Shadows of Swanford Abbey, by Julie Klassen — A Review

From the desk of Katie Jackson:

In Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, Henry Tilney teases Catherine Morland’s overactive imagination with a ghostly tale that, among other things, suggests that “the part of the abbey you inhabit is undoubtedly haunted.” Such is the brooding tone and setting of the atmospheric romantic mystery Shadows of Swanford Abbey, by popular Regency romance author Julie Klassen.

After two years traveling the country as a lady’s companion, all the Continue reading “Shadows of Swanford Abbey, by Julie Klassen — A Review”

7 Romantic Historical Suspense Novels with a Gothic Twist

From the desk of Laurel Ann Nattress: 

As All Hallows Eve approaches on October 31st, tis the season to discover new and recent Gothic fiction in the historical suspense, romance, and mystery genres.

We can thank English writer, art historian, and politician Horace Walpole (1717-1797) for creating the Gothic fiction genre. After having a terrifying nightmare, Walpole was inspired to write The Castle of Otranto. Published in 1764, it combines many of the elements we see in Gothic novels today: an atmospheric isolated estate, a puzzling family mystery, and a heroine in peril from evil forces. Other Continue reading “7 Romantic Historical Suspense Novels with a Gothic Twist”

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