A Preview & Exclusive Excerpt of Everything a Lady is Not: Bow Street Beaus (Book 1), by Sawyer North

Everything A Lady Is Not, by Swyer North, 2020Hello gentle readers! I am happy to welcome author Sawyer North to Austenprose today in celebration of his latest historical romance novel, Everything a Lady is Not. Set in Regency-era England it is the first book in the Bow Street Beaus series and involves and strong, independent heroine and an equally endowed hero who are thrown together under unusual circumstances and at odds with each other.

This is the second historical romance from Sawyer North after Fair Weather Enemies released this past February. He appears to enjoy creating characters who love to spar with each other. Please enjoy the exclusive excerpt chosen for us by the author. The cover is to die for.

Lucy Locket, the long-lost granddaughter of a duchess, has never been a part of Society. One day, she was living a secluded life as the prisoner of a criminal, and the next day she was an heiress in a world she did not even remotely understand. She does not embody the typical qualities of a well-born lady…at all. She can’t curtsy, she doesn’t hide her emotions, she’s too clever by far. But in three months, she must marry a suitor with a royally-bestowed title, or she forfeits a fortune—leaving her and the duchess in dire straits.

All Henry Beaumont wants is to prove himself to Society and step outside of his half-brother’s shadow. So, when the duchess asks him for a personal favor involving her newly found granddaughter—with a hefty thank-you reward at the end—he leaps at the opportunity.

It seems as if Lucy is trading one prison for another. Henry has now become a permanent fixture as her charming yet iron-fisted taskmaster and tutor in the ways of High Society. Like oil and water, Lucy and Henry spar in an epic battle of wills—and even rapiers. But Lucy’s past and her surprising, undeniable feelings for Henry may doom their undertaking if he declares his love for her…because without a title, he can never be hers.

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