In Remembrance of The Complete Jane Austen

“This present from the Campbells,” said she — “This pianoforté is very kindly given.” 

“Yes,” he replied, and without the smallest apparent embarrassment. “But they would have done better had they given her notice of it. Surprizes are foolish things. The pleasure is not enhanced, and the inconvenience is often considerable. I should have expected better judgment in Colonel Campbell.” Emma Woodhouse & Mr. Knightley, Emma, Chapter 26 

Gone, but not forgotten, The Complete Jane Austen series on PBS ended last Sunday with the final episode of Sense and Sensibility. It was a bittersweet moment for me, kind of an anti-climatic ‘day after the wedding’ kind of funk. And now, I feel a deep malaise setting in! Whatever shall we all talk and ruminate over? Continue reading “In Remembrance of The Complete Jane Austen”

Vote for Your Favorite Becoming Jane Icon

“Witty and thrilling. Anne Hathaway is as bright and elegant as Jane Austen herself.” Karen Durbin, Elle Magazine 

Image of Becoming Jane IconMy co-blogger Ms. Place of Jane Austen Today has put together a wonderful icon contest for images created from the movie Becoming Jane. We have received several beautiful submissions and voting is open until March 5th. You can vote for one icon a day, and two lucky winners will receive a new DVD of the movie Becoming Jane (2007), staring Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen, and James McAvoy as Tom Lefroy. Check out the images here.

Image fo Becoming Jane poster (2007)Visit the official Becoming Jane DVD web site to learn about the story, view video clips, bonus material, picture gallery, reviews, Jane Austen quiz, and reading kit. You can read Ms. Place’s review of Becoming Jane at her Jane Austen’s World blog, and for the be-all, end-all compendium on all things Becoming Jane, check out Icha and Rachel’s fan blog, totally devoted to every tidbit of minutiae on the movie, the stars and other Austen stuff.

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