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His Perfect Gift, by L.L. Diamond — A Review

From the desk of Katie Jackson:

Sometimes all that is required to convince a person to pursue their heart’s desire is to present evidence that it is not, in fact, an impossible achievement. In His Perfect Gift—the latest Pride and Prejudice variation from prolific Austenesque author L.L. Diamond—our hero considers the possibility of becoming the kind of man who is capable of pleasing a woman worthy of being pleased and earning her esteem.

Fitzwilliam Darcy has escaped Hertfordshire with great haste, along with his friend Bingley, following the ball at Netherfield, keenly feeling the danger he’d been in and hoping to soon forget the cause: the enchanting Miss Elizabeth Bennet. “Was there nothing that would spare him the torment of her memory?” (Loc 84) In an attempt to lighten Darcy’s dismal disposition, his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam persuades him to journey to Cheapside for Continue reading “His Perfect Gift, by L.L. Diamond — A Review”