The Witch of Tin Mountain, by Paulette Kennedy — A Review  

From the desk of Molly Greeley:           

Three women, separated by time but connected by blood and the strength of their unusual powers. An ageless, sinister, smooth-talking minister who stalks each of them in turn. A setting—the Ozark Mountains—as steeped in magic and folklore as it is in natural beauty, where compasses refuse to point North and where ghosts hide in shadowed hollows. From its very first page, Paulette Kennedy’s The Witch of Tin Mountain sets itself up as an enthralling work of Gothic fiction—and none of the pages that come after disappoint. Continue reading “The Witch of Tin Mountain, by Paulette Kennedy — A Review  “

Parting the Veil: A Novel, by Paulette Kennedy—A Review

From the desk of Laurel Ann Nattress:

I admit to being more than a bit of a Catherine Morland when it comes to historical suspense novels. While Austen’s gothic fiction addicted heroine in Northanger Abbey reads The Mysteries of Udolpho she is compelled to discover what lies behind the mysterious black veil. I got that same rush of adrenaline when I opened the first page of Parting the Veil, a debut novel by Paulette Kennedy. What secrets will the story reveal? What happens when the veil is parted?

Two Sisters in Search of a Fresh Start Continue reading “Parting the Veil: A Novel, by Paulette Kennedy—A Review”

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