mr. Darcy’s first proposal at the Hunsford Parsonage, only to set forth a series of events she could not possibly have imagined. This fateful decision affects not only her own path but the lives and livelihood of her entire family, with shocking final results. Of course, Elizabeth could not possibly have known that one single decision could have such a lasting impact on her life; but would reflecting on the potential outcome change her decision? C.P. Odom shows us how one single point in the seemingly endless parade of decisions in one’s life can have such a visceral impact on the paths we travel. Continue reading