Go Gothic with Northanger Abbey: Catherine Morland’s Experience in Bath Part 2

if adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village,
she must seek them abroad

Dancing in Regency Bath: Upper Assembly Rooms 

at Jane Austen’s World 

Discover all the social customs and proper etiquette of dancing in Regency Bath, in this excellent article by Ms. Place (Vic), Dancing in Regency Bath: Upper Assembly Rooms at Jane Austen’s World as she offers her second installment during Go Gothic with Northanger Abbey this month. Learn all about the history and social customs that heroine Catherine Morland must conform to on her first visit to the Upper Rooms, and why she unfortunately is not able to dance. Also included is information on Beau Nash the arbiter of taste and fashion in the 18th-century who was the Master of Ceremonies in Bath, and many other interesting facts that made Bath the social center of Regency England. Please check back every Tuesday in October for her next contribution to our understanding of Catherine Morland’s experience in Bath. Thanks Vic!

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