Mr. Malcolm’s List (2022) Movie — A Review

From the desk of Laurel Ann Nattress:

For those of us who are fans of Jane Austen movie adaptations and binged the Netflix mega-hit Bridgerton, the announcement of a movie adaptation of Suzanne Alaine’s popular Regency-era novel, Mr. Malcolm’s List, was the best news this period drama lover could receive. While our anticipation ran high, we were also anxious if the production company could pull it off. Inevitably, any Regency-era romantic comedy will be compared to Austen on the screen, some of which are excellent (I am looking at you Pride and Prejudice 1995) and others missed the mark entirely and will remained unnamed. The fact that Alaine’s novel was very clever and entertaining, and she would be the screenwriter, was highly in its favor. Continue reading “Mr. Malcolm’s List (2022) Movie — A Review”

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