Masterpiece Classic, Period Drama

Return to Cranford Preview – the enchantment continues Sunday on Masterpiece Classic

Image from Return to Cranford: Cranford ladies leaving church © BBC Worldwide 2010 for MASTERPIECE

The Masterpiece Classic season premieres on Sunday, January 10th with Return to Cranford, a two part series based on the stories of Victorian-era writer Elizabeth Gaskell. Dame Judi Dench reprises her role of the compassionate Miss Matty Jenkyns, the heart and soul of the small insular Cheshire village resisting the encroachment of the industrial revolution in 1844 England. Also returning as Miss Matty’s dearest friends are Octavia Pole the quirky town gossip (Imelda Staunton – Charlotte Palmer in Sense and Sensibility 1995), the eccentric Mrs. Forrester who dresses her prized cow in flannel pajamas (Julia McKenzie – the eponymous Miss Marple), the self elevated town aristocrat Mrs. Jamieson (Barbara Flynn – Miss Browning in Wives and Daughters) and the dotty but well intentioned Miss Tomkinson (Deborah Findlay – Miss Phoebe in Wives and Daughters). Here is brief synopsis of the first episode from the good folks at PBS: Continue reading “Return to Cranford Preview – the enchantment continues Sunday on Masterpiece Classic”

Masterpiece Classic, Period Drama

Cranford (2007) concludes tomorrow on Masterpiece Classic

Image from Cranford: Kimberley Nixon as Sophie Hutton and Simon Woods as Dr. Harrison© BBC Worldwide 2007 for MASTERPIECEThe encore presentation of Cranford concludes tomorrow night at 9:00 pm (check your local listings) January 3rd, 2010 with the third episode on Masterpiece Classic on PBS. Here is a brief synopsis from the good folks at PBS.

Dr. Harrison formally asks the Reverend Hutton for permission to court Sophy. Meanwhile, Caroline Tomkinson and Mrs. Rose, Dr. Harrison’s housekeeper, are convinced he is in love with them, unbeknownst to the doctor himself. All of Cranford gathers for May Day celebrations, but the day turns scandalous when town residents believe Dr. Harrison has been courting three women. Exposed as a philanderer, he is shunned by the town. Mr. Carter is horrified to discover a secret about Lady Ludlow. He confronts her, resulting in a heated exchange. Sophy returns to Cranford ill with typhoid fever and Dr. Harrison is barred from tending to her. Meanwhile, disaster strikes at the railway works and the injured are taken to Dr. Harrison’s for emergency treatment, his last chance to redeem himself as all of Cranford looks on. 

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